Arksar: – Always something new yet for whom is it new. The purpose of guides is as it says to guide. Quite how much you listen to us is another matter altogether. It is for spiritual growth but we also like to teach subjects which you have little knowledge of. It is these that I should like to focus upon at the moment. We talked much before upon the subject of higher soul levels and tried to give you an indication of how they work. 1) the feeling of them 2) how they function. Both of these you still have very little understanding. Let us begin by going on another tangent


If there were a multitude of tangents the lines on the edge of a sphere would make it look like a fuzzy ball. Each line could extend to different lengths. Yet if one line extends further than another this does not mean it is out of balance. It depends weather you see what I am presenting as physical mechanical matter or emotional, mental and intellectual. See all these threads as light so the whole fuzzy ball becomes pure light- a sphere of many possibilities seemingly endless. You might think that the larger the sphere is the more the possibilities but that is not so. That is your thought about the thickness of the tangent lines and how they might cross paths with other lines. I am trying to show you concepts of possibility and the infinite within any space. You tend to see ‘infinite’ as infinite space, something of incalculable size so that it may contain infinite or more infinite. Whereas infinite has nothing to do with size or space.



AR: – Let all things begin. Should we analyze the meaning of all things and begin to find out exactly what I mean or will you allow me to just let the information flow to you?

R: – The latter

AR: – Good- ‘all things’ is of itself a very hard thing to conceptualise because what is a thing? It includes energy of course, so as a ‘thought’ is a form of energy pattern then that must also be a thing.

R: – Interesting I have not thought of a ‘thought’ as being a thing as I conceptualise it as not material – just a thought.

AR: – So we can say there is nothing (no-thing) unless it is a thing

R: – What about potential?

AR: – Ah yes the potential to be a thing or change a thing infinite possibility – this is not a thing as such but unrestricted possibilities. Back to things – inanimate – animate – thought or emotion. These can apparently belong or not belong, however they are not in ownership but relationship to you. Because you are a being with your body and your thoughts, in this way they appear to belong to you.

All is – it just is – is it not?

So what is to begin? – Is it the flux as it ‘begins anew’ in a multitude of flashes that can either maintain constancy or create change? What if I said you were to begin anew? You begin a new in each moment – the choice to change or to be exists in every moment.

R: – Yes I see that but this is nothing new (though I realise I don’t often live to those choices).

AR: – Quite so hence my reminders. The purpose of what I am saying is to get you to constantly think and see all things as energy. If you affect energy you affect things.

All things begin again anew.

R: – This is the same statement about intent of information

AR: – That’s as maybe to you- but not to me. Within the flux, the information field is energy so it must itself be a thing. When the pulse is in the ‘on’ of the flux it is renewed as matter harmony but when its in the ‘off pulse’ its just information but energy information.

R: – Ok

AR: – So all things begin anew.

R: – But some things don’t change and some things do like the information of the wind which makes a tree leaf flutter.

AR: – What you see as unchanging may change. A large rock or a house brick will expand in the heat of the day and contract in the cold of the night. Thus the information field changes. It is true there are some things that remain basically the same for eons. However I want to reinforce to you the complexity of the information fields and that they are constantly changing. You may see a leaf flutter in your daily physical life and you live to that but you do not see it as changing information. I am hoping that you can begin to live more in the moment seeing that everything is changing energy, ‘the all begins anew’

R: – Ok accepted but to what purpose or end?

AR: – Your appreciation of your part in it as an energetic form. You have seen this when working with client’s negative thoughts and emotions – taking their present awareness consciousness into their physical body to see their negative and damaged thoughts- how to release this energy and add back positive energy which in turn helps heal the body. The negative energy was creating a negative affect on the physical body – this is an example of changing the information fields of an individual. Of course there are many ways of changing information fields and different types of ‘energetic inputs’ to the information. The leaf flutter is part of a complex interactive aware program but to you the leaf has no emotion. There are planes where you have experienced plants that have a vibration or resonance that you can hear as a sound or melody in your mind. These plants will not only react to your touch but also your thought. So even your perception about what is animate and inanimate needs to be realigned.

R: – Ok all things anew all changing all energy – consciousness itself an energy and thus a thing.

AR: – Good – you had a hang up with the word ‘thing’ – you had previously seen it as not conscious and that ‘thought’ was not a thing but a thought. Can see the point of where I am taking you- to the energy of the all?

R: – Yes to what purpose?

AR: – To show you how your energy – your thoughts and wishes can affect the all around you. I have already part explained this in your energetic healing work as by way of example but there are other ways also. If you bring a subject matter to your mind and meditate upon it you may affect it or bend it to your will.

R: – You have already said that to change water to wine for example requires the soul group mind and a level of knowledge and acceptance that is not only beyond believing that one can do such a thing or that its even possible. Thus I can’t see that my level of mind can have much affect upon my environment or the subject matter that you talk of.

AR: – That is so however do not dismiss that which is possible for you – that of which you presently do not know. Try to think of your mind in different ways- the energy is more pliable- not restricted to its current thoughts. A mind that cannot only be more flexible but able to ‘allow’ its capacity for being and doing to become much more. This is one of the first steps along this pathway. The belief and knowledge that your mind has no restrictions to its pliability and potential. Now then, that statement is not the same as your mind is capable of all things because that depends on others freewill and the level of mind or soul that one is working from. For now let us just say there are no locked doorways or blocked pathways or beliefs that you must have some restrictions. You do still have these however the next step is to try and exceed some of those and believe in my words to say “you are not restricted” these will stop you from closing any mental doorways like. Word like “I am not ready- good enough or far enough forward” will be a pinprick to a bubble or balloon of being unrestricted. As you begin exercise this as a muscle you will see less and less the past restrictions like I have said. They are but pebbles upon your path; where once they were boulders. Whilst they are still there you may walk upon them as if they have no affect on you. It will only be you that can make or return the pebble back to being the boulder that it once was. Remember all energy affecting and changing all other energy.

R: Explained like that I can begin to feel what you say.

AR: – Good – let us move forward along this pathway.

R: – We walk through a large doorway into a large forecourt with seating on the left and right of us and a temple building in front of us. Different circular gongs are struck- Arksar then gets me to move my arms backwards and forwards with intent of creating with thought. Gradually I build or form an energetic pattern in front of me.

Then it changes from 2 dimensional to 3 dimensional so that it looks like a bulging square parcel tied with string and then to what could be 4 segments.

AR: – Lets try again- remember we are creating resonances.

Here is the symbol for humanoid. It’s not like your earth symbols but there are reasons for this. The symbols show an auric or energetic pattern and the circle at the bottom of the symbol is a planet or grounding/location position of the energy of that soul expression. The central tall section is the energetic column of the chakras. The symbols can be more complicated of course.

This is humanoid deity – open to energies in many different dimensions- Remember these are energetic representations


Angelic formations


We walk up a set of steps on to a stage-raised platform. There are several sets of steps. On the raised platform there are some more gongs, which are struck by a person of Tibetan appearance. He welcomes us and we sit in soft comfortable elongated sofas around a table. He says, “I understand you have come here to learn about the power of thought and its vibrational resonance” He holds up a hollow tube, which he suspends in the air. I am encouraged to put my arm in it. He strikes the tube so that I can see the vibrations in the air around my arm. The vibration not only changes the air but my arm, which seems to get smaller or nearly disappear. There is another tube for the other arm and the same thing happens. I am made aware of a large strange shaped bell over my head. After this resonates it feels as if all of me is vibrating and disappearing. A most peculiar feeling of ‘folding or bending away’ becoming a resonance – I can certainly get the feeling of seeing all as energy!