Changing and Evolving

Biosphere lecture 11th July 2016 – many terrans were there in sleep – I couldn’t get the name of the following speaker but he was very commanding and had a lovely feel.

Many things have changed and the average human will not have realised this. Changing patterns, connections and the very subtle vibrational changes in the electromagnetic DNA.Other changes include ‘the opening up’ or the ability to hear and see more. To actually realise there is more, is in itself a jump in thinking that many will still be unable to conceive. In order for our loving wish that humanity moves forward you will need to look closer at the stark differences between different sections of society. In the past many discordant factors have either been acquiesced to or they were unseen. No longer is this the case, people of all sorts are becoming activists in what they believe. Most of what they believe in – is to know and see what is NOT right in society and to fight against injustice. This can be attributed to various governments, troubled policing, big Pharma and corporates to name but a few. So this is all good news to see such challenges being made.

However this does bring with it a feeling, not so much as depression but of angst that nothing seems to change or that things get worse. There is also an element of being ‘more aware of what was always there’ and with the addition of social media this gives further global expanse. Do not loose heart this is the cutting edge of change – where changes need to happen. As more people awaken to the fact that they are manipulated and do not have the freedoms they think they do the totality of mass reactions will become bigger. The trouble is two fold.

  • The resistant forces don’t generally wish to change
  • Where the change is being wished for or desired, the way to change to a better way of being is not often seen

Problems can seem so big or so entrenched that it may feel as if it is not possible to change, as if somehow society in some sections is so broken that it would not be possible to change it. This is not so – this is the feeling of frustration created from the enormity of the realisation on mass and the enormity of the task ahead. It seems as if you have one hand tied behind your backs by red tape, rules, laws and government forces. But we would say look beyond this to the outcome – focus on love with action (not weakness but strength). The more of you that focus on the outcome the better. Consider this: –

( Dysfunction ) – ( The way out ) – ( Outcome )

If you focus on the way out (which is where you presently are) it has attachments to the dysfunction. There are other ways. The following may sound odd to the way some of you think but it will work. You have probably heard of cosmic ordering or positive thinking, well its similar to that in some ways. If you expect to be and you believe you are, then you will be – this is the way. Maybe not straight away but in your hearts it will. The way out will follow the outcome. Otherwise you are pushing forward from dysfunction through the way out and you are acting from the dysfunction to create the way forward. The way out is informed from dysfunction and so will be the outcome.

This is not wishful thinking in the sense that it is foolhardy or daydreaming. It does work. Granted some of you are specifically involved in the day-to-day process of change- the cutting edge of challenge. Be those the police with their problems, the poor, the oppressed, those blighted by drugs, politics, bribery and what seems an endless list of dysfunction. Those that challenge these norms are awake within those areas, they wish for change and do what they can and rightly so. Love and justice be their cause.

However DO NOT forget the power of the heart and mind -I cannot overstate this. Please encourage people to see that another one of the ways forward is that of – the power of thought. Believe that you have powerful minds and that they can influence society. See the results, focus on the result with your hearts and desires and part of you will ‘unplug from the dysfunction’ you will feed it less energy and you will also be less troubled by it. Now that may seem as if you are ignoring it or that you do not care – That is not so. You are not allowing your mind and energy to be destabilized. You will still love those that suffer. But if you are not suffering directly you do not have to suffer to help someone else out.

Indeed some of those that suffer do have open hearts. For example they may have been involved in conflict and they forgive or wish no harm to perpetrators (including police as perpetrators struggling with their inability to deal with societies dysfunction). In this way victims can unplug from personal suffering.To care about change is to love. Help can therefore be given in different ways to break the cycles. Please do not plug into dysfunction, see that you are more than this and that dysfunction is only a current pathway. See that a large proportion of you can be in the love of the end result.

Many Terrans will take issue with what I am about to say. The vocabulary and the use of words is not always as it can be. You do not have the words for some of the things we wish to say. Indeed some of your words that we use are loaded with other meanings. So to those of you that can hear – consider my words, consider in your heart what you see as the way forward, view it from the position as if you are already the outcome and believe it. Evolution not revolution. Revolution is to revolve, to go round and round. So often revolution produces the same thing in different clothing. For revolutions start from the existing dysfunctional base and change is informed by the blindness within that.

Evolution is to evolve a new way of thinking and being – believing and realizing your true nature – believe who you are. In this way you will create your future and you will walk into it.

Let me finish by saying blessings to you all – thank you for listening but of this may I indulge your patience further – Should that I ask for you to explain this concept to one other person, such that they understand it and ask that they do the same- Then my friends you will have evolution not revolution.

Peace and love – may you be who you will, for it is to be.