No Difference


Different is as different does, so what is so different about different? A change could be different but how much of a change or a variation is a difference. When we move towards the extremes of change we could say its substantially different but that isn’t necessarily so. For if the difference is in duality we could look at the series of movements from happy to unhappy with some sort of mild equilibrium in the middle. But are these differences or just degrees of happiness?

In which case they are variations of happiness and not real differences. To take the point further happiness is an experiential state of being but it doesn’t inherently change the individual. The outward or inward projection may be different but that’s not a change in the individual- it’s the chosen or apparently un-chosen experience or expression. The individual is still the same person and we see them through the state of any particular experience.

In which case we could postulate there is no change. The individual is intact. The shadow self may also give altered expressions so that we all appear different in our demeanour or thought process but again these are expressions of the self from the multitude of possibilities.

In which case there is no difference between any of us in terms of our potential and energetic make up, only the inward and outwardd expression. We are all from the same source on an energetic level and at that level we are all the same. We are however “all one” and the same having a different experience and that is only the difference between us.