Back to front paradoxical world

We all know that children need love and encouragement, nurturing environments with reward, appreciation and acknowledgement. These instill a desire to create and achieve whilst living in love. It is not everyone’s experience and some live in love despite that.  There is still a small remnant of this rationale and driving force within all of us. As a bit of a pep talk from Antemedi he reminded me these are also restrictions.

A:- Let go of achievement and acknowledgement! Initially that may feel somewhat unsettling- as if it is to put aside what it is to be human. Yet it is only one of many human experiences. When is enough enough? When you look for achievement will you see lack of achievement?

What is acknowledgement?  Is it the respect of the many who are of themselves the foolish ones? Or the words of one wise person? Acknowledgement like all things is fleeting it is a measured commodity and as such has little value other than to show its futility.

Do not look to reward for it also shows both sides of itself – sufficient and insufficient reward.  These are the drivers in your subconscious they are your programs in duality. As a desire they are illusive but you are no longer a child so live beyond this. They are not the reason to do or to be. Instead express what interests you, think not of reward. It is not a question of deserving or not deserving. See that reward does not exist other than as a construct. You do not have to do or express yourself for reward. You are beyond deserving. In here you love your self and your self loves you. In such a state of being and thinking you will exceed your limitations. You presently create from your limitations you are stuck in the desire for being rewarded by others love. Look to a world of no reward – express and be of and in love with yourself. From this position will you then create – think of the differences and possibilities with the old programs removed”