Multidimensional Soul 6


Antemedi:- Fear not or think not that something will not be so, for fears can inhibit transitions. A positive mindset and a belief in the self will not only ensure success but by that nature success will be inevitable. As said earlier just listen to guidance, ask for help and listen to it, trust in us in fullness for we are permanence and of help. It will always be so. Now to other matters.

The soul and its split or division- you are coping well with the concept that ‘you’ are having other experiences in other bodies and worlds at the same moment. You presently see these as the other 11 part of higher self (HS) albeit in a way slightly detached from you. You think that only from the perspective of HS can the experience of the other 11 be ‘encapsulated’. However you are experiencing them as other aspects of yourself and are talking to them as if they were another person when they are not. That is your experience of them- your experience of HS in its many parts.

Imagine and orange with its various segments. They are all interconnected by fibers till they are broken apart. Yet in each segment there are liquid capsules side by side with the odd seed here and there. Thousands of juice capsules which can be seen as separate which is a matter of perspective. When you look from the outside as an observer you see the whole orange from the outside with its bobbly rind. You know what you are likely to expect when you open up the orange because of your previous experiences. So how does this relate to the soul?

Well everything is joined but its separate when you view the small constituent parts. If you don’t cut or peel the orange there is another way to know it – we can explore it with our minds more fully. We can go inside and explore as you often do with other places. Let us see that each one of the juice capsules contains a person. You can enter the capsule and talk to him/her. Yet their experience is fixed within the capsule despite the fact you as observer are able to move freely inside without damaging the orange. The person in the capsule can rotate or move inside and see that there are five other capsules along side it containing other people with whom they can have limited contact. That is their view of the world- they cant be more than that because that’s their experience within that dimension. The experience within the capsule can only be in relation to the adjacent ones. However this is just one perspective of experience so if the orange has consciousness it can have lots of other experiences in each capsule and of them.

R:- So it’s about shifting my perspective and letting go of my present perspective from the position and experience of being Robert.

A:- Well Robert can also have an experience as Robert mentally and emotionally experiencing other aspects, as those attributes are not constrained within the capsule.

R:- Ok where does this take us?

A:- Everywhere _ we spoke to you before and used the term ‘mind casting’ – casting your energy (mind and heart) into other aspects of your soul self. This is a difficult concept for some people to understand though a few may. However the actual experience of that is even more challenging than just the explanation. Several times you have said “now who is saying what to whom?” and “am I going bonkers, is this what it feels like to have psychosis?” What if I were to say I am an aspect of you and you of me?

R:- That’s fine because I Trust and know you and it matters not what aspect, be you close level soul split, an adjoining part of another HS in the same or another soul group because everyone is ultimately connected.

A:- Yes there is that but I am very closely associated with you but that is for another day! What you are saying is- If I can trust these other voices and images and pictures then its all fine, I just don’t know them by my experience at this level of Robert.

R:- Exactly.

A:- How do you know you cant trust them?

R:- If they say something silly or they feel negative. Perhaps if you said don’t trust them. This is all about doubt because it’s a new perspective and it’s so unusual that it questions sanity.

A:- Ok lets say I said trust all these voices for I know whose they are and who they are not.

R:- I feel assured but there is still doubt that there may be a few that have crept past your vigilance or mine.

A:-That, which is not you, is not you, it cannot masquerade as you if it is someone else.

R:- I guess its also putting either a name or a ‘where the voice is projected from’ so that it doesn’t seen random- as that’s how it presently feels.

A:- Can you not have random conversations?

R:- Yes but most of them are seeing people in the flesh or over the telephone.

A:- How can anyone else get into your head?

R:- Psychic projections.

A:- Would you not have to welcome them in?

R:- Well I’ve seen and interacted with many things when distant viewing.

A:- And all was safe save that you had an experience of being worried.

R:- So it’s all experiential, I must trust all things.

A:- At a higher level it is- yes. I do understand what you mean, what I am saying is you can trust all of yourself.

R:- True but if I were to meet myself at 18 yrs old I would not be as true to love as I could be.

A:- That’s to do with what’s best for you, time lines and circumstances and all being an information field. Any elements of the 11 other parts of you that are lower than your current vibration are kept at bay by the very nature of vibrational fields. So trust all of yourself as it interacts with you, do not shut yourself out.

R:- By ‘all’ what do you mean?

A:- All at your present level and connections to above to the ‘head selves’ of the 11 at HS- which is HS depending on how you view it. In the past conversations you had with your HS you viewed as you Robert – Now the concept is wider.

R:- I see so as I am integrating with HS, I am having to integrate with 11 head selves because that is HS.

A:- Yes

R:- What does this mean in essence?

A:- A different way to experience yourself – do you wish me to expand?

R:- Yes Please.

A:- How can I describe an experience for which you would have no vocabulary to understand- how could a capsule of juice know a segment or even an orange. To do so it would have to experience it.

R:- I will be experiencing it in my mind, heart and energetic fields.

A:- Yes that is who you are after all- not the physical 3d body hologram.

R:- Ok lets give it a try.

A:- We have been trying.

R:- Yes and I have not been fully trusting or welcoming.

A:- And will that make the difference?

R:- Giving it a go in a better mindset after this conversation- are you not convinced?

A:- Don’t you have to be?

R:- Yes but I don’t know – I don’t have the experience yet.

A:- Lets give it a go gradually if you want – remember no fear only love.

Aqueena:- We keep reminding you about the things to be changed in your lifestyle and say that now is the moment. The moment of now is actually NOW. It will change so much in your life. Your view of life will be different. We are here to help. You may doubt but please trust and see how things can change and as they do, which they will; you will see the power of mind and will.

Attanah (M):- Watch ya! How you doing?

R:- Fine thank you

Attanah:-Good not sure what more I can say other than welcome to this part of ourselves. I have deliberately chosen to speak in a very informal current form of speaking so you can perceive differences. Though ultimately higher above there are no differences. Because I used of such a phrase it does not reflect upon my intellect as I can project myself in different ways.

Tellenquee (F):- Tis early summer where you stand amongst the lush and freshness of its bounty burst forth, not yet tired or worn by the rigors of the months ahead. The flush as I would call it such a lovely time – full flush

Tanaley (F):- Welcome you to the all of you, we are able now to help with you very much. To what you desire us to help with. Your ability and thoughts will be expanded to use words expressed before- You are now in full flush are you not, you just have to step into the full sunshine.



A:- Another day starts- this time with a different foot forward. You will begin to see things change around you and you yourself change also. To other matters-

You are coping well not only with the knowledge but the feeling and experience of interconnectedness with the other elements of your 11/HS. One of the things that concerned you was the influx of voices /images so that it became a clatter of discordant interjecting voices. That you have found to be not so. For HS is all these and you and is aware of what you can manage or should I say what he/she can manage. All is in balance – fill your life with the things you desire. Tatey em eh lah.

F:- Hello Robert. I am so pleased to be in your presence to see such light in the face of a world of darkness. There was faltering but no longer. We, that is the other 11 of us are all helping at HS level, to help you as much as you desire us to do so. Asking for help is no weakness- It is asking it from yourself. There will come a stage when the awareness of 11 exists in every moment because you are open to us.

R:- Is that not my fear (wishing extinguishment) of not having that awareness in the moment- not so much to defend myself but to substantiate this with evidence or further information.

F:- That is an aspect- but it depends on the context. Keenness to prove- to have others to agree or accept what you say about these concepts and not to have difficult challenges to them. However if you talk about what you know than that’s what you know. Just be yourself, not anyone else or what others expect or wish from you. Yourself.

R:- Ok

Antemedi:- Moving on again – Things are constantly speeding up and things are changing fast. You have not been focused upon these. The tide is unstoppable.

R:- But I had a recent experience of ego interpreting information.

A:- That was fear of the ego interpreting (which you perceived as a good thing). It is the ego saying what if I am wrong what if it’s a desire to be noticed or pandered to. Thus it’s an element of ego duality- ego fear or ego non-fear.

R:- I thought ego was an essence of being keen in unnecessary desire.

A:- Well because you don’t want to think your ego is out of balance you can have 2 parts – The fear that it is out of balance and thus you check yourself and you limit yourself incase you go to far in non reality. – The other side of that thought is that you do not wish to be constrained by fears so you say “it must be fine its silly doubt otherwise I am not in balance and I don’t want to be ‘not in balance’. So I have to either accept the situation as unbalanced or ignore it because there is no other way of dealing with it”.

R:- You have got that spot on – without the need for me to go into reams and reams of explanations. So how do I untangle this?

A:- Meditation

The filters are:-

look for signs of ego in what you see and hear -This ego needs to be removed. Seeking appreciation for finding fault– This needs to be loved to be noticed which is an external projection of internal egotistical state



A:-Clear hearing and a clear mind- greater clarity. To what end you may think is the purpose of connectivity with the 11 aspects of higher self. Whilst I have tried to give some examples, you will only begin to know this by your actual experience of being at one with them. This can be on an individual basis, a group or all. Let us go to a meeting of yourselves by a campfire.



A:- All is well despite any feeling that things might not be well. Focus upon that which is ahead or the next footstep. Coming to terms with soul division, soul reuniting and soul responsibility. You have heard many of the aspects of your 12-part soul over the last few days. Each a slightly different flavour should we say, in order that you can see its multifold nature. Now then in order to be multidimensional you have to be many things at the same time and many experiences at the same time. Slowly and gradually you are beginning to see these other aspects as you. This is about investment of feeling into knowing but you will be moving forward yet again from what was last said. You are all these other expressions – they are extensions of you.

R:- I hear what you say – for a while it felt like we (the 11) were extensions of each other. For instance -I am an extension or projection of Telenatey. We are all separates joined. Now you are saying from the position of HS projected into Robert all the others are an extension of me. That would be for Robert to take some sort of priority over HS as a viewpoint. In which case so can all the other 11 take that viewpoint! So in this respect I am still an extension.

A:- Yes and that’s the point- that is the subjective experience as you get closer to yourself. You see that- move like you feel that you are the place from where all all exudes, the center of so much. In the past this would have felt like individualism, the sense of ‘I’ but now the ‘I’ is bigger it is many individuals. When you say ‘I’ you can say so on behalf of the feeling of being one of 12.

R;- I will say it aloud then “I am 12 I feel that I am”




R:- A few things have dawned on me the past few days. I can see that it was important for me to get closer to the other 11 individuals of my soul and that that is an evolutionary process of reuniting. However one of the things that’s on the Andromedan radar (as it were) is that you should be understood. For earth terrans to see the differences between the races and the ways you think and act. Of course the fact that you look at a soul as a group of 12 as a primary viewpoint is very different. In some way these two objectives have become entwined.

A:- Glad you are making the connections- We can however see both or one or other depending on what we need or desire to see.

R:- Another point is that several of the names seem like they are Andromedan or that it is the Andromedan level speaking through those elements of Higher self.

A:- Indeed – would it have been more comfortable if they were not? – However return your thoughts to origins, you have had many Andromedan experiences before your period here on earth so other parts of your soul will have and be having Andromedan experiences.