Students of life

Susquarlia – ‘Tatey em eh lah’: What will be, will be, for it is all intention. Listen not to the chemicals that flux within your 3d body, you are much more than that, do not be swamped by needs and emotions. Tateyemehlah remember – intention and outcome and that your choice is greater than false desires.

R:- At this point with agreement I ‘zonk’ out in my chair aware of pins and needles in my head something that happens from time to time when being given information. Upon awakening Susquarlia  shows me a class room and introduces me to Tanath (female). There are large ‘holographic thought boards’ and up come some words ‘ Tequana-pey’ All that is meant to be. ‘Susqualar-pah’ When you do what is right, good. ‘Tenitar’ – Should you wish to choose options. ‘Solomsay’- You understand. ‘Techquai’ – Speak as one. ‘Tequanna’- All that is. ‘Belenque’ – Good.

Tanah:- There are many of you here from many different backgrounds, some of you have little connection to us, others have more. There is a sliding scale of awareness of who we are and who you are. It depends upon the soul level or physical level that you look from. Most of the differences are ‘soul expressions’. At your higher levels of soul you are little different to us at our higher soul levels. Our expression is a slightly different form of humanoid and and experience. Whilst our technology is different that is just another expression of who we are, try to look upon us as soul expressions as are you.

We have a wide variety of teachings from the practical – physics, chemistry, mechanio-electrical, energetic and conscious programming systems for example. These are part of our ‘expressions’ on a learning based level. However learning of love and interactions is another form of learning- living and experiencing.

This place is what you would liken to one of your technical colleges. However students  are treated not as students but as ‘current knowledge expanders’. For whilst they learn what is currently known we are keen that they do not accept this as read. They can test it or expand upon it- they have free thinking and that is our cultural desire. We welcome any challenge or change if it is beneficial and we hold not to doctrines or what may be considered as facts.

R:- Tanath walks me into a large hall  where the students are laying down on recliner chairs – I can see energetic information is being given to them, a bit like down loading information.

T:- The information is being processed as well in their own particular way- either accepting as read or seeing something different to expand upon. If the mind is open to the fact that information is not finite or fixed, then if it ‘feels not right’ it can be explored.

R:- I follow T  to a room above the hall. It has a clear floor that we can see through and look at the students below.

T:- We can see how the energetic information is affecting the students and what it is doing to them on an energetic level. This is also recorded for students to see afterwards. They can look to see if there is any discord in either their unconscious or consciousness. They will be asked to explore what is going on for them and what it means to them. It could be they haven’t fully understood or on rare occasions they have a very different way of looking at the the information, which we welcome so that new information is created. In this way we see how they are assimilating information and have no need to test them as you do. There are of course variations in the students and in their interests.. We do not ‘measure’ academia and the ability of the intellect. We are aware of differences between them but we and they do not compare their worth because of that. We realise you see these things very differently to us. We know and fully remember our past lives of different experiences where we will have had high, low or middle range intellect. ( Though our total spectrum or range is much higher than yours) We know that each has chosen to experience this current life in a particular way and we rejoice in that for them. We value everyone what ever task they intend to take up or explore. Looking at your mind Robert I can see you find this hard to accept or conceive. You may think you do understand what I am saying yet you still think, ‘what of self value through being and comparison’. That is not so here. You hear what I say, it sounds good to you but I can see ( in much the same way I look at students and their receipt of knowledge) that you don’t fully know what I am saying it is still based by comparison to your experiences. You still have judgement and comparison so you can’t fully know what you are being shown. I doubt if many humans could because you have all been through your experience of competitive measurement education.

R:- Yes I hear what you say about the difference and I can see that I can’t fully experience your world in the way that you do so I can’t know it in the way that you do. For a few on earth they may see your education system as programming.

T:- Why would they? because we don’t use books and transfer information energetically. From What I understand your education system is about programming minds to what is intended by those in control. Information is packaged in certain ways with dogma and restricted view points with a pinch of ‘them and us’. If you look closely at what I have explained about our system you will see ours has no judgement or value by measurment/comparisons.

R:- But some will be good at maths and some not, what they end up being capable of will be different.

T:- You are putting value on what someone may choose to do within their community. It works both ways someone who is very good at maths may choose to do something menial ( your value Robert). We have no need for profit for value. It doesn’t mean we dont value- in terms of love or appreciation for effort.

R:- So you could appreciate someone who is dedicated to their chosen task (not work) but also appreciate someone who chooses no task other than to spend their time in enjoyment and play?

T:- I know from my data that you have brought this up before either refer to that conversation or remember it. People do choose tasks because they enjoy them. You are not working a 9-5 like many of your fellows on earth at present but you are enjoying what you are doing and it is educating you and stretching your perceptions so there are similarities. Do you think anyone could know us  just by having a few conversations about who we are? There are major differences between us- Part of this interaction is pointing out these differences. Suffice said you can’t fully know us as we do because your stand point is so different.

R:- Accepted – not sure if I worked for years on myself that I would be able to fully know you other than to know what you feel and think is different to me.

T:- Well you have been programmed  by and into your current environment. You would have to unwrap  who you are and your beliefs  and cast them aside. Presently you can’t act and be as we do. Yes you have love and kindness in your heart but you have money, property and objects as a ‘system’.That is not our system.

Let us move to the room next door- in here are what you may term as computers but they have consciousness programs. These are personalised to each individual that uses them, to what they are capable of or have an interest in and what they may need to expand their way of thinking. The students can see what the teachers (enablers) can. Let me introduce you to Sensilla who has been looking at what she needs to experience to help her understand more than she does at present.

Alien- Andromedan picture - SensillaS:- I have an interest in Terans ( thats us earth people) and our interaction with them and several other races. I know much about our history and interactions with you and others at a soul level and that we are quite interconnected. However there is nothing quite like  the experience of actual interaction- thats why I am so pleased to meet you Robert.

R:- Well I don’t think I can teach you anything with your vast knowledge and understanding so all I can be is me.

S:- Thats perfect – let us go outside into the park where we can talk

We walk down a slight incline to a large forecourt then across to a green area with a small stream running through it. We sit on some chairs with monitors that come up in front of us. These help with greater understanding and communication as they project and receive and reword energetic thoughts.

R:- Tell me of you and your desires

S:- Well I would like to help out with different levels of communication. It doesn’t have to be at levels of bigger intentions, world events and mass disclosures. We believe one of the primary things of importance is for us to be understood. I can’t overstate that, it is paramount. In this way as a race you may learn to ask ‘am I the best expression of myself’ ? This is not the desire to change you to our way of thinking but to see differences and for you to see as many options as possible. Your data base of who you are and what you can be is very limited so your options for change would otherwise be limited.

R:- Thats an important vocation.

S:- Yes I believe so and I am passionate about it. Tell me more about you.

R:- Well I guess you know a lot about me already from my interactions with Antemedi?

S:- Yes its on energetic record- we have a way of recording and sharing such information from your conversations and interactions. You could liken it to a self aware conscious software program. It can create different files (your terminology) under different headings so we can look at one particular aspect if we like. We can also read the information by having it energetically down loaded like you saw in the hall. This can also be in individual rooms  or even while we are walking or doing other things and of course some of it will enter our collective consciousness that we are all a part of. You see you are channelling me you are down loading energetic information  that is being projected to you. It feels perfectly natural to you and some time you receive the prickles on your head when you are doing other things. You process this energetic information on different levels , some unconscious and some conscious as you do now. So information transfer isn’t just visual, reading or hearing.

R:- Thank you for that its a very interesting analogy to show a degree of similarity between you and I. It may show folks you are not being programmed as a hive.

S:- You are welcome- tell me more about your life

R:- Well you have down loaded what ever info you want about me so where would you like me to expand upon?

S:- I would prefer for you to talk about what interests you and have the experience of the actual interaction directly.

R:- I enjoy personal growth and learning but also helping folks in some way where I can. I do some psychic counselling and help with peoples blocks. But I also hope that some folks may gain something from my conversations with you and your fellows.

S:- So you could say our interests are similar.

R:- But mine within my limitations

S:- I have different limitations- its requires a deep concentration to step into the shoes of someone like you – who sees the world through judgement and value.

R:- What else

S:- Look on the screen at some of my thoughts and images that I wish to share. On there they will be more powerful and more encompassing with emotion.

” On a day, any day, indeed every single day, life is, as it has been and will be. For the day is filled full to overflowing with peace, harmony and love. I need for nothing more. Nature reflects us in all our ways, it responds to us as if our hearts and emotions are one – for we are one another. The water ripples and light dances its tunes. Flowers and smells abound, my senses are full – I am full of being ‘at one’

R:- That was lovely, poetry of the heart. Yet from what I have learnt today I feel my interpretation is different to yours , that even the same words will be on different levels. For many of us on earth even when we are at one with nature thoughts and emotions still whir within us. That innocence and peace of a small child laying on a grassy bank looking at the passing clouds- seems to be fleeting. The mind contaminated with thoughts of things to do and matters to be resolved. Though I know there are a few Terrans that don’t think like that and some blank out their thoughts- and others don’t  monitor or wish to be aware of their thoughts- just react to feelings that arise.

S:- So whats wrong with just being?

R:- Maybe thats our way of being trying to workout who we are – whilst being constrained by duality.

S:- But you are trying to to do that from judgement and thats what you end up with – duality answers in judgement.

R:- Quite so

S:- Cant you just be?

R:- There are moments, plenty of them but often the emotions take over and we respond to stimuli with emotion. Though it depends if we have let go of the need to be angry, hurt or afraid. Like every thing we have talked about today, I wonder then if your ‘just being’ is different to ours.

S:- Indeed, we do not need to please anyone else apart from ourselves nor do we need to think of displeasing anyone else or concern ourselves with the return nor what comes back. We live in unconditional love – not conditional or litigious confrontation.We converse our views but we do not hold to a view point in the same way, its fluid and safe.

R:- You understand us well. When I talk of us I can’t speak for everyone of us and and it is also my personal perspective from what Im presently going through.

S:- I see your energy and thoughts you are not so different to our interpretation of what your world’s normal is. It strikes me as a difficult and arduous way to live particularly when your world pervades itself with mass consciousness fear.

R:- Yes it is, many are fed up with this way of being and are trying to unplug and make a difference.

S:- Tell me something else – what do you want to talk of?

R:- We talked about the differences and I know you don’t wish to indoctrinate – but it feels like a a very long process for us to evolve and Im wondering what the best quickest way forward is ?

S:- So you want me to tell you?

R:- Yes and no but you do have the unique perspective of seeing us from the outside and what we are doing as a race feels like a tedious form of bashing our heads.

S:- Interesting – I knew this would come up and I thought I could stick to the model answer ‘you have to find your own way, we can show you options but you have to decide whats right for you’. Yet I feel for you all in your mental and emotional struggles and I have the deep desire to be of help and assistance but my heart also knows that the best assistance you could ever have is to enabled by suggesting that you have greater ‘free thinking’. So ‘options’  will distil from this. Opening your ideas and raising your awareness of the possibilities of being different. Yet within your hearts  you know these options. You personally are frustrated that things do not change fast enough within your desire to have things different. Yet what is fast enough? that is stuck in time and judgement. If you remove ‘fast enough’ and ‘frustration’ from the equation what do you have?

R:- Softness of determination, change in being and being the change. That this is an option for a different possibility. Not so much the change or desire of it but the interpretation of it- Interpretation defines where we go and how we go.

S:- Yes I do believe you have fully understood what I have said

R:- Thank you for your thoughts and wise perspective.

S:- You are welcome- I shall take an interest in your process, there is something wonderful about seeing the ascension of thought and emotion to different levels, an incredible loving feeling of expansion on many levels which we share and rejoice in for you.