Can spirituality have a part in ufology

Can spirituality and channeling have a part in ufology? I believe it can if one goes along with the idea that all things are interconnected. Despite intensive research over many years there is still skepticism that alien craft exist. To say that there is psychic contact with other humanoids in those ships will take that skepticism to new heights of ridicule. Psychic viewing is beyond critical research because the information is primarily anecdotal, unless you are experiencing it for yourself. It’s not in the arena of strange fossil skull discoveries and ancient history theories. Abductions come close for they too are anecdotal. It will be very hard to prove to a skeptic that psychic contact is a real credible phenomenon. The subject requires and open mind without prejudices and religious dogma.

Perhaps one way forward is to look at the amount of information that says psychic and spiritual information is being received. But straightaway we hit a stumbling block because there are some poor psychics and charlatans mixed in with those of credibility. Like ufology the wheat and the chaff have to be separated. Before we look at psychic contact with aliens the first thing to consider and accept (if you can) is the spiritual psychic ability to see, hear, feel, channel and distant view. It is a very big subject on its own so lets be as brief as possible.

You may have had an experience of your 6th sense or ‘knowing something’. How sometimes the right things seem to happen or coincidence is too small a word for serendipity. Perhaps knowing before someone phones you or knowing who is to call. If you are distracted and you have no other stimuli to show that some one has moved into ‘your space’- yet you can have the sense someone is nearby. This is where your energetic field will detect the energetic field of another. You may have had odd feelings of light or energy or even had or heard of ‘out of body experiences’ (a book by Dr Moody recounts numerous hospital patients knowing and seeing things outside of the operating room where they had not been before). However what is a personal experience for you cannot belong to another.

If we keep away from Gypsy Lee and the tarot cards there are credible individuals like Colin Fry. The television still has re-runs of his shows, which bring comfort and messages from the deceased with credible information that he could not have known in advance.

The Internet is a source of many unusual psychic stories though these are not proof as such. It is said that governments use distant or ‘remote viewers’ for spying and espionage. The Montauk project is claimed to be an example of metaphysics. Psychics abound in the medium (excuse the pun) of the Internet. There are proponents of spiritual messages from beyond, meditations and energy practices and of course messages from aliens or higher beings. The Internet is both a help and a hindrance because of the deluge of available information.

So with all that said the approach to the subject matter will in the most be personal and subjective for you. If you look at it in readiness to dismiss the basis of these human spiritual abilities your ‘mind will have already been made up’

Even if you allow the possibility of such abilities how can you be sure that the messages from aliens are credible or truthful particularly as there are a lot of mistruths.

So it’s at this point that I need to disclose my background and experience of this subject so you can make up your own mind if my anecdotal evidence has any credibility for you.

In a similar way I wont jump straight to my alien contact but will show the basis of this means of contact. Spiritually and psychically I have been woken up at different times in my life to more possibilities, the last major one was 25 years ago. It was akin to having a new hard drive and software program, which opened up all sorts of alternative realities in the same space. In the beginning many years were spent coming to terms with duality mind and broken concepts. I have forgotten the numerous times my spirit guides would push my questions back to me and say “you need to look at the ego that sponsored that question” At times I would argue the point only to receive such astounding answers that they left me speechless. This was a process of ‘clearing mind and subconscious’. I have never been let down by my guides and the bonds of love and trust are unbreakable. In fact it goes beyond trust to ‘just is’. What I am trying to show without blowing my trumpet is the depth and clarity of the contact. Every thing is vibration so if you have a distorted internal aerial the picture on your screen will always be fuzzy. Anyway a few years back Antemedi, my main guide who has been with me the longest divulged he was Andromedan and that several earth lives back so was I and that was the reason for our connection. Upon the acceptance of that fact I was able to have memory recall of parts of those lives as if they were yesterday. I have been on biospheres and scout craft and been given further energetic tuning. Most contact is by distant viewing so I can write what I am being told and draw what I am shown whilst being able to walk around energetically. I am not the only one who is in contact telepathically with aliens. As I stand back for a moment I realise these words could tumble onto this page and still have no meaning for you because it is not your experience. Instead I can only leave it to ‘the bulk’ of information, the type of information and the different concepts that seem to make perfect sense.

Above: – I gave independent psychic portrait artist Janette Oakman two names Antemedi (m) and Susquarlia (f) she did not know of their Andromedan background. The drawings are a very good likeness though the skin has a bluish tinge. Susquarlia projected her image to Janette in an unusual way, as she wanted to remind me that all is multidimensional, thus the neck is the wrist of the hand and there are mountains and a cat in the same space.Bellow: – Some of my portraits, Sensilla a female student with interests in studies of terrans (us humans)

Aqueena on the right is a higher dimensional human soul being and a part of my soul group and higher-self group. Andromedans are more spiritually advanced than us (that wouldn’t take much). They have taken great pains to explain that the soul has many encounters as it splits to experience separateness. A soul group will consist of 144,000 monads each of which has 12 over souls or higher-selves each of which has 6 hermaphrodites which are dived into male and female (twin flames) the you and I. However the ‘you and I’ element are also multidimensional and we experience different dimensions as well. Many of us will have had off world experiences on other planets. Aqueena is a 1/12 individual like you and I but she is the projection of her much higher vibratory level, which is equivalent to higher self.

Argoney spoke about the Andromedan female perspective and showed me children’s toys (on the left) that are used to help them understand vibrations and harmonics because they can also see their world in harmonics and as a hologram. Older children use more complicated toys that work in more than one plane







 Multifunction meeting and lecture rooms. The main gallery goes from top right to bottom left under the ground. To either side of the foyer there are drop down panels that form walkways to the roof. Handrail panels protect edges and covers slide back to reveal reclining chairs for communing. I was grateful to take part in what was wonderful sharing of blissful energetic harmonies

Access travel tubes- I stood on a ‘hovering plate’ with Antemedi and held a rail in front as instructed and then an energy bubble engulfed the whole thing such that it felt as if there was no acceleration despite being aware of going at different speeds- Keep in mind most all of their technology is ‘program aware’ responding to thoughts but within certain parameters. Such consciousness programs do not require electrical wiring, nor in general do their machines as energy use and generation is very different. The plants are as I remember them having got to inspect them individually.

My memory of repairing resonators on out post earth. The vibrations turned animal’s feelings back on themselves somehow so they would not enter the encampment. I remember the way the inside of the devices went together and have shown that on a holographic projector. I have other past life memories some of which I have written about. More drawings and diagrams available on the Internet


Obviously they are technologically more advanced than us. They were a 1/23 contributor towards our DNA during earth evolvement. Our bodies are considered to be one of the best experiential vehicles because of the way our emotions work in tandem with hormones and body chemicals. They on the other hand live for many hundreds of years.

The god moment ‘the moment of now’ apparently contains the past and future. History is a memory of a time line, which is different. As an analogy Antemedi showed a cross-section through a flower.

In this way it can be seen that number 1 is constantly emerging ‘a new’ or renewed as the older petals fold back in to become the new. Once the concept was understood it was then shown to be a torus.

Initially creator energy (vibration) was projected into an information field to create ‘harmonies’ which are the basis of matter. Creator pulse energy (e.g. pulse 1) is not needed to sustain things and is turned off in some areas of the galaxy. If mass were still being created on earth there would be continual chaos. What remains is information fields, pulse or vibration 2 and harmonies. Other dimensions vibrate faster than ours but the basis is similar to that above though the vibrations and harmonies are different.

The speeds of pulse are faster than the vibrations of atoms. Atoms will ‘appear’ in predetermined shapes as instructed by the information fields. Here and ‘not here’ at super high rates of pulse. We resonate to ‘the here’ and see only that. Like a propeller blade seems a solid disk when it is revolving. However dimensions exist as bubbles within bubbles.

They use their technical knowledge for many things for example a space craft can be in another dimension but it is also here in the same space (as all is multi-dimensional) it could appear to be in this one (assuming it wasn’t cloaked). However they use energy to temporarily change or remove the information field. In that way they change our dimension so they can travel without pushing air or water out of the way the air disappears and reappears behind them and that’s one of the reasons why its possible to move at such great speeds

They have great knowledge of planet seeding and helping damaged environments. Telenatey is a botanist and explained that every plant has different harmonies. Rather than splicing DNA or altering it they look at what they would wish the harmonic resonance to be as an outcome and work back from that. In that way they get a better match to the situation they need. They do grow the plants on and test them but lot of work is done around environmental changes and diseases.

Working back from what they envisage seems to be a common theme. They have systems of self-governance within councils and utilize their collective consciousness differently to us. Mental structures and thought processes are holographic and not hierarchical like ours. They can also project themselves forward on a time line of desired outcome and look back at the possibilities that would make that happen and put those into place.

They see each other not only as individuals but who they are on a soul level and multidimensional expression. They are can be aware of what ‘is to be’ (most likely time line for them) however it would be hard for us to see ourselves in such a way. We might wish to alter uncomfortable events. Further more if an event is pre-known it means we wont just walk into it we will interpret the event with expectation of what is to be and that will of itself change the experience. They can do either though the one described is to be of doing and observing at the same time. Most often we just walk into what we create. One of the things the Andromedans want to show is the difference in the way we think and act and where we ‘act from’ we inform our future from what we presently know. We have little idea of how powerful our minds are, how our thoughts and desires create our reality. Some of us might interpret this as ‘cosmic ordering’ (which is a concept that can be used) but this is about the mass or consensus reality. As soon as we change our consensus reality things really do change. Not only do we create it differently but also we interpret it differently.

There is more of course and the above is only a snap shot. I have included below a few links to some conversations that may give a deeper insight into how they think and feel. In these conversations you might be able to feel the love and wisdom and see the logic they put forward. There are some challenging subjects not only how things work but also the true nature of our soul and we are all having simultaneous experiences in ‘the now’. Some of the conversations may show my personal misunderstandings or deeper depths of the unconscious. However as suggested I have agreed to leave the conversations unadulterated to show the true context of what transpires. Here are a few links that will give you a taster – by all means you can go to other articles by accessing the header bar. They do go in date order, sometimes with information overlaying previous but that’s rather a lot to wade through if your purpose is just to consider that psychic contact is possible and that the received information is credible.


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