Arksar as a light body


Arsar profile 600dpi

AR: – Like those on your planet we have differences in facial and body structure. What I have shown around my head you may interpret as a veil but we call this ‘ehsay’. How we look also depends also upon the levels we resonate to and those upon which we are having an experience. The ehsay is energetic and it takes in energetic vibrations, which in turn nurture the vibrational body. The more you look at me from different positions and projections the better.

There was a time when none of this mattered but it does now. It mattered not what was thought about ‘aliens’ as if we were some sort of ‘phenomena’ and left as that thought. Now what we say and think is important to your collective consciousness. Many of us take responsibility in what we say. You know Antemedi has been diligent in what he has said and you can perceive the differences. There has always been the problem of credibility for those that communicate with us and that still remains. There needs to be certain degrees of skepticism for example some ‘black opps’ within your world have the technology to create holographic anomalies. Pictures and videos can be fabricated so thus many are wise to be cautious and many don’t know what to believe. In such cases where distortion, manipulation and egos abound one would be wise to be careful. Those that wish to believe or are desperate for proof may take most anything to be the purveyor of that. Those of ‘outright disbelief’ will pull things apart and superimpose other possibilities for alternative material or phenomena. In our world we have no manipulation, we say and be as is. Your world is based upon the opposite foundation – I do not say that you are all corrupt but see how in addition duality affects interpretation- (like I have said above desires to believe or not believe by way of example). If you had wished you could have just kept to the Andromedan explanations but you would not have met other alien types and seen other differences.

Many of us ‘Akuri’ live within realms of light. On your world you can see strings of energies, portals and connections. On much higher dimensions these can take an ‘apparent form’ like our ‘ehsay’ which is energetic.

R: – Tell me more of your life.

AR: – That is very difficult to explain because we are so different to you in your form. I have shown soul connections and great similarities at those levels, however at the level of manifestation and expression we are very different. Technology can be shared between manifesting souls providing they are vibrating at a sufficient level. You find it hard to believe that so many different races can create so many different types of technology and that so many understand space travel. Yet look at what you have achieved in the last 100years but we have had millions. Admittedly some of your technology has been given or shared with you but the universe is far more advanced than you can imagine. So have no doubts as to our advancement. With that said and the misconceptions that you have I shall try to show you some of our differences.

R: – Arksar opens his palms to show white silver light portals. The light does not come from him it seems to come out of the fabric of the air/space. Different to the energy and vortex’s seen in chakras and sub-chakras. He puts both hands either side of my head but not touching. As I look around myself I can see threads or branches coming from my head as if he is helping me to feel like he does. Often I have pins and needles and energies on my head but to see energy in this way is very interesting.

AR: – This is a change in perception. Previously when you have breathed in energy through your crown you have seen it as light coming from ‘way above you’ through portals reaching too higher dimensions as if the vortexes or threads must reach upwards. Well that is not so. All dimensions are in the same place (apart from a few lower ones for good reason). So see yourself as like me- see that you can draw energy from the same space as yourself – in you and around you. Though in any event all is interconnected.

R: – Thanks I’ve not seen it that way before because we use the words ‘higher dimensions’ and the world’s collective consciousness sees it as ‘up there’ much like the G word.

AR: – People will also look for what they expect to find. Old paintings of head auras look like some radial head adornment with straight lines of energy. You are now seeing this differently. Yet you are not seeing all the connections to other dimensions even though you have all the portals around you. Furthermore not all portals are open to the highest levels. Portals are not just above your head. Literally you can have them anywhere and everywhere depending on what you need. They also exist within your body for its function. I hope you are finally beginning to feel the fact that you are multidimensional.

R: -Thank you it makes so much more sense than what I had before.

AR: – Let me proceed with more – You can understand me more by feeling me.

R: – Next I see a large vortex form in the middle of his body, and then it collapses quickly.

AR: – Would you like to walk into me to ascertain more by feeling it? I am happy to share my energies with you for the purpose of education.

R: – Thank you- It takes several attempts till I experience a ‘gushing’ like a massive portal just below my physical heart. Then the whole body becomes a complete torus of energy. Then I see and feel the ribbons of information that he explained as ehsay. These develop so that they appear all over and the main torus in the middle of my body becomes many with exit points at the sides as well as up and down, till there are so many torus’s it all appears as fluid energy.

AR: – Till ultimately you are light – though again there are different levels of light further and further within the same space. So as you can see we are also light beings of pure light, there are levels with no form or shape. For the experience of form and shape is not necessary for any purpose other than form or shape. We have imagery and connected consciousness in such a way that you could not comprehend. I explained to you before you would experience some of the higher levels as ‘bliss’ but they are much more than that.

So we have evolved to, or shall I say returned or always been ‘non local’ and being ‘all’ – We experience and live as not only co-creators but also more than you can conceive. It is like a collective mind of unlimited potential. We know we are limitless and reside in that. Quite what ‘we do’ or ‘experience’ you will find hard to fathom. We also still have extensions into some of the ‘realms of form’ where you perceive me.

R: – So in effect you are saying this is us?

AR: – All is not only interconnected as the ‘us of the all’ but every individuation can experience to the level at which they vibrate. How can you conceive of limitlessness when you view it from limitation? You view also from ‘individuation’ and see our all from that. Try and imagine you know everything that we do then you will have context in the experience of ‘all of us’. You will have released your grip on your experiences and your expressions as Robert or indeed anything else you experienced. You wont exist as what you were. You will have new memories (whilst nothing is lost). The new you will be so expansive it will be all these things I have described and you will experience it as being YOU!

R: – Many have talk of this but to have a sense and feeling of it – wow! For it will be the same for everyone.

AR: Yes- however do not think of them as everyone, think of them as you.

R: – They will have shed connection to who they were as an experience.

AR: – We will all have at those levels. So you will have all of what I described and you will be filled with love and creativity. You will have such pleasure in creating that, which pleases you, if that involves creating individuation so be it.

R: – So we come back and we return to lower dimensions?
AR: – That’s to see yourself as you the current you. But that will not be so at those levels. Creation can be different there is not the need for individuation in the same way or at all. At these levels connections at the same level of soul group can occur.

R: – So there will still be density forms

AR: – If they are wished for- however density or physicality can have greater connections to the all and to know the all. In much the same way as some of the Andromedans have explained about the awareness they have whilst individuated.

R: – But an individuation cant know fully the ‘all’ because it will have individuated.

AR: – Yes that is a choice one can make however there can be many forms of heightened awareness so that one may experience it as if on the cusp- of being the individuation with out definition whilst part of the all.

R: – Like a lava lamp?

AR: – No – whatever level or dimensional incarnation it is has no relevance other than it is your choice. You are viewing my explanations through your current incarnation experience of pain, fear and duality – that does not have to be so.