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Consciousness And The Alien Mind   (New free Ebook)

A Spiritual Journey to other dimensions

Over time, psychic channeller Robert Lomax became aware that his spirit guides, Antemedi and Orlacka, were more than human. For many years, they challenged his definition of self and the reality of this world. They showed his past alien lives and what it means to be ‘soul essence’ beyond current human experience

Join him on part of that journey. Listen to Antemedi (Andromedan) and Orlacka (Arcturian) explaining their humanoid perspectives on spiritual growth and how our multidimensional universe works. They give insights into the way earth humans think and show alternative ways to process information and feelings. Some astounding, cohesively linked concepts are interwoven with visual metaphorical constructs to make the subject matter not only come to life but understandable for all. Emotional in some parts, the conversations show the enormous depth of love and understanding that exists between the narrators and the writer. An extraordinary compelling read that gives great insight into other vibrational realities and our part in the universe – just click on book image or link here Consciousness and the Alien Mind eBook 18.09

Paperback version All of Robert’s written articles including this book are free from this website. This, however, is the first time his close spiritual contacts have helped him construct a book containing deeper alien insights. If you wish to purchase a printed version click on Paper book Balboa Press UK or Balboa Press US Royalties from the printed version will be used to promote alien messages from his spirit guides.

Robert has been channeling, writing and painting for the past 28 years. Some of the insights given to him can be accessed by clicking Articles on the header bar above. Most information builds in date order on previous themes but you can also click Search and look for your area of interest. 

Alien Andromedan AntemediAntemedi – There is much to learn about your connections to other alien species and similar communications are taking place with many other humans at this time. If you have been stimulated by what I and my coleages have said please do share the links to the information we supply. Raising awareness of your origins and your posibilities for growth are important. Indeed you are all important in your connections to us.

There are also open discussions on the face book group ‘Meet the Andromedans’ which you are welcome to join in with.

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For anyone that has a greyscale paperback version of conciousness and the alien mind the coloured originals are below.