Probability points of focus


A:- All is as is should be and more. When you began this journey you had no idea in your brain consciousness how things would turn out or progress. So it is in this moment of what is to be. All has been splendid including pain why should the future be any different?

R:- I seem to be getting lots of encouragement, do I need it or seek it other wise I would just accept it for what it was, without a question.

A:- Both all and none. Just accept these things are said with love – it’s a way of starting a conversation. Often I have done this if you look at other pen notes. Instead I could say hello, but my way, which is a loving gift of reassurance, is given weather it is needed or not. It is my way of entering your mind space with gentleness.

R:- So many questions but none seem appropriate. I shall try not to interject and instead listen, hopefully without judgment.

A:- lets not confuse discernment with judgment – Let me return to what I started before you interjected. When you started out, you had no idea where you would end up. We have advised against seeing where you would end up (as the highest probability in an information field) However as you access higher elements of yourself or as you are attuned and continue to attune to them- outcomes will be one of the areas you can access more easily. In the past as it were before this moment, if you were to know an outcome (future) and it was for your benefit then a guide would tell or hint what the outcome would be or that your direction was ok. We also spoke about us Andromedans who look at outcomes- to change if necessary the sponsoring thoughts or differing time lines. There are different levels of this. You process your thoughts about your actions pondering upon the outcomes. Yet the outcomes are usually driven by unseen sponsoring thoughts or drivers. Sometimes the outcomes are wished as some form of escape from fear. So with that filter you can begin to see things could get a little cloudy. You may say what is the problem with this if it is an outcome of a positive desire. I would say different levels of desire and different outcomes. HS may see that a tragic event or difficult situation is an outcome of good learning. Thus as you commune with higher selves so will you become more aware of outcomes in the information fields. Future viewing or fortune telling would have been described as this. Much of that would have been guide given to other psychics. However accessing information fields directly is different again.

R:- In doing so if I see a past situation for example a food riot in the street from a couple of hundred years ago, how will that be? For you have been telling me that the past (information field) changes as we change.

A:- Yes that’s slightly different that’s time lines.

R:- I am a long way from understanding this!

A:- Yes. We need to go through time lines- likely hoods and outcomes. We started on this subject once before we can now finish itlines. If you look at a lifetime, nearer to the end of the life, it will appear that there are less and less possibilities. That’s the way that it looks from where you are. Look at the possible timelines ABCD and see that you can move between possibilities and create your own timeline as a flow between and through different timelines. Interesting if you collapse ABCD into one time line (which it already is) lines 4 it will appear as a straight or more regular line with little or no other possibility. Thus future telling or past reading appears to be a straight line or fixed probability. Yet in diagram 1 there are all sorts of possibilities. Please overlay this new information on top of what we described last year as ‘Aspects of time multitude of choices’ (conversations). It showed how you could return to a ‘point of focus’ or the best or necessary way forward. However now you can see there are multiple possibilities of focus or apparent choice. This is shown in two dimensions in the diagram but in essence it has more dimensions.

R:- Presumably length, breadth and height to give volume but dimensions of time.

lines 3A:- Yes and more dimensions than that- for you are looking at probability diagrams and within these you can also go backwards. So does that mean in order to do this you reverse past a previous point of focus (diagram3) or is the timeline in a different ‘time phase’ (diagram 4)  and when these are collapsed what would that look like?lines 5 Ok to really get this you are going to need to keep seeing these possibilities as information fields and probabilities. Some of your scientists talk of alternative multiple versions of this universe in a slightly different way. They think they are more separate rather than interactive. Figure 2 is your way of seeing the world.

R:- The penny has just dropped about what you said several times before. It’s all fluid, its constantly changing information, each probability in each probability line changes by what changes around it.

A:- That’s right- now back to fig 2 – It looks like a straight line. This is your perception of a ‘life time’ and a lifeline. Though the actual lifeline is a series of probabilities in multiple timelines. Looking back it’s easy to see the journey to the apparent present and you think it’s harder to know what is in the future. However information fields exist as entities that are fluid so outcomes can be seen as “probabilities”dots 2Thus all of this is outside of time and in any event time is just a form of perception

R:- Like diagrams 3&4?  A:- In a way.  R:- we keep coming back to the past changing in the flower moment of now (as you described in the Eternal information fields) In this scenario time doesn’t exist as such and it’s the eternal moment of now that contains past and future probabilities and depending upon where we put our focus is where we are at that moment. However our “point of focus has a probability” and that’s what we see as a sequential movement through the probabilities of the information fields?

A:- Yes, however you still haven’t grasped it properly. Imagine the all of now – right now everything 1) is happening, 2) has happened and 3) is about to happen.

R:- An information field of all these things, with either no point of focus, one point of focus on or two or all three.

A:- Good to see it as focus – Now within the space of all this you can walk about. You can be in any moment of it. You can be in any lifetime or lifeline in any moment. However you need to choose or flow with probability, even though the probability can be changed through free will.

R:- Interesting feeling as I enter this vision- its like looking at the ‘history of the future’ as well as the past. So odd this feeling, the history of the future.

A:- All things in all time outside of time.

R:- Where is our reference point?

A:- Do you need one?

R:- Hmm a reference point is a point of focus!

A:- Indeed- our present focus is on all and none, it’s all around us- yet it is us- we are looking at multiple information fields as well as multiple holograms. Similar to your painting of holograms where each dimension overlays each other by the nature of different vibrations in the same space. Because you are multidimensional in the same space you can be either in another lifetime or in another dimension. Just keep seeing it as information fields and holograms.

R:- Such an interesting feeling all this around me- yet as I look at myself my whole body becomes the same. I feel like a shell or oval vessel with all this information and probability inside me. Wow I am an information field and a hologram. It’s like Dr who’s Tardis bigger on the inside than the outside. I am aware of a feeling that everything isn’t easy to compute- how can we know everything about ourselves its like a super massive computer and you cant have every ‘life file’ open on your screen at the same time. Yet I am not lost because its all me its safe but my ‘individual point of focus’ was on ‘all things’ that’s why it didn’t feel easy to compute. So do we have multiple points of focus because an individual point of focus is only that?

A:- Remember the meditation where I showed you how you could walk round in a circle and view yourself where you once were on the circle and interact with that point of focus. Perhaps you can explain that, as it may help anyone reading this.

circle 1R:- We walk a circle or clock face from a start position ‘Robert’ who we will refer to as R1 (say at 00:00hrs). As we move forward we arrive at R2 (03:00hrs). We become aware of our separateness from R1 who is behind us. At R3 (06:00hrs) we can see R2 walking away from R1 and look back and see our self at R1 before any thing happened or split. As R3 we wave to R1 but he does not see us. As we move round to R4 (09:00hrs) we become aware that we will be encountering our-self as we were originally at R1. In addition at R4 we are aware of all aspects of R1, 2&3 and can see them and know their thoughts as they remain in their particular positions or perspectives. We then complete the walk and arrive at R1 but now its 12:00hrs and R1 is still there. We pleased and excited to see our self so we try to explain to R1 what took place but as he has no concept that he can split his points of focus so with out that awareness he cannot hear us. Whilst there we take the opportunity to wave to R3 who is opposite us and who is waving to R1 right beside us. circle 2 3We begin to realise we are the predecessors but we are also not. With such an awareness we know we are R5. (See second diagram). R5 walks around to R2 (though its now 15:00hrs). We can converse with R2 because he has an awareness that he can have separate viewpoints. We are now aware that as we are R6 that a‘future us R5’ can visit R2 in the past but this awareness is only within the scope of the mind of R6, which we realise, we now are. We know we will be letting go of our present self R6 if we walk forwards because we know we will become R7 and will no longer be R6. This gives mixed feelings but we know we don’t wish to reverse the process. We have sadness at leaving R6 and joy as we approach R3 knowing we will be experiencing him for a different experience. We are now R7 we know all the numbered R’s from 1 to 7. We look back to R1 and R5 at 12:00. We can see R5 he is waving to, yet we know he will never see us waving in recognition- because he was waving at R3 who was only waving in hope that R1 would se him.  Because we are R7 he won’t be able to see us yet he can only see R3. We now move round to R4 knowing we will be R8 (21:00hrs). Here we ponder that we will be encountering R1&R5 through the focus of R9 R5 will be more able to interact with us because he has a greater understanding of the situation and we can explain to him the complexities however that will mean we are then R9. I will cut this explanation short as the scenario went round and round with different concepts of going backwards and forwards in time or understandings. Suffice to say multiple viewpoints with different ways of seeing things.

A:- Well all this was a precursor to the connected circles and overlay diagrams I gave you in ‘time for more time’. Multiple focus points in multiple information fields, some known to present consciousness some not known.

R:- How many?

A:- As many as you want, infinite really.

R:- Infinite points of focus in infinite information fields?

A:- Yes

R:- How can I comprehend that?

A:- You can and you cant- and that’s two focus points for a start. It depends on your focus as to what is comprehendible.

R:- Yes that is interesting.

A:- Do you need to comprehend or don’t you- two more points of focus.

R:- Gosh, I am so blind everything I think and know stops me from seeing more clearly.

A:- Yes and no. How many points of focus do you want to have?

R:- That’s a way of focusing as well isn’t it- I mean many of ‘the points of focus’ are the way my subconscious works- they are giving me multiple focus points or points of view. Is it easy, is it hard, will I understand or wont I, is it real or isn’t it. Multiple viewpoints.

A:- Exactly you are all of them.

R:- But if this is my subconscious or unconscious- are they things I still haven’t dealt with?

A:- Well this comes back to openness to information, which is the direction, we are heading you in again. Duality isn’t the same thing as judgment – though judgment can exist in duality which was where most of your past work was – good, bad or good enough etc. Now- this is just perspective in duality that we are talking about. “Is it easy or hard, will I see or wont I see”. To say ‘hard’ brings in ‘easy’ and vice versa. What if its easy and hard but neither. Just perspective in itself. Yes you may be looking or interpreting through that perspective but its all and none. Indeed relative judgment or viewing one thing in relationship to another is either trying to understand it from a different perspective or view point- one view point relative to another view point. Now then – if these are all view points or points of focus- its all just information- your experience is about your particular viewpoint or viewing position. If you can view without the use of relativity or without the need to put information next to something you already know you are less likely to distort that which it is, that you will see.

R:- Yet again you are taking me back to clearing the view or as you say just accepting information and trusting it, in a way the same as trusting implicitly the other 11 aspects of HS. Though I haven’t fully understood time lines.

A:- There are different ways in which time lines work on different dimensions. In essence we are talking about another individual affecting your experience. This could be in a way you had not intended because of their foolishness or power and control. I refer you to the Montauk project and other users of advanced technology with the potential to interfere with times with out knowing it. However on larger planetary lifelines the energetic resonance (information field) will realign itself. It may take a few years for that small rift to energetically heal what was done to the time lines, but it creates a slightly different future but one that will achieve very similar results as before. In other words it may have created a different pathway but it ends up on the same threshold as it would before in order to go through the original intended door.