Reeteena – changing energetic subprograms


Reeteena 3Hello Robert my name is Reteena I’m wearing what is known as a transference suit it monitors many functions – I will explain.

I came to see you the other evening but you were unaware of my presence I shall be in to see you several times tonight. Arksar has asked me to help you with some deeper levels of self-forgiveness. I shall be asking you to wear this suit that I am showing you. It is in part energetic and will correspond with your energetic levels. I used the word transference and to you this implied some sort of transfer to a ship or biosphere. Well part of you is there anyway so that’s not the point of it – it is an energetic transference suit. It shows up more clearly where energetic changes are necessary and what is happening to you. It’s a bit like the fibers of the suit can ignite or show energy on the outer edges. If you could imagine the ends of optic fibers being made soft these would form the outside of the suit. In this way we can pinpoint energies more easily. It also works in a holographic way as well so we can see inside you to the actual positions of these energies. The suit can also project out the energies in a holographic picture to give great detail. We can have the suit tuned to specific energies rather than all your energies so we can tune it to what we need. The hologram can be projected both inside your physical body and into the surrounding aura as well. We can then see energies either in your body or your aura. In this way we can help with any energetic level. What will we be doing with your energies I hear you wonder? Well this is a time for a ‘tighter attunement’ you will be more assured within such a vibrating energy. The suit works on many levels one of which enables the totality of energies become more harmonious with higher vibrations.

R: – It feels like a micro fiber clean cloth that we use, very soft: how long do I have it on for?

RT: – Only for a short while when you lay on your bed -See it also as an energetic program that we are placing around you. It works on several levels- the suit form in an engineering sense; we will be using it for your energy and enhancement. However it also creates a program in and around your aura. So when it’s taken off its energies remain. But it’s more a question of moving beyond “oh my energies have been changed” see the energies as a program – a kind of matrix program of higher vibration.

R: – That makes sense I can understand that.

RT: -Whilst we do this we will be explaining what we are doing and why. Some maybe painful.

R: – I would have thought you were so advanced that you could stop the pain receptors from firing.

RT: – Yes we can do things like that however we do not do that just to work with the specific energies of programs at the level they are at.

R: – I can’t understand that logic.

RT: -Well if you eat a cold ice cream you will have all your tongue receptors firing off messages –these will include taste as well as mild pain from the cold. It is a very light pain in that instance and you do not even see or feel the pain. It is a receptor sensing hot or cold. Now then if you were to put something much colder in your mouth it would feel more painful and it could do damage. In the same way if you drank boiling coffee it would hurt and damage your mouth.

R: – So these energies that are changing my programs fire off different receptors within me.

RT: Yes you could feel mild pain anywhere inside your body for example

R: – So why does it have to hurt?

RT: – It is your receptors that fire off because of the programming although they are a part in the program, which is being changed

R: – Why do the receptors have to tell me its more pain than it is?

RT: – Resistance to change. A program is a mental and or mental/emotional thought form or wisdom, subconscious way of being. You have programs in all your different levels – it is you and your consciousness. You have struggled mentally and emotionally with some of the concepts that Arksar has brought to you. It has given you a mental strife – some thoughts you have resisted and at times you have felt frustration and upset even mild anger. So a ‘self aware program’ which is also a part of who you are-as well as the isness and the life soul self will be in part struggling against those energetic changes.

R: – That is logical – I realise I could sense this as some kind of assault on me because the program is being changed then I am being changed, some parts removed or deleted. A bit like a protection program existing to protect the main program and the ‘protection program’.

RT: -That’s exactly correct – what we can’t do is to sedate you otherwise we sedate the program that works in your physical dimension. It’s you fighting back against the changes in your program. You have already chosen to do this – you are aware of some of your existing ways of thinking that are not helpful to your way of being.

R: – Yes I recognise them

RT: – You have dealt with these at an enlightenment level with Arksar but they still part exist within your program – you have agreed it is now time to remove them.

R: – Thank you that is a good explanation

RT: – Try not to worry about it and let it happen- some changes are in the auric program – the you and your mind inside and outside your 3d body. It is the stresses in that area that trigger the receptors in the physical.

R: – If the receptors are triggered why can’t you stop my brain from feeling them

RT: – Relatively it’s very very mild so its not necessary – but to interfere turning off pain points (as you see it) in your brain requires us to alter things which is not a good idea because they have to be altered back again.

R: – Okay I trust and understand – is there any more to say? You know I am already thinking, “I wonder what this new program will be like”- even though Arksar has already talked to me about how I prejudge the usefulness of something and what it will be for.

RT: – Thus you have seen the need for some changes in your program. That is why you shall be conscious; in this way you will understand what the new programming is and what the new ways of thinking are.

R: – Thank you

RT: – You’re very welcome you will be well looked after