Multidimensional Soul 4


A female was introduced to me but no name was given, though a strong sense of familiarity I will refer to her as F

(F):- Time waits for no man but the trouble is man waits for time.

When are the circumstances right- what will be the reaction- when is the right time?

The right time is now – not procrastination, all that does is delay things and make it harder in the long run. That’s what you are doing, the right time is now! You feel there is a bit of a lull in your work, as if having other distractions will stop you from procrastinating- But they wont – that is a distraction. Then of course lack of ‘interest’ leaves the feeling ‘what’s the point’ and that completes the circle when you seek distraction stimulation. You have struggled with all these aspects for a very long time- it can affect your health but it is stopping you from achieving.

There is much to achieve in your life and as said last night, you have no real concept of your power- your ability and your impact and influence. Would that you should see these outcomes- would it drive you forward, possibly- But some times that’s not necessary nor do we wish to show you the actual impact as you might alter your current actions. See no guilt around what you do- that stops you channeling as well. We see it all and understand. Yet you wish to reject us because you feel a fleck of shame and with that you seek to distract your self from it and seek diversion and so it goes round again.

All these circles can be broken just like the click of a finger if you want – you have the power and the ability. You really do.

It’s a question of a mind set- if you see the power of your mind and heart you will see that its easily possible. You have let yourself believe these things are hard when they are not. In the moment of distraction say ‘it is only a feeling’ and ‘I am in charge’ Its not a pain it doesn’t have to be fixed. You don’t need it – you are better off without – better off missing out with all that that entails. We are here to help, just ask in those moments and we will help. That is what we are here for. You will be surprised at how easy it is- its just a matter of a changed mind set – not only can you do it but you have.

This new you will not only have more energy but better connections and thought processing. You will begin to believe in yourself and the synchronicity of all. See the connectedness and see you are a part of ‘all is’- as-‘is to be’. Any questions?

R:- No its just seeing it from the other side of the fence

F:- And what difference should that make. Because it is to be, you doubt it! You wonder what your life will then be and how you will fill it.

Motivation has been a little lacking for many reasons stated above- The oh why bother what’s the point- I cant see an impact or a reason. But motivation will not only return – for the connectivity will be so great you will be energized to be and do.

R:- So it’s just be, just do and see this is me

F:- Indeed- remember what I have told you- That it’s easy if you view it in such a way- there are many of us tasked with helping you. We are here do not doubt that.

R:- Are you the lady from last night?

F:-In part

R:- Rather cryptic

F:- Difficult to explain- let me go over some of what was said. When you were a child we withdrew when we could not be of help- your world is so dark that it filled you with fears. There was a chance that you might not be afraid – but in part it was known- but we made a pact together to try. Yes your life would have been different- in some ways easier but not in others. You are however on track now.

R:- What do you mean in part?

F:- Well I speak for several of those who have good wishes for you.

R:- Ok

F:- Its not that simple- we hear your thoughts and feelings- we see where you are at and we send much love and energy, which you pushed to one side. Now you will not and you will not doubt. The synchronicity remember!

Cast your mind to a long time ago. To what seemed like dreams- to things hidden deep down. Things you have forgotten

R:- How will I know they are my old memories

F:- You will


Aqueena her name rings out loudly

AQ:- Between lives you are also aware of your previous and future holograms and of us in our incarnations. The memories of ‘us” included you within that- these will begin to flow. You have had several incarnations on earth but that doesn’t have to continue as you have rectified much of the Karma created therein. You see when you talk ‘in-depth’ in commune – you do not sense your body needs in the same way.

So look to us in those moments- Know your strength and ours. There is much to remember that we shall help with and much that we would like you to remember so that bonds grow stronger – you grow stronger and your energy expands and grows also- this is the next phase

Keep to the course. I shall bug you with “remember what has been said today”- let us remember other things together.