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Universal Soul (Free eBook)

Universal Soul BookA catalyst for changing the way we think about ourselves and the universe. The Andromedans provide new insights into our spiritual origin and how our multidimensional soul functions in other realms. Because they are closer to source the information embraces non-self soul and the fluid nature of consciousness. By the time you reach the last page you will be left with a feeling of connectedness to other entities and an understanding that you are part of an eternal feedback system they call ‘Tuquola’.  A liberating journey beyond current human understandings.

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Consciousness and The Alien mind  – an earlier Ebook is FREE by clicking the link below.
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Over time, I became aware that my spirit guides, Antemedi and Orlacka, were more than human. For many years, they challenged my definition of self and the reality of this world. They showed my past alien lives and what it means to be ‘soul essence’ beyond current human experience. I have been channelling, writing and painting for over 30 years. Those items can be accessed by clicking Articles on the header bar – this will take you to conversations, videos, psychic portraits, artwork and anecdotes. I am available for Talks, Demonstrations, Joint Viewing and Q&A sessions with Antemedi.

Alien Andromedan AntemediAntemedi – There is much to learn about your connections to other alien species and similar communications are taking place with many other humans at this time. If you become stimulated by what has been published please share the links to the information. Raising awareness of your origins and your posibilities for growth are important. Indeed you are all important in your connections to us.

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