Joint viewings


This page is specifically for anyone considering a joint viewing. Explanations of other people’s experiences have been added below (mostly typed conversations with their permission). It’s a little bit like a guided meditation but the information and projections come from the higher levels of the participants. When comfortable most people are able to see and feel what is around them. Most often a their spirit guide/s would be present and they give what they consider to be relevant information. Other times questions can be asked of them. If the words are difficult to hear these are relayed through Rob. Guides are closely connected to us and might appear to have their own agenda however they would have good reason for that. Occasionally there may be connections to other humanoid souls. Some of the session may be energetic healing. Because access is through the participant “going in and up” only that which higher self wishes to work with will be presented. Antemedi and others often keep a watching eye – So in the unlikely event there was a negative element attached – or had been a past experience – then these would be dealt with by their watching brief. You would need to be in a quiet undisturbed room and allow at least 1.5 hrs. If you wanted a family memeber to be present that is not a problem ( providing you dont have any major issue with them) The viewing has to be done in real time so Skype is best. Time zones have to be considered so a little forward planning is needed for diaries. You can make contact via email on the ‘contact page’ of this web site.


Lorna Miles:- When we spoke on the phone a couple of weeks ago were the beings we met the Andromedans? Or were they from somewhere else? xx

Rob:-  I could have said at the time but so much has passed since then- In love its what it meant for you and what you got from it that counts . From what we did all I am left with is lots of love and higher connections ‘ If you want to do it again thats fine – you can record it if you wish so that you can refer to it. I can only recount that it did have some sort of settling energy. Sorry but my memory isn’t great.we were together for about 2 hrs but its a blur to me – its like reality in that moment but there are so manny moments.That probably doesent help!! So we can have another session and you can record it if you want. hope that helps. You look as if you have some isssues with your back – your pelvis into your left hip – anyway best wishes R
Lorna:-Yes im sorry to message you this long after our contact. It did go on for over 2 hours. I think of it every day. I wish i knew more about the lady who was there. We didnt get a name. My back hurts often. xx
Rob:-  What about another session – you can record it for reference -ouch I can see the refred pain also in the right leg as well
Lorna:- My right knee has been hurting for a few days now.
Lorna:- Really painful!
Rob:- You are spreading your self very thin – Seek not your self in others – seek your self in you – thats from Antemedi not me But it sounds very relevant.

Caroline Cooper:- Many Thanks for your time and the wonderful session I had with you a few days ago – I’ve had a few psychic things happen since then – it’s been an interesting time 🙏 – what a great week! Thanks 😊

Rob: -This was a distinguished Pleadian gentleman who introduced himself by name during a joint channelling session with someone on this FB group a few days ago. I will leave that person to comment if they wish as it was personal information for them. High cheek bones and very long ear lobes quite a big nose and a large forehead.

Dhanu Le Noury
Thank you, Rob. This drawing is amazing and one I will treasure forever! Rob very kindly took me through a joint channelling session where he generously shares such an amazing gift, and which I am very grateful for. Would recommend this to anyone!
Rob:- Thanks Dhanu – no greater pleasure than to see someone shake off the shackels of the past and move forward so easily now that you have a good connection. Thank you for giving me that experience
Mark Potes:-  Awesome! Reminds me off our session. It was fantastic too.

James Conrad:- So , this is how Nordic Pleiadians appear. —reminds me of our wonderful session.. thanks so much Rob for all you do….

Ethan Drew

Thank you Rob for such a wonderful experience. What a great gift!!! THANK YOU!!!! The work, the voyage, the “reading” was so much more than what I have experienced in my life. The “guides” the voyage I experienced will be with me forever. The way you “connected” was a very good experience to say the least. I can feel two of my “friends” around me, ready to guide me and to help me and letting me know they are there for me, all I have to do is ask. Also I want to thank you for the talk we had before and after the “reading”. Talking with you before the reading made me feel very at ease and comfortable! Thank you again for such a wonderful gift! – Athan

Peter Johnson

It’s been a little while now but I’m grateful to you, Rob….for generously taking some time with me, connecting me with two of my spirit guides, and helping me to understand what was once very confusing for me. On a different site, I was instantly drawn to you and this is part of the telepathic process, at least for me. It has helped me to gain insight, understanding, and a better knowledge of being connected on a grander scale as we all are. Thank you my friend…and I’m happy to share in your group….

Rob Lomax

Several of you have been inner travelling with me and for personal reasons some do not wish to share their experience – which is fine. Some were able to see their earth connected spirit guide and others a little different (without breaking confidences) one found they had an Auctarian spirit guide and two others had Pleadian soul connections. In one encounter we found ourselves in an underground base. The men were polite but of great stature and very handsome in their blue tunics. In the other encounter we spent quite a while in the presence of an elderly female Pleadian with grey hair. Her facial bone structure made her a very elegant and attractive woman. Here is a sketch; I haven’t quite got the material colours correct. Her shawl over the top was like electric gossamer, you could see through to the material behind. The braded waist band seemed to be like energetic copper in its appearance. You might need to click on the sketch to see the whole drawing

Diana A

hello dear people, i would like to share with u my experience i had today with Rob on was a lovely meditation with my guide, i had find out new things about myself and how i feel with his help telling me about my guide which i couldnt see her but i could feel her presence and warmth on my hand,the exploraiton was beautiful i couldnt see much but i could sense a strange deep feeling like my forhead was tingling and i could see some flashes of images but for few second

LW:- Wonderful

RG:-Woah that’s so cool! If you want to visualise and see you guide then you should try working on you 3rd eye by listening to some binural beats or something like that 😀

DA:-Thank you for ur advice i will try it 🙂

Gwen Blair

Just wanted to share the most amazing Healing Experience I had with a female and male Andromedans, I had ressonace Healing, they pulled negativity out through my left leg and it created quite a large ball which was transmuted to Light. The male Andromedan presented me with a ring, they both held so much unconditional Love for me, they felt like Family!!! I am so Blessed. I had 2 buckles over my eyes which were put there because of fear of seeing on my behalf, they were removed after I undid them. I went down 8 stairs into a room with a Healing Table. I had to walk up 2 stairs to be able to lay down on the table, my feet faced a screen which later I walked through. There were rocks and mountains on my left, lush green tropical vegetation on my right and a stream which led to a waterfall. My family waited for me on a stone bench which was carved into the mountain. I can go back there any time and connect with them, I am so appreciative that I listened to my guidance as they needed me to connect with Rob and experience this amazing Healing Journey. It is now midnight for me so I am going to bed, just so Grateful and Appreciative of the beautiful work Rob does in creating such a powerful connection with these beautiful, loving beings with blue skin!! I have known for a long time I have blue skin!!! <3 <3 <3
BR: That s way cool .👍👽
CG:- That is beautiful! Very happy for your experience 🙂
Gwen B It totally blew me away!!! I would highly recommend this experience for everyone!!!

Ed Cravens

Oct 2017

Rob, I’ve been reflecting on the session that we had today, and I wanted you to know that it was very enlightening and inspirational to me. In the introduction phase of our conversation I mentioned the desire to tap into the Akashik Record, and during the session it became blindingly obvious, after Abornay pointed it out, that I already have that ability. It was enlightening to finally meet Abornay. I know that he has been present all my life, although I had no reference to call him by other than “Guardian Angel”.

In reading “About” on your website, I see that you had experiences with shadow beings as a child, as I did. In reading the rest of the article, I feel that we have additional things in common, and that I have so much to look forward to in rebuilding myself from fragmented pieces. Your artwork is absolutely amazing, and when I read your description of the art, it all ties together as an amazing message that reaches deeply into my being.

There is so much more that I need to discover within myself, and today’s session has certainly put me on the path. So many rooms to visit, and doorways to explore. My trip today through the beautiful rooms and garden makes me want to explore even more.


Angel Costs


Good Morning RobIt was such a pleasure to meet you.It was also a pleasure to experience a channeling, as i have never done anything like that before. I was not sure what to expect. Coming into it with some reservations, i was soon calmed down because the experience then felt normal and resonated with me. While am still not sure who my guides are, perhaps this will take more self reflection on my part, i was very surprised to understand what important issues i need to work on, particularly in one area…I understand now, i have to resolve that ‘issue’ before moving forward and its so clear now, how that ‘issue’ has held me back from enlightening my own growth 

and spiritual path…’it was kind of like, connecting the dots..
I want to thank you for the time you give to others. Sharing the gift that was given to you. I am honored to have met you…🙂