Observing the observer


Arksar: -You made a grand offer in one of your posts yesterday to help others connect to their origins or deeper levels. So were you fool hardy taking such a jump or were you loving and giving – were you seeking to expand your repertoire of channeling or were you expectant of gratitude or dismissal? You can find all sorts of rationale in any event if you wish for it. These are prefixes to an action, why cant it just be an action?

R: – I take your point- it seems to me that way back in my experiences I may have just acted or reacted to stimuli without much thought let alone discernment. Then there was a growing self awareness that makes one question oneself – Now you are saying this has to be disregarded even though there can be many reasons for an action.

AR: – That’s to look for many reasons including judgment, by way of good or bad reasons.

R: – That just feels like it’s the way it’s always been, so giving up that definition or awareness seems a backward step.

AR: – To you it may seem so. However it does slow up the mind processor, analyzing why and looking for betterment. To find betterment you have to have criticism.

R: – Well can’t we have betterment alongside observation without judgment?

AR: – It is possible but you do not do that. You do not see yourself as equal to me or other aspects of your higher soul self.

R: – Accepted, but when I do something or say something there will be a reason for it. It doesn’t just happen.

AR: – Can you not just do that through the heart. Let the heart be the sponsor for what you say and do. It does not mean the mind is not connected. It just means decisions as you see them do then not include the mind. Perhaps you see the mind as more than it is. The heart is the centre of the soul, it has great wisdom, knowledge and love, and it can achieve many great things. It uses the mind as a ‘program’- You think you think but you are ‘observing the thoughts’ you are observing the program. You are blind to who you are – all that you think is part of a program. You are the creator, the experiencer of your observation whilst you are in a body.

R: – Wow – what a way to explain it- I am lost in the program and the information of my own mind. Its Just a bloody program and I believe I am the information that’s presented. It would be similar to me believing I was the actor in a television play that I was watching. The mind is just another energy in all places of the body, not just the brain.

AR: The brain has many functions as well as being a processor and body regulator; it is not the seat of the mind. The seat of the mind is from within the heart and soul where it formed, changed and can be managed.

R: – Good grief! I feel so different. I feel like a real observer for a change – the outcomes are of less relevance because they are just part of a program, the program of me and everyone else. The power is in the heart and not the mind.

AR: – In both, one is an extension of the other so it could be said they are one and the same.

R: – I just seem to be more aware that I am living and experiencing information. It’s as if experiencing life the old way doesn’t have to be so. This is so liberating- yet I somehow know its temporary and the old way will flood in as soon as I stop talking with you.

AR: – Does that have to be so?

R: – Well there can be strong stimuli and emotions that effect the body chemicals.

AR: – And this is all based in the fact that you believe it is not possible to sustain this way of being. See how differently you think to the many of us. Yet again you are thinking and believing that you are what you think. In many ways that is true you are what you think but its what you think (that the lowly thoughts you currently believe) which keeps you where you are. This is not freethinking. Freethinking comes from the heart not from the minds program.

R: – Then the program can be changed!

AR: – That’s what I am trying to help you with.

R: – Wow I am so blind- I am dumbfounded. Where will this lead to?

AR: – Where ever you wish – unbounded possibility exists within the heart.

R: – I can’t seem to take it in.

AR: – Your processing mind can change to take it in. If you think and be and act from the heart the rest will follow.

R: – In previous times as maybe but this just feels so different it’s as if I am not me.

AR: – In love you are not only equal to all but you are all and connected to it as am I

R: – I notice moments of trying to process this, of pondering, of prefixes- it’s as if the old way tries to creep back in. Some how I know it will.

AR: – If you allow it or wish it, it is your choice.

R: – But I am so used to….. (I was about to say – thinking like this but that’s thinking about the thinking so it’s all tied to the current program). So how to be in the love of the heart, how can that show me to either exist in it as much as possible or all the time. But that then is not the human experience.

AR: – Yes and no – you are talking of the ‘human condition’ as it presently is. The human experience can be what your heart desires.

R: – In my head it feels like flipping switches, flip flopping between the two ways of being.

AR: – Can you not be both?

R: – I thought the idea was to move away from all the judgment and live more in love.

AR: – Yes but its also about the reprograming of your mind and subconscious programs (which are also mind and emotion combined). In this way you can live in harmony with both. Then the mind program will reflect more the heart and be a reflection, extension of it.

R: – So not just the observer living in my mind & body.

AR: – That is one of your issues – It’s about your definition of observer. You see it as ‘just observing’ as if removed from the rest of you, as if it has no responsibility. It is some form of escape from what you had previously experienced. As if to be the observer is the ultimate goal or way to live when it is not. Remember the heart is wisdom love and the desire to experience, not just observing as some removed function.

R: – Interesting the flip-flopping has stopped. I am of course all these things.

AR: – In deed you are – I say again you are all the things that you are and you are all things. Because you are unplugging from a previous program it will take a little settling down. Don’t see fault or problem see it as experience.

R: – Gosh different thoughts and insights are flooding in about various experiences over the past few weeks and how I reacted instead of acting – acting through or letting the heart choose allowing the observer part of me to do so without judgment of me and allowing a different outcome. Being more able to listen to it in the moment.

AR: – Precisely seek what the heart has to say in its deepest wisdom and desire; it has the answers for all your deliberations because it created them in the first place. Who to be will be what you will be. Live within the love of yourself.

R: – Thank you.

AR: – You are welcome my beloved friend.