Cytith (aquatic humanoid)

Unusual experience sensing and feeling another world but through a hologram using its original information field in order that I can feel as if I am an aquatic alien humanoid as well.

20th Aug – 2016


IMG_2143I am shown a different aquatic humanoid comfortable on land as well as water. To me he feels very peaceful and elegant. He has boney ribbed structures on his back and ribbing to his shoulders. Skin is moist not slimy but exceptionally soft and smooth exceptionally flexible as if it has several layers. Green and brown mottling with bead like eyes. I have a feeling of salamander /newt. His head tilts completely backwards so that he has a dynamic profile for movement in the water. The head fins are more of an ‘array’ and are more for statement than function – a hang over from some need to display. All the webbing is retractable. The fingers have joints beyond the hand webbing and have great dexterity. Huge muscles down his buttocks and thighs. Confident but well meaning individual, a great sense of pride in who he is and what his race are able to do on land and water.

Antemedi: – Ok let us converse- I will help with some of the interpretation, as this will be a different type of presentation to you.

R: – I can hear he has a clicking voice- some incredibly high tones and slower ones.

A: – Yes this is the underwater water communication it’s quite varied.

R: – Then the Cytith gives a look and says we are very advanced and are great telepaths.

A: – Let us listen, by that I mean I know him and what he has to say so I will be helping with the energetic telepathy.

Cytith: – Welcome to you – I humble myself before you despite my advancement -as an ambassador I am pleased to meet you (ambassador in the sense of a job to meet other races). I can sense your genetics and emotions though I know of some of your history. Your race has such potential within your unlit electromagnetic DNA it will be good to see you develop over the years. You are the first of your kind that I have personally met. I and a few of my fellow types are attached to one of the Andromedan sections of reach out ‘out reach’ and first contact. There are several races that we wish to ‘reach out’ as many are unaware of the great outside. I understand you shake hands in greeting.

R: – So we shake hands – very soft and gentle- whilst he has sharp talons at the ends of his fingers these either retract or they sense an object so well (my hand in this instance) that they do not apply any pressure. He also has pads on the fingers, which move as sensors or grippers. All very delicate in this instance. He then takes my right hand in his left and asks me to follow him whereupon he shows a presentation – hologram /screen.

C: – My thoughts create the pictures and information on the screen – with such presentations you will be able to gain some experience of what it feels like to live in our world. That way you will have a greater understanding of who we are and how we live.

R: – As I look into the hologram it gradually engulfs me (Similar to other experiences in the lecture theatres). We are looking up towards the surface of water- I can sense the power and ease with which it is possible to swim. As we enter the air there is some sort of pop noise as if some sort of ‘ear’ device is opened. It takes a few moments for the air to come into some sort of ear cavity and for the water to be cleared out. The talons on the hands and feet are very dexterous and these enable easy ascent from the slippery rocks. I sense some sort of retractable talons or hooks within the main part of the palms as well because the fingers are delicate. We sit down on a rock and look out over a reasonably calm sea. He points to 3 moons, not quite in alignment on our left these are clearly visible in day time though he points out it never gets really dark. They are called Tomecka, Sowulah and Sinsey. There is a sense of the skin changing or acclimatising to the air and adapting to the changed environment. It’s certainly very peaceful. He points to the right where there is a great city; the atmosphere looks a little more pink, purple in that direction.

C: We have male and females; our reproduction areas are under body flaps. The boney structure is to support an air cavity it can withstand great pressure. We can contract it so that we sink or expand it so we can go to the surface. Its not a swim bladder in that sense as ours is muscular its also what helps us to breath on land. It is different to the gills that we have. Our gills are smaller than they were a long time ago because of the time we spend on land. They are contained within a cavity that keeps them safe away from the air when we are on land.

R: – Were you aquatic to become humanoid or humanoid to become aquatic?

C: – Both – The DNA along with a soul desire developed both simultaneously on an energetic level as it did on a physical. The speed of development was not experienced in the same way. It did not feel slow.

R: – What you said previously seems to indicate a transition from one to the other.

C:- Not really ‘we work with what was here’ on the energetic levels. One is not better than the other. If you see us as soul beings in the same way that you are, you can create any form you wish – such is the variety of the humanoid form – it is one of the most common types of form in the universe. Many things are common between animals as well- animals have 4 limbs, so do you but your upper limbs have hands.

R: – That seems to make sense.

C: – Let us stand.

He brings his toes in so that the webbing folds up – there seem to be pads under his feet that flex to give him grip as he walks forwards. The walk looks a little heavier than us but it seems ok. We get up from the rock shelf or high tide line and move up from the fore shore.

C: – Come further with me, I wish to show you more.

R: – You have a wonderful home world.

C: – But remember this is a holographic projection to you. It uses the some of same information in ‘our information fields’ such that your mind, soul and senses can interact with it but at the same time in your conscious mind you can draw me as well as writing with your pen ‘in the now’

R: -He is much larger than me at least 7 ft. plus. He points to the rocks these look basaltic (volcanic) he shows me steps in the shoreline with different heights of tides. These are formed by the interactions of the 3 moons when in different proximity to one another. The sun for us varies depending on how close our planet is, however our atmosphere is charged by it (bit like a neon tube) so light permeates all round the globe. That charging or atmosphere also gives us protection from the direct rays – so it’s a very comfortable atmosphere. We can have ‘misters’ if we wish to make the air less dry. Think of mild jungle moisture as opposed to desert dryness. These we have in our cities –it’s not used vey often at all.

R: – I can see some sort of force field not glass around the city.

C: – This is so the city can breathe or have air exchange in extremes when we get closer to our sun. I am showing you this as if it is one of those periods.

R: – We make our way up a hill – I can feel a bit laboured at this point.

C: – Don’t worry things will change soon.

R: – We click in through some sort of gate and as we get the other side it changes and gets a little cooler. The city is on a hill on the right and it spills into the water on the left. The force field or climate maintenance goes out over part of the sea. There are several lights in the ocean in different groupings.

C: – We are truly adapted to be both on the land and in the sea but each environment has different advantages. Our structures have been developed over a very long period of time. Many hundreds of thousands of years ago during the development body period we kept to the damper jungles and watercourses. We could go into drier areas for some time or if we covered up for longer periods. You use clothes in adverse weather but we can change our environment. Our present skins are much more advanced. (Antemedi makes the point that we have massive shopping malls where we have air conditioning so that what I am seeing is just another leap on from that) We pride ourselves not only on our adaptability but also on our philosophy and growth. This is one of the reasons we like contact with other humanoids so we can exchange different ideas. There are three planets similar to this one.

R: -At this point it fades a bit as I loose my concentration, But the link comes back and gives me quite a pain at the back of my head.

C: – There are many that say many things- We would say that not all is truth, though that is true. But we would say there are many ways of seeing and hearing the same thing. Each person’s or each race’s interpretation of us and who we are is slightly different. Yours does great justice because of your connects to Antemedi, we have been greatly maligned by some and misunderstood by others. This is because on one of the other planets we have cousins with more boney ridges who look rather menacing. They are exceptionally defensive – they feel keeping themselves to themselves is the best way, they have had poor experiences of meeting other races.


R: – The meet seems to come to an end naturally. I say to Antemedi that I am left with a tiny niggle – this is such a departure from the usual type of meeting and it seems so bizarre as if taking part in a sci-fi movie. So is it real?

A: – What is – is do not doubt what is- would that I were to show you something that was made up or not true then that would be the first would it not? So I stretch your boundaries and you feel the challenge of that. You have been here many times before in the feeling of a new challenge. You see its all very well people knowing there are different types of aliens and having a brief description of them but this is a different form of communication; it shows the character and the emotion and gives an insight into what it is like to live in a world like this. Anyone who immerses them selves in the view you have seen and the feeling of this as they read, will to some extent feel what you felt. A valuable form of communication and a great tool by which to understand- for this is one of my desires to show the differences between you and others- so that can also include aliens other than Andromedans.

R: – So have we moved away from meet the Andromedans?

A: – Not at all – meet the Andromedans and others we know and trust. If I came to your house you would wish to introduce me to your friends as well as family.