Entering the isness with Antemedi


Arksar (AR): – A new week begins with anticipation and expectation for life to be enjoyed and fulfilled as an experience. Where will you be going I hear you think? In a way there is nothing wrong with that except that I had previously explained that expectations create boundaries. Yet without the desire to sit and hear my words you will not be hearing them. So do not get confused between the desire to be open to conversations and expectation. When you came into my field of vision you were a little blurred around the edges. You are clearer now that we have removed some misconceptions. I should like to return you to the competent hands of Antemedi. I shall be in the background if required. I have enjoyed my time with you it has been a challenge but well within my capabilities and yours.

R: – I thank you very much- your insight had great depth and you were very patient with me. You have opened my eyes to completely different concepts.

AR: – Then I have done what should have done and we will talk again at some stage soon. Remember that Antemedi has great depths and knows what is best for you – that’s why he brings others onto your path to give you new experiences and ways of looking at things. You are in good hands goodbye for now.

Antemedi (A): – Glad to be back leading from the front.

R: – Pleased you are.

A: – I would like to make things a little more dynamic. I am going to follow on from where Arksar left off but go at the next subject matter in 2 routes. If needed I have third. Over the next few days you may have no idea of the direction we are heading but you are used to all that by now. Arksar said, “there was a time when all this mattered but it doesn’t now”- that pushed on to ideas about definitions being constraints. That the concept of something should not be important to you even the concept of yourself. He helped you to go beyond such viewpoints and in to grater depths of the isness. This is where I shall begin.

As I show you this place you will interpret it in your way. As we look around in the isness the space seems vast – yet you are aware of vibrations and harmonies. You can sense those that are closer and sense those that feel further away as if the ones that are further away have a faster vibration. It gives you an appearance of distance – yet there is no distance there cannot be in here. Your mind as a construct sees distance or separation it cannot compute nor deal with this information in any other way. As I show you this object in my hand it feels as if I’m holding something that comes from a great distance away.

R: – Yes that’s a weird feeling combined with the sight of it in your hand-yet it looks like it did earlier in the distance. There is a huge amount of information in it; it could be a cosmos or a star system full of information.

A: – Indeed for you were told the information does not take up space.

R: – So the information exists outside of space because space contains distance.

A: – In that way of thinking yes however I am trying to show you the greater depths of the isness. To you apparent experiences of information appear very complex and some less so. That which is complex you have positioned further away from you in this place. As if something complex has to be seen from a distance in order to see its fullness. The alternative would be for you to see only a small section if you were close to it. In a way you can make it as big or as small as you want in order to fit into your concepts of reality. Whereas it can be any of these or none – it’s all in the same place

R: – Not space which is volume

A: -Yes place – but what is this place isness? Does it not have space? Consider for a moment that it does that you can be anywhere in that space or anyplace in that space whenever you want – in an instant. So you will travel so fast that distance is irrelevant or that no distance exists. If no distance exists then there is no space. So a place of isness that contains all things.

R: – So the isness is just information about everything but just in a place and I should not think about how big or small the place is but just know it is a place.

A: – Good strides forward- saying it is one thing but believing it is a different matter. What if ‘the place’ was a part of everything and the everything was the folding and unfolding of the universe.

R: – Pandora’s box comes to mind, which is what you are showing me

A: – Good – look inside the box which contains all information however you have to be a ‘certain way’ to be able to interact with it. If you see yourself as information then you are the isness. In that way you will not have form because there is no space in which to have it.

R: – So are you saying the isness is stretched out through the other dimensions. That all information just is and it contains no space even though it may appear to be in ‘space’.

A: – Not quite let me continue. Track back to the idea of you being information – it doesn’t matter where you are because there is nowhere to be – no space no distance. All is information and you can view any piece of information that you wish. So let us both go into Pandora’s box, into the information as if we are information and leave our concepts of bodies (of space) outside though we may be ‘bodies of information’.



A: – Imagine yourself to be digital information and nothing more. Like the Internet you can be anywhere and accessed at any time from any point. In this way you are isness. You have no form yet you can still know yourself and all those around you. It could be said you are a concept but it would have to be a variable concept. I can see that you are struggling with this but please continue. You are still you even though you are the isness. You are the information that exists everywhere but you are not part of space as such. You are in the place of isness.

Let us try another way – nothing matters in here it just is. How can someone who believes that things matter integrate into a place where matter does not matter. You feel you have little relevance here you’re not sure how to relate to it. Relate and relevance are not only concepts but of themselves they can become boundaries and no boundaries exist in the isness.

To have moments of stillness in a meditation where one experiences bliss is ‘being at one’ feeling the outer edges of the isness and one’s full self. This was explained to you before. Here we are trying to raise your mental and emotional vibration such that you exceed the feelings of wonder and begin to interact with this higher dimension as if you are a part of it in consciousness. It contains many things but not judgment or limitation. You are sensing that my practical projection and explanation of this place is devoid of love and benevolence. That is not so but I need to come at it in a very factual way for you to see what it really is.

You can begin to see why we tried to strip you of many of your human concepts otherwise those would have held you back from understanding my explanations.

Imagine a barrier through which you cannot pass. You did not know the barrier existed until I told you that it does. It is clear like glass it is only when you touched it that you realise there is a barrier. It is as if you kept walking with your eyes fixed upon the horizon only now to see that you are inhibited from reaching it. There are no clues as to how you may move forward. Is it a trick? Is it a mirror reflection of that which you have walked from? Yet if you now turn around you can see there is also another barrier to where came from. Who you are now is no longer compatible with where you came from. There is no way back to being who you were. Yet as we stand here looking at this ‘see through’ wall we are aware that it stretches to our left and our right. We could travel in either direction looking for a way in however we will be doing so through your existing thoughts and concepts. If you reach round to your back – you will find a bag that you have been carrying. Undo the ties and buckles place the bag upon the floor. Remember yesterday when it was said that believing you could do and ‘actually doing’ were different things. Well this is a way of putting aside the concepts, which brought you here it’s a way of ‘actually doing it’ rather than saying I have which has no action. The concepts in this bag no longer serve a purpose they did what they had to do. Undo the bag and let all that you previously treasured have free will – hold to nothing.

R: – It doesn’t want to come out of the bag.

A: – Then remove the bag from it.

R: – That looks weird like a lump of translucent jelly.

A: – Yes just the space that was filled with your thoughts. We have been removing your thoughts from space – the space that you believed you occupy. We are now entering the ‘place’ from the ‘space’. You may enter the place or the isness from different perspectives. You may now walk forwards as if you are nothing. These words are meant to contain vibrational and emotive terms so that you see yourself stripped of who you were. What you were of course was only temporary and just one lifetime of many.

R: – As we walk forwards I feel that there is still a part of me on the other side of the barrier. I can see that he fades into the jelly substance but before doing so he says “I am just a memory now and memories do not have to be good or bad because that uses judgment – and from where you stand in the isness none of that is necessary” and then it all disappears. However I can see another small part of me that did not pass through the barrier. He is worried about being lost. So I say to him lost from whom? Is it because you consider yourself to still be who you were on that side of the barrier? To help I move back through the barrier so that he can see I am him and that I have returned to space from place in order that he should not be lost. He now feels found and returns that energy to me. I walk-through the barrier again but this time I feel that I am being stripped of who I am – it feels like my clothes are being torn from me. My back feels attached to the barrier as if I have come through it but not completely. Like walking into cling film that’s been spread across an opening. I am aware of two light beings carefully removing this last restriction. It feels as if I am struggling to be born to remove myself from all that tied me – that once kept me safe but is now a restriction. I feel several pains around my head and feel tugging on my back.

A: – You are either through or not through depending upon what you think.

R: – You mean what I believe

A: – That as well – hold my hand and let us walk forwards soon you will be free from ‘a memory of a struggle to pass’. This is the concept that you are leaving behind. You believe that your memory is you or that your memory has relevance to how you feel in this moment – as if it can help determine what you are now. It may have been a footstep here but it is not more than that. Give it no credence as it stops you from being free in the moment of now. Not only let go of who you were but of who you are. These are descriptions and limitations. Come walk with me as steadfast as you can.

R: -We walk for some distance or the experience of distance because this is supposed to be a place not space and distance. We walk through several areas of different coloured lights. I am asked to lay down in order that my energy maybe regularised to correspond with this place. So I stop writing at this point and lay down. There was quite a lot of energy movement and a few pains in my physical body particularly the knees where energy was being removed. I am now back ready to talk further though I still have a pressure above my left eye.

A: – Concepts of concepts, realities of realities, after all what is real? What does real mean? For most people it means how things relate to the physical world – at times this will include mental, emotional and occasionally spiritual ways. These are interpretations and reality is about interpretations. The isness just is, it does not need to prove nor show what it is. It does not need to explain what it is; it is after all beyond explanation. So let me show you more of this place. I said before that it is useful for you to see it in a way you can easily grasp, which is also a different form reality – an interpretation.

R: – I feel a bit wobbly as if I’m here and not here, I can’t seem to focus properly-ouch more incoming connections I can feel the energetic threads to my forehead.

A: – Hold my hand and walk with me it will help to familiarise yourself with the energies and they with you.

R: – We walk forwards and into what seems like an antechamber or inner room. I am asked to sit down in front of two people whilst Antemedi stands on my right.

A familiar man opposite me says: – “welcome we see you have come through unscathed. It can be traumatizing for some if they have not worked well on removing the ideas of who they are. Some come through and feel very lost as if they are not part of themselves. So – where are you? That’s what you wonder. Well the isness is also all of us, you and all. It is also place without the constraints and concepts that you had been used to. From here you will be able to see things in a very different way. There is timelessness and perception without parameters. Of course you still live in your human body and it may at times reflect some of the things that it thinks and feels. But whilst you are connected here you have a good chunk of your consciousness in the isness with the ability to be conscious of it whilst in your Earth body. So with those parameters good progress can still be made with further discoveries”

R: – I can now see that this person is Arksar. There is a female standing to his left who feels like Aqueena. I see her smile to let me know that this is correct.

AR: Come sit beside me on the right as if you look back at yourself sitting there whence you first came in.

R: – Oh that feels different. I feel still – I feel that I have no need to say anything but I sense the me that first came in is rather unimpressed or unaware of the gravity of what he has done. Though for me to say such a thing feels like a form of judgment even though I am just sensing. I begin to realise that I am sensing his judgment and his interpretation of what has happened. He cannot interpret what has happened because he does not have the knowledge to know it and so this event for him seems superfluous. It is understandable trying to make sense of something that seems to make no sense. We swap positions so that I now look to that aspect of me sitting next to Arksar. I am told to stand up and walk forward towards them. Light connects with the top of my head, I feel gentleness as I reunite with myself and have no reason to ask or question what is going on knowing that to do so would inhibit the process.

At this point everyone stands up there is a doorway behind Arksar and we all move through it into another room, one which seems more formal. There are seats tiered upwards on our right and a platform on left. The feel is very similar to rooms where Arksar had taken me before. We find our places in the tiered seating we are about three rows from the front. There is a gentleman in the front with about 40 people seated behind him. He bids us to sit down and listen to what he has to say.

“My Good fellows male and female and neither- you’re welcome because you are. Some of you have been here in your sleep others in your awakened state, some of you are not incarnate others are. For those that are we ask you to listen and not question in your mind either myself or what I say. Many of you have communicated with us before. These communications are now intended to be without the constraints of physical humanoid constructs. Let me show you a beautiful female (she walks forward to be with him). You can see who she is and for what she is – you can see her and know all she is in fullness; you can do this without sexual desire. To some of you it is a different way of looking at beauty, it can just rest easy you do not need to be or not be with her. You can be pleased for her to be herself. On the other side of me here is a male and in same way you can appreciate and see his beauty youth and attraction. Yet neither are you drawn to him in seeking pleasure or desire to be the same, nor to be with him. In the same way ‘just is’ as ‘he is’ and we can be pleased for him. For some of you this feels like we are not involved or that we are merely viewing or observing from a position somehow removed. But that is not so. For those that have watched television you know all too well that whilst you are an observer you can also become involved; investing your desires for certain characters to achieve, or for there to be a good outcome. So it matters not whether we are observing or being- observing can be a form of being. It is about the way we not only interpret but how we sit with that- how we be. You can all put this into practice, seeing the beauty in whichever world you inhabit. But living with it in the gentleness not only of non-judgment but letting it be what it is.

Of course you may change yourselves and what you think or how you interpret. It does not mean to live in such a way that you are impotent in your interaction with the world around you. It does mean that you may interact with it in a similar way to that which you have with these two beautiful people.”

Someone else comes up from the seats at the rear of the platform and says “Thank you for that introduction Clemeine, your examples got the message over in its entirety” (looking at us he says) “Now that you have this under your belts you are more able to go out into the world ‘a fresh’ and prepare the ground for the arrival of more light energy and vibration. Each of you is hearing what has been said but in slightly different ways. It will be the way that will appertain best to each individual and what is on your incarnate life path. Those that are not shall be in preparation for their moments. You all know that there are big changes due to mother earth and that disclosure about your history and other humanoid beings will become common knowledge. To the point that some we have to hide under a stone not to be aware of it. Keep to this task of holding still in this way all your portals will help keep things steady. Your tasks are set and have been agreed with you from the start. Of course nothing is set in stone but you all continue with your pacts as best you can. I will now turn to each of you in person for I am able to do such a thing. I will speak what is pertinent to you so that only you hear it.”

He looks at me “ You may not think so but we take a great deal of interest in every individual, you are on track. Your experience may not tell you this but you are. Continue as you are for the time to be seen and to speak up will be around the corner. Do not look for it, it will find you; things will be placed upon your path in order that this may be so. I would say hold tight to what do you know but that would go against the grain of what you have recently learnt. What I am trying to impart is to remain steadfast in who you are even though you are constantly changing. Go beyond trust to knowing that this is how it will be. We would not have invested such time and effort firstly if you were not loved secondly if you were not making the effort and finally knowing the timelines would bring all what we say into play. Continue our blessings upon you”