Biosphere visit

On board I experienced an interactive hologram and one of my andromedan past lives.

Whilst meditating one day I had just finished up on a couple of matters when I am guided by Antemedi down a long corridor which seemed to be a portal of some kind.

We came out in a very expansive lobby with a meeting desk on the left a series of doors behind it. Ahead was a magnificent garden quite bright and I could hear the sound of a waterfall. To our right was a much larger darker room and two men who emanated lovely calm energy.

Antemedi spoke to them but I did not understand what was initially said. We were then ushered into a multi function room (I say that because I returned there several times over the next few months to take part in some lectures of mutual understanding)

We sat down on some very comfortable chairs the legs sweeping round to form arm rests. Antemedi sat to my left with the men standing in front. A hologram was activated in front of me that gradually engulfed me so that I was within it and experiencing it. I was however aware that my left hand was being held by Antemedi. The view became clearer and clearer I knew I was re- experiencing some thing from my past as it felt very familiar. The vegetation was different and so was the sky but very earth like. There were some buildings with flat roofs joined together in some form of geometric terrace. I walked to one of the buildings and up some steps to the first floor as I seemed to know my way. I entered a room and looked out of a window at a courtyard – it felt like a view I had seen many times before a place where I had pondered on my thoughts. There were some children playing in the courtyard and all was peaceful.

There was a series of loud thuds and the building shook several times. I ran down the steps and could see and hear people screaming. In the court yard I looked up and saw smoke coming from some of the buildings and what looked like some crafts that were landing behind them. Next absolute pandemonium broke out there were huge reptile like creatures that were leaping about able to move quickly because of their size. I remember one leaping off a building and I was transfixed by the shock of what was happening. The creature headed straight for me I was terrified and the next thing I saw was the swipe of his forearm and I had been killed.

The hologram was off – I stood up and threw up I felt awful violated and shocked. I heard one of the men say “I thought it would be too much for him”

I was escorted out of the room and back into the lobby, then out to the garden, which wasn’t a garden but a large parkland. We stood at a balcony and I could see there were several heights to the building but that it was possible to see other dimensions in the same space.  We sat down and I was given a drink of some kind this helped ground and settle me so I apologised for my reaction.

Antemedi explained that I had re-experienced the memory of one of my past lives. I had been back to some before but boy oh boy nothing like this.

He said it was important to release as much if not all-past trauma and this shock had been held on to. I knew release of negative energy was a good thing based on encounters with previous past life experiences.

It also dawned on me this was an off earth experience from a very long time ago. “ Have you never wondered about my name said Antemedi?”

“But you have been with me for 6 years prior to this and you’re now telling me you’re Andromedan?”

“Every single soul has had many experiences on different planets. Human lineage is quite complicated. Earth humans are known as Terrans – amongst other things. Your DNA is a mixture of several humanoid species and the blue eye blonds being Pleiadian. Earth occupation was not so much an experiment but an intention to maximise the attributes of many. There is a big story to tell about the fall of mankind going from 12 strands of DNA to 2 its entrapment within the Karmic wheel of repetition. How it was energetically isolated so that its very negative energy could not affect other parts of the Milky Way. In that way its energy and karma remained with it. Now the time has come with the right circumstances that mean you can all break free from the self perpetuating negativity repetition”


So as you can imagine in the months following this there were some very deep and meaning full conversations about our history that was either forgotten over thousands of years or hidden for good reason.