Multidimensional points of focus


A: – Tatey em eh lah – All things will be as they will be (for that is the intent). Unfettered interpretation- no database of referral. Seeing in this way will come because your heart connects to soul-self, which knows all things. Not only is it connected to all things it is all things in that sense. You do not have to concern yourself with ‘interpreting’ what you don’t know. Instead it will come from the knowingness, for that which is unknown is only that which is hidden behind a veil.

R: – I get your point from yesterday – it just is.

A: – Indeed for it is of the isness. Let us think of another time and place, one where you may be having another experience.

R: – I can see a walkway up a slope and plants with long leaves- it feels very familiar- I know this place but it is not of earth.

A: – That is correct it is your ‘knowing’

R: – As we go higher the plants look more like marram grasses because we have sand underfoot. As we reach the top I can see the sea in the distance.

A: – Think of a time and a place

R: – That would be self imposing my other memories upon this place rather than it showing me what it is.

A: – Good we shall walk further

R: – At this point I zonk out and loose consciousness for about an hour – upon awakening

A: – Tatey em eh lah – what do we mean by this

R: – All will be what it is meant to be for it was meant to be with intent.

A: – But there could be variations on that

R: – Yes it is your/my old language

A: – So would you say it is about intent?

R: – Yes unless it seen by another person with a different perspective. The original intent might not be seen because they have a different interpretation of the intent. The phrase would be exactly the same but each viewing it differently. In which case the second person does not see the original intent.  They have not heard or understood through their heart.

A: – So how does one get to that position- really understanding what someone else has said?

R: – Well I guess we have to move away from old ways of thinking. If I follow your prompt I should not be interpreting but allowing my heart to show what is being said.

A: – And how do you do that?

R: – When put like that- I can’t really say- I think I understand what you are saying but putting it into practice is something different.  I will have to put aside a whole lifetime of interpreting information.

A: – And how will you do that?

R: – Listening in gentleness without heightened emotions. Putting the needs of myself temporarily aside.  Seeing that what others say should not affect me. All of these things you and Arksar have said before in some form. Yet my answers seem to fall short of where you wish me to be.  I suppose I can make comments as to how to do it but actually doing it is another matter.  I do not think that you prompting me with these questions will help any more. Though with that said they have prompted me to realise I still interpret and I do not hear.

A: – Good that has established some parameters (if you excuse my use of those words in the circumstances). You have seen where you consider yourself to fall short.  So how can we move you to seeing without interpretation?

R: – You’re certainly persisting with these questions as a way to get me to see things.  But if I were not to interpret (which is the aim at the moment) then surely I should just listen

R: – Then you have the answer just listen!

R: – My ears are pinned back

A: – Are they?

R: – Saying they are – is not the same thing as the reality of them being pinned back-is that what you mean?

A: – In part

R: – So do I have to realise that I am always interpreting all of the time and thus not able to see the total reality of what is being projected.

A: – You have to have an awareness of interpretation in order to let it pass.  You have to realise you superimpose your understanding over mine or over higher communications.  That’s not to say you do not interpret well because you do.  However not interpreting is a much finer and clearer communication.

R: – This is an old chestnut – something that I had danced around many times before.

A: – That is because this is the core essence of understanding.  Enlightenment allows clearer understanding of enlightenment.  It does not mean you have not succeeded in dealing with this but that it has many fine layers of interpretation each built on top of one another. To say stop interpreting would be as if I were to say stop breathing- it is a complete antithesis of what you believe should be normal. You may feel that you have failed in this task – that is not so.  However to feel that you no longer have the answers as to how to move to the next step is of itself a good thing. You may give up trying – for now there is no need to try.  The layers of past no longer need to restrict you.

R: – This is a little bit different – we have changed position because we are walking together on a sandy seabed below the waves. We are moving towards the shore so that our heads break through the surface of the ocean into a different atmosphere.  We walk up and onto the beach (the one we saw earlier) we both sit down on an old washed-up tree trunk and look out towards the sea.

A: – Well my friend this is very different is it not?

R: – Yes it feels calm it’s the same space but different however I have got quite a headache.

A: – That will pass. Just listen to the sea as it laps upon the sand. See the moon as it sparkles and throws it glittering lights upon the surface of the undulating water.

R: – As I watch this I can see the water becomes more and more dense, slower and slower it undulates – then it becomes stiff and does not move.

A: – Does the water need to be solid for us to walk upon it? – Surely it should not matter that you see it as solid or liquid. In either case you will not pass through the surface now that you vibrate above it. Come take my hand and let us walk back down the shore to the ocean from whence we came. Step upon the surface of the water and walk with me side by side.

R: – We walk out on to the flat ocean – to my right I can see a dark area like an impending storm.

A: – Focus not upon that. Walk with me and keep walking whilst you listen to my words. In each moment you can allow yourself to change then that moment is extraordinary.  That which was extraordinary yesterday no longer is but it is replaced by the extraordinary unfolding of today.  Not only can it be but also it will be for all days to come. This shows you that there is neither judgment nor interpretation as to where you are upon your footpath. The area upon which we walk could be exceptionally tenuous for some.  Remember we are walking upon what was once the ocean of your interpretations.  It may serve as a base upon which to walk but some could not experience the rarefied air that we now breathe.

R: – We are coming out to some sort of barrier I can sense that.

A: – Indeed we are.

R: – As we walk through there are sounds and feelings of twisting, pulling and stretching.  It reminds me of my waking dream this morning where everything was the wrong way round and I could no longer seem to function – the dream left me with a sense of frustration and impotence even when waking forwards

A: – Keep walking we are not through yet.

R: – It feels like I’m walking against huge silk ribbons some of which slide off then they are replaced by others. We must have walked a great distance because we are now the other side of this ocean about to step on to a rocky shoreline with a predetermined path. As I look in front there is very large escarpment like a tall mountain with sides at a near vertical incline. However there is a path that zigzags its way towards the top.  It is a grey façade reaching great heights but surrounded by darkness on either side. So is this where we need to walk?

A: – What if we were to believe that we were already at the top!

R: – I suppose that would mean having to let go of my interpretation of what to do next and with that thought we are on top of the mountain.  Am I also to presume that we are in many of these different places at the same time.  I say that because as we both look out from this vantage point I can also see us upon the shoreline below (before walking through the ribbons of energy). All of a sudden I’m sitting on the previous shoreline before we came here. So is this about focus? Does focus have interpretation in it or can that also be free of interpretation. I guess that is why you are showing this- to help me understand that even a point of focus can be removed from interpretation.  Same methods – either on a wider scale or on a pinpoint focus.

A: – Very good. To say “what is going on?” could be a way of trying to interpret and thus fumbling through what you already know to make sense of what you see and feel. But when one really begins to grasp multi-dimensionalism there is no need to define – only to experience what the heart is showing you.

R: – In a way I have a thousand questions but they have no purpose – they are not relevant they would add nothing. There is stillness – so have we moved further into the isness without seeing it as bliss and wonder?  That is a question – perhaps it should not be asked particularly if it informs the answer or changes what was to have come next.  I have nothing more to say.

A: – Good. Listen to my words just as they are. At the top of this tall mountain facade (where we are again) we stand yet upon another level. If you look in front of us another plateau stretches beneath our feet – the rarefied air can be walked upon.  Follow me again.

R: – We are walking out and back nearly in the direction we came from but much higher– we are going to what was the impending storm and are now level with it or within it. Again there are strange sensations as we walk forwards but these are very odd – like we are stretching forwards and backwards a great distance at the same time. It feels like we’re walking through a triangular tunnel. Again some replication or connotation with the top of the façade that we have just walked out from.

A: – Keep pushing forwards you are nearly there.

R: – Things get tighter and I hear vibration and noises along with a pressure to my head. It gets brighter and in front of us a clear barrier or door slides from right-to-left.  A man stands the other side and says, “Welcome Robert”.  Antemedi and I walk forward and the door slides shut behind us. We appear to be in capsule of some kind with a gangway in the middle and seats in pairs either side.  As I look around I can see this is only one gangway of several.  We are shown forwards another three or four seats and are directed to sit down on our right.  I am nearest to the gangway, which is on my left – Antemedi is on my right.  Not sure where the voice coming from but it says “ welcome all, this short vibratory journey – some of you have been here before some of you came in meditation senses or memory deprivation” (zonked out earlier today) “ this is the rest of your awareness catching up and becoming aware in your denser vibratory forms. Sit back it will be a short journey” Antemedi seems to be looking out of a porthole window to his right.  I can feel a slight movement – it’s like I am sensing things and knowing what is happening without being told.  It feels as though our container is floating on an energy platform. Then I have that strange sensation again of shooting forwards a great distance. I feel that I am stretched forwards through the front of my head and backwards through the back of my head. It feels like I’m everywhere the same time but I am in the middle of this stretched forward and backward experience. Again it reminds me of my dreams from last night where I may have been doing this in my sleep. There is rumbling from behind the stretching at the back of my head seems to stop – it feels as though we are been catapulted forwards but quite smoothly and effortlessly without any G forces. Antemedi points towards the window and I can see what look like to be harmonies and vibrations.  Some are loops some are pinpoints others are white lights with geometric patterns similar to the shape of a merkabas. The loops seems to be ‘a part of us’ not so much a view out of the window but somehow it’s an association to do with our viewpoint. The outside is also a part of us. Everything outside seems to be remaining still yet I know we are travelling in this stretching sensation within this capsule. It seems to be in a tunnel but all around us nothing is moving.  My mind is not distorted or affected I’m just aware of this stretching as if I am between one thought and another waiting to receive the next thought which hasn’t yet arrived.

A: – We have talked before about your multidimensional nature – indeed about the multi dimensional nature of everyone. We spoke about your soul division and how Telenatey the botanist is part of that.  You have also seen Aqueena as a representation of the feminine part of your over-soul or higher-self. These are multidimensional and these are the forms that you have interpreted.

R: – I note my interpretation comes into this!

A: – Yes it’s all about what you can take on board and what you can understand – it has to be relevant to you in some form. There is nothing wrong with these explanations they are one footstep of many.

R: – So are you to throw everything upside down again?

A: – If that is your interpretation then yes – otherwise in openness I shall be showing you an alternative way of seeing Telenatey and Aqueena. They have a relationship to you – you are them also. At the moment assume no interpretation – just listen to me as I explain a little deeper.  A long time ago when I said you were here with us you interpreted that in several ways.  You felt it was some sort of essence or vibratory awareness. Your awareness interpreted Telenatey as another aspect of your soul – as a soul splinter. But what is an awareness?  Does it have form? Energetic yes – it has to be because all is energy of some kind including thought.  What about a point of focus – you have a point of focus here with us whilst you are in your 3-D body mind consciousness (which is now more able to access this point of focus).  Not a random point of focus but a point of focus that belongs within this ‘arena’ (metaphorically). Your point of focus is you – it is your point of focus and your connection here as well as to other places.

R: – Is that to do with multiple points of focus?

A: – Of course you may focus anywhere you wish and you may do so within your 3-D body mind consciousness- you may cast it wherever you wish. In your experiences so far you can look at distance and see people, thoughts and emotions as well as having a point of focus in the middle of a solid object if you wished. You may read a written psychic message, which can also be a point of focus but when done you remove yourself from it but even then it’s possible to view from distance the pages you have not seen. So there are temporary points of focus and more permanent points of focus.  Points of focus that you keep open or that exist all the while. You can see me in your mind as I visit you where you reside in your home. You perceive me as projection of my energetic body mind and soul. Not the totality of who I am but all that is necessary for us to interact in a comprehensive flowing movement.  In the same way you are also a projection here but you are not as aware of that as I am.  Of course you are looking through lower vibrations to higher ones. And you are doing this while we are helping you to clear your mental/emotional portals.

R: – I kind of knew that but got hung up on the split souls aspect. (For anyone not reading previous conversations – 6 hermaphrodites split in to male and female also called twin flames- this makes 12 individuations of a higher-self or over soul. There are 12 over souls in a Monad and 144,000 Monads in a soul group) I found it hard to conceive that I would be living and working as one of you whilst I am on earth.  When I was told that I was Telenatey – you said the name was associated with broad shoulders bearing much pain.  Whilst I have done so in this life the only way it seemed to fit the logical explanation about Telenatey was for him to be a 1/12th of my over-soul and for me to be another 1/12th. It was also said that some of you see the totality of a soul such that ‘oneness’ can interchange between any of the 12 individuations. In other words you see the soul self as a composite of the 12 parts.

A: – If we are to look at you at higher-self level then you are the totality of the 12. But each individuation has a different expression and experience.

R: – Yes but that initial explanation inferred that I was known as Telenatey.

A: – Let me put this all into context for you- you are all your points of focus. However we are more specifically looking at your more permanent points of focus.

R: – Me as a projection in the transporter we are still in.

A: – Well we had arrived a short while ago. Let us stand up and walk forwards.

R: – Again in front of us there is another triangular exit, which looks transparent with doors that slide sideways. We walk into what seems like a well-lit tunnel or cave. It’s very odd it doesn’t seem like a transport ship but some form of transportation from one place to another. It’s seamless it’s as if it we are a part of the fabric here – like we were already here before. We walk to our left and the space opens up – it is either a large internal area, which so well lit, that it could even be the outside. I am aware of groups of people talking and conversing. There is a general walkway to our right, which meanders through a series of rocks and boulders with vegetation on either side reaching upwards as if we are in the bottom of a small valley.  Most of the people have light coloured clothing in beige gold and white. We walk forwards and I can see several views in the same space at the same time, which is most peculiar.

A: – Because things are multidimensional other objects can appear to exist in the same space and it’s a matter of which dimension you are viewing as to what you see.  All exist in the same space and again that depends upon your point of focus. It’s also a question of which dimension you vibrate upon as a point of focus that determines your interaction on a dimension.  Because you exist on several you will be interacting on several dimensions at the same time.  You will also have a main point of focus and sub-points of focus in each dimension.

R: – I can see what you mean- I can feel I am a main point of focus which is then spread out as several other smaller points of focus in the same dimension smaller or larger depending on the point of desire or need.

A: – Good- you can see that – you have multiple points of focus in multiple dimensions.  Let us stick with a main point of focus in a dimension that is able to focus with us here.  Let us not look at the extensions and return from the multiple points of focus to the main residual or resting expression. Imagine veins as ‘energy’ returning or retreating from organs (sub focus) to arteries and ultimately to the heart. In doing so we can look at this main point of focus as an expression as ‘a form’. In this way it’s not just a focus, neither is it an ‘individual’ because of your misconceptions of individuality. Instead know and see it as the holographic representation of an individual or just energetic energy of the individual.

R: – So you are saying I’m having these multiple lives or expressions elsewhere in the same way that Robert is an expression here?

A: – Is that so hard to believe?

R: – Odd really I can seem to accept it as some form of ‘energetic projection’- mind extensions in energetic form as that’s all rather wooly – but to see this energy as ‘manifest me’ in those dimensions at the same time is another matter altogether. It’s also a jump to accept that I have some form of material bodies that are suitable to the vibrations of those dimensions.

A: – What is a material vibration?  Yours is a material vibration- you are energy but you see yourself as manifest in a physical body. Because your earth consciousness resides and appears to act from that physical body that appears as ‘the be-all and end all’ of who you are.  We made the effort to cover ‘aspects of time with you’. We said that time appears to exist and that all things happen in the moment of now which can be anywhere backwards or forwards on a time line or different lifetime.  It’s difficult for you to conceive of what it is like to be multi dimensional particularly when you see things in the linear form. We can leave this subject and return to it if you wish as it is causing you consternation. I realise that you do not want to get the information wrong but is it not so different to that of which we have already spoken before?

R: – It is settling with your explanations thank you. However the free-flow could now be inhibited by questions like “what are these manifestations and points of focus like? How do they choose to express themselves?  What interests do they have?” So in some ways these realities feel further removed from me- it was easier just to think “Oh yes I am multi dimensional what ever that is” and not really consider the true nature of the experience of those-selves of me and me of them.

A: – It is like the film you once saw – do you take the blue pill or the red pill? – Do you have difficulty in wanting to see reality in different way?

R: – The work done with Arksar was helpful- letting go of being Robert of being humanoid or a description or definition as to who I am or could be.

A: – Despite how you try to think through this additional revelation it will take several days to sit more easily with you. Not only are you struggling with it but you are also wondering if you are hearing it correctly. We can come back to this another day if you wish. You are a little frustrated and mildly angry at not being able to understand fully.  That is not a good place from which to see things and those feelings can form a barrier. Remember no interpretation – just hear and feel as is.

R: – Ok as I see Telenatey I can see a strong connection between us as if we are the same in all respects but we ‘just think slightly differently’ – I see that I can exist as projection ‘expression in energetic form’ beside him or I can be separate from him however there are some finer vibrations existing between us that show us as one energetic projection.

A: – I still think it would be wise to return to this conversation when you have had at least one sleep duration in order that we can fill some of the blanks during that period. I know you like to keep going until you grasp things however a book with many pages cannot be read in one session we will speak soon.

R: – Thank you