Arksar- Space travel – the flux and information fields


AR: – A time for all things and for all things there is time. That which is not a thing cannot have time. We recently talked of concepts in the mind and how to perceive the worlds around you inter-dimensionally and spiritually. All things fit together however one particular concept may be useful for one discipline but inappropriate for another. Though that said it could take you towards another one. For if you cross a stream you may only need to get one-foot wet but once across it will dry and the way forward will not be informed by water. (note the words in these brackets are a subsequent addition – if you struggle with the terms or concepts you might like to look at previous conversations ‘colombye all thats the universe’ ‘the eternal information fields’ ‘Avian humanoid’ but the cumulation of concepts is in ‘Arksar the shape of things’)

R: – Yes that makes sense metaphors and concepts are not the full understanding for they are the unfolding and should not be held onto as that which encapsulates.

AR: – Good because I am going to move the chairs around again! That which is – is not and vice versa. You have been shown the concept of flux – the ‘on off’ the vibration and the harmony – ‘here’ and ‘not here’. You were able to shift your ideas from ‘ where is it if it is not here’ – to ‘just not’. You saw this part of the flux as a blank space and indeed all the metaphorical diagrams showed that. What I would like to do is revisit the ‘just not’.

R: – That’s a very interesting point you make because I am an observer at this point- how can I observe that which isn’t because I am an ‘is’ That which isn’t wouldn’t have consciousness in any event- so when I conceive this flux – I see a flash and then darkness so darkness is just a concept?

AR: – Good but what if the ‘is not’ actually ‘Is’.

R: – You mean its something.

AR: – Well that depends on the definition of a thing, but I take your point. The ‘is not’ – ‘is’. Literally the isn’t – is – you have conceptualised all this as a series of flashes.

R: – Boy oh boy – that unfolded over several months to show a concept. Are you now saying that the concept doesn’t fit and it is only the path to the next concept so it is to be disregarded!

AR: – Not quite but let me unfold the information. To say that the ‘is not’ – ‘now is’ means I must be referring to it as a something. Metaphorically if you likened the flashes of light to a light-bulb then the ‘is not’ or ‘off’ is a bulb with no energy. Of course it’s not a light-bulb and I am trying to show that the ‘off’ still contains information but it is unlit – information that appears not to be within or of the holographic matrix of the flash. Information field energy with or without pulse energy on and off. The energy or pulse being the fulfillment of the information or potential information expression. It was difficult for you to understand what was being said before without adding in this current information. None of these explanations are by chance.

R: – Ok I can go with that, I see the metaphors and it makes sense- it can fit in with what was said before.

AR: – Yet you are reluctant to disregard the previous concepts.

R: – Yes because they make sense and a lot of time was put into them.

AR: – This is a problem with you as a race – concepts are built up to form a frame work, then you try to fit things into that frame work! The framework for the next level overlay will work in a different way. It doesn’t mean the previous wasn’t valid – concepts can sit outside one another and alongside or within without affecting the actual concepts.

R: – I don’t understand but hope to, you are using concepts to explain concepts.

AR: – Well put_ you are trying to conceive what has already been conceived, what actually is – you are trying to understand with present concepts. We said before to have new concepts you need to unplug from what you know and plug into the ‘isness’. Letting go of what you know has been a resistance.


AR: – Let us put aside all that has been said and have a clean blackboard.

R: – I can see a cosmos on the black board.

AK: – Right let me draw a line from one planet to another

As you can see it is not a straight line but it is the quickest. It doesn’t require maneuver nor excessive consciousness and attention. The very act of focusing on something imbues a perception of time or travel. If you were traveling while asleep you would have no perception of time in your sleeping body. Where time exists it can run at different apparent speeds. Perception also interferes with apparent speed. In the next diagram I have shown another line, which appears to be a greater distance than the first line, but this is merely your perception.



R: – Whoa! That’s what I see

AR: – What you see is based upon what you conceive and then perceive.

R: – So if line 2 was three million miles and line 1 was 2 million miles they are the same?

AR: – That’s a method of measurement that is not what I am trying to explain. I am trying to get you to see perception in a different way. I talked to you about concepts – conceiving in the mind. I can see you pondering as to how this can be so. Well firstly there has to be distance between the objects and secondly time to be involved if there is travel. Some of your scientists try to explain space travel by using a piece of paper to show their concept. They say a point on either side of the paper has a certain distance but if you fold the paper so the two points touch then there is no distance to travel. Thus they postulate about bending the fabric of space. Well it’s not like that – what I am about to say is different; furthermore it also depends on the dimension you are on. So throw that concept away in order to see a different one.

It is possible to move from one dimension to another. To enter dimension B from A and it take no time to move within and leave dimension B to re-enter A in a very different place. In that way regardless of the actual distance the time to travel can appear to be very similar (as my second diagram above).

R: – So that would have to be fairly instantaneous apart from the preparation processes at either end- but you would still have to travel!

AR: – Not in the way you think – if you travel through no time you will be there at the same time and as all is connected and all is in the same space- remember bubbles within bubbles.

R: – Sorry still can’t see it.

AR: – Do not say can’t – that’s your basis of conception just be open. It takes no time for the words between us to travel back and forth- the perception of time is taken in you deciphering the information received or in responding to it. In other words at either end of the travel. You have little problem accepting this as you see it as energy that is connected being of the one and all. Your problem is that you still tend to see all matter as solid and not as a hologram. Matter consists of considerable amounts of energy. You accept that your mind can pass through matter and that x-rays or other beams can pass through solid objects, which is to do with frequency. However to your mind – matter can’t pass through matter unless it has already done so.

R: – Pardon!!!

AR: – Yes that’s because you have time in the equation. Yesterday I spoke again about the ‘off and the on’ information fields. Imagine passing through the ‘off ‘ section- to you this would be just like moving through information.

R: – But these pulses you talk of are incredibly small and fast.

AR: – Don’t think of size just think of fast. To do such things- just means you move into the unlit information field. You enter the off section of information then you exit the information where you desire and go to the light or ignited flash side. You are there in an instant.

R: – So when a spaceship enters the unlit information is it still lit up?

AR: – No – it is information anyway everything is information.

R: – So how does information find the right information of the exit point?

AR: – This happens in the preparation period but remember information is all connected and it thus appears to happen in an instant.

R: – What about reappearing in an area of information that is solid

AR: – That wouldn’t be good. But the information seeks an area of information that does not contain that. In any event as was said by Antemedi a few months ago- the entered environment can be changed rather than displaced.

R: – So what is this information of the craft and its occupants when it seeks another exit.

AR: – Intelligent but it takes no time at all to do it. It is in some ways similar to the creation of time lines that I explained before. How they ‘coalesce’ with everyone’s desires and the complex interactions of free will.

R: – That’s incredible.

AR: – Not when you know how and have the technology.