You really are Telenatey


Antemedi: – a new day and a new way all begins afresh. All being well and in wellness you will be all. Let us pick straight up from last time. Let us look at you and your other levels here and what you do. Depending upon the reality in which you focus – will give the experience of focus and of the experience of that dimension. But how wise does one have to be to be enlightened? You think it is perfectly normal for higher self to exist on higher levels but to accept that your individuation as a 1/12 part of your soul can stand next to higher self as an equal takes a lot of understanding and acceptance. For some this is not easy. It depends upon the totality of one’s self-knowledge and evolution with well-cleared karma. There is nothing to stop you moving further into yourself. So where you are now is not only ‘focus’ but also the totality of one’s vibration. Levels within your 3density vibration are only able to see or interpret through that vibration. In many ways this informs the lower focus and experience. Not in terms of total low vibration but also the ways it views the more elevated part of it itself. For the purpose of this next explanation I wish to use the term ‘lower portion’. I have shown other ‘portions’ of higher vibration energy that may move up or down between the portions (planes).

R: – That means the experience will be different

A: – Yes- let us take for example the bottom portion- Let’s say one of the vibrations of you becomes finer so it can exist also in the portion above. However the main focus is still in that lower portion so there will be little awareness of portion above. You have seen Aqueena, she undertakes other tasks and has a life of her own upon higher vibrations whilst she is a part of your higher self. You can put your focus into that higher dimension of yourself and experience it. What I wish to show you may require a little adjustment but I feel it will be the best way to explain ‘your part’ in your multi dimensional self. This will be better than academic talking because you will see it and feel it.










One circle or ‘doughnut’ can become a ‘set of doughnuts’ all of this we have shown you before. In this example we have planes 1,2,3 and 4 placed adjacent to one another (diagram 1 &2). Form these planes into the shape of a tube with ‘f’ being the join (diagram3). Fold the tube into the shape of a doughnut with the join ‘f’ on the inside of the doughnut. Pull the ends of the tube together so they nearly join at point ‘e’ (all as diagram 4). Imagine that you have multiple doughnuts constructed as diagram 4 then place them side-by-side till they form what appears to be another doughnut (diagram 5). This doughnut number 5 maybe placed alongside similar doughnuts to form another doughnut shape see diagram 6.


I am keeping this simple so as not to involve the torus energy. You can see that plane number 1 is on the outer edge of doughnut shown in diagram 3 & 4 and it is the outer edge and inside edge of doughnut diagram 5 and diagram 6. It is the appearance of all things – inside itself and outside of itself – it appears to be all things. Yet hidden within it are other planes folded round and over- all fitting alongside one another. The inner planes might appear to be separate from one another. If this was awareness they would consider themselves to be only one shapes. Not knowing of other inner plane shapes existing outside their own environment. Plane 4 is unaware of the shapes that exist in diagrams 5 or 6. The doughnut shown in diagram 6 can form part of another larger doughnut (diagram7) and so on and on.

Do not forget that the ‘e’ joint end is on the inside of doughnut diagram 5 and the inner join ‘f’ resides in the core of doughnut 5. We have shown you similar things in conversations ‘Time for all things’. In such a way the end join ‘e’ can allow the passage of energy to other join ‘e’s’ in diagram5. In diagram 6 these joins may pass energy anywhere down the central shaft but not the centre ‘G’ of doughnut 6. Now then, remember that size is not the issue and it’s all to do with vibration – in which case each layer is vibrating differently yet it sits next to the next and to all the others. Layer 4 is everywhere like planes 1,2 & 3 – it’s in all the other shapes everywhere as a vibration – lots of planes making complex 3-D shaped planes. You have different dimensions of a shapes sitting in the same space. Try to see them as vibrations then phase out the vibration of all the planes that are not currently of interest. For example you could just experience plane 2 as being everywhere because you don’t vibrate to the other planes resonances. What is interesting about plane 4 however is that it is next to 3 but that it is folded in and around on itself (diagram3). So whilst it can be aware of plane 4 it sees itself reflected back on itself including the opposite side of the tube. Its awareness is quite singular unless it looks to see and experience plane 3 as adjacent. Plane 3 has an awareness of 2 & 4 as well as its own awareness. Yet if the other planes are phased out of vibration it only sees its own vibration everywhere.

R: – Very clear and concise that makes it easier to see dimensions interacting with each other in the same space but appearing to be separate in order to have a life or experience on one dimension. Now I know why I zonked out to get this information. How does this fit in with the original subject ‘awareness of myself in other dimensions and what I do there?’

A: – Well looking at my diagrams you can see how some dimensions of yourself have different experiences and different awareness’s.

R: – That’s different existences with different awareness’s.

A: – Different focuses with different awareness’s.

R: – So what am I like?

A: – Well imagine there are lower dimensions than plane 4 but they have a much lower vibration so you can’t see them or interact with them – as if they exist within the centre of the tube diagram 3. Do not put connotations to my numbering of these planes. The vast majority of humans do not see lower negative dimensions or entities – though some can exist is between the planes. That would require a different diagram to upgrade the present one however for the moment we are looking at the ‘focuses with different awareness’

R: – I feel like I am plane 4 not able to put my vibrational focus fully into the other planes.

A: -To see yourself from yourself?

R: – You mean to look through the eyes of Robert and filter or interpret through what I think.

A: – Yes in part- you still have this major stumbling block of ‘what is another focus another plane/dimension’. What is it and what is it like – what form does it have?

R: – Bang on!

A: – Well let’s begin to phase out vibration 4 so we see vibration 3. As if to say we will phase Robert out altogether – in that way he won’t distort himself on plane 3. Let us bring him in- Robert to plane 3

R: – Wow I am surrounded by this massive energy so calm loving.

Robert plane 3: – “Hello myself – in some ways I may just sound like a higher light-body talking to you. That is fine – remember there are many light bodies and vibrations and many light bodies can exist on a particular plane as in this example diagram 1. So how can you conceive of higher vibrational dimensions of yourself – how they function and what they look like? Of course what they look like can be determined by what you have in your database. Let us unplug from that that. (R: – I feel a change in energy) no longer see yourself as Robert (a point of focus). What is important or relevant to Robert is not relevant to us in the same singular way. What is relevant to us is that Robert has the experience he needs and if that is best suited by not interacting (in awareness) with us/me here then with loving kindness that’s how it is. I/me here can project energies to help Robert but often it sufficient to ‘know’ that it is just happening – it happens within a ‘program’ so self-aware that it runs itself – aware that it can alter itself as a program. It has been created and thus it works – in much the same way as we explained how Michael of the blue ray could be anywhere and interact separately with many people. I am also able to exist here as an entity in my own right. I am after all you but a different focus of you. In some ways I am not even me because that also is a focus or projection of higher soul. Yet we have these different experiences of expression. I live and interact with others upon this plane – I have shape and form in a similar way that you have seen Aqueena even though she is you – twin flame at higher self-level”.

R: – Why do I suddenly think of myself as Telenatey? It’s deep like I always knew it.

A: – Is that so unbelievable?

R: – Since I met Telenatey I have thought he was an equal that we were each a 1/12th part of my higher self. Even you have not corrected my understanding – though I kept asking because I didn’t feel this was correct.

A: – Yes I know you feel that you were told an untruth but in essence we did not. Yes you are equal in the eyes of higher self however you were unable to accept the facts as now realised. How difficult it is to accept that you are what appears to be someone else- this can feel like and extinction of the self in favour of someone else. Yes at the time you doubted he was your 1/12th soul individuation and could not see that he was a higher dimension of you – that you are him. Remember how easy that was to be the experience of him.

R: – Yes but Arksar also allowed me into his energy to feel as he does and that was easy, comfortable and loving.

A: – That is another story and connection.

R: – OMG he is me?

A: – Let us stick with you being Telenatey for the moment. You felt that if you were to see yourself as Telenatey-that would be your ego out-of-control (the lower Robert wanting to be more than who he really is). So you pushed away that possibility and no matter what we said you could not hear what we are presently saying. You have taken a while to get to this point even our conversation on the 25th April shows you were close to this realisation. You were at the edge of a ‘time window of opportunity’ you have left it a little late but it’s all within the needed time frame.

R: – I interpreted what you said as to be acceptable to me – for Telenatey to be an equal 1/12 part of higher self.

A: – Yes in part that was good – you not wanting your ego to be out of control. But that was ‘fear of the ego out of control’ in the situation. You ‘not wanting to make mistakes’ so you had an uncomfortable feeling about the whole thing because something was not correct – but is now. How do you feel?

R: – Like an idiot because I was unable to understand in the first place and that makes me wonder what else I may have misinterpreted.

A: – How uncomfortable do you feel about the other explanations?

R: – Hmm! When I come to think about it I feel fine – even the experience as a Cytith leaves me feeling warm and comfortable- a good experience one which I take on board.

A: – So just this one then?

R: – As far as I know but there could be more – I am open to being told I have misinterpreted.

A: – But you don’t like the ramifications of that – feeling that you were not good enough to get it right at the time. Do you see how that comes around? You don’t want to make mistakes or misinterpret and that created the necessity to face what you were afraid of doing. You are now facing it.

R: – Yes I see your point. Alternatively I may have gone over the top so pleased to tell people that I am Telenatey!

A: – Maybe not – you would still have struggled with the acceptance that you are him.

R: – It just leaves me feeling what is real and how much do I distort?

A: – How much do you interpret from your database that’s all it is. It’s the same for your scientists they interpret from their database.

A: – Can you not forgive yourself?

R: – I am not happy- I would have liked to have had more discernment at the time.

A: – It was discernment that gave you the experience instead of you listening to your heart.

R: – You and Telenatey why did you not say more?

A: – Remember I can see a much more than you can. I could see the outcome and the experience of the outcome. You were going to get to the truth of it but needed to have the experience that you just have so I did listen to my heart but I did so with knowledge of what was to be. Can we please put aside your disappointment with yourself for the moment so you can have experiences of other ways of looking at this. I and others saw this through love and there is a limit to the interference particularly when we can see the outcome in any event. Now then you can see the parallels in your physical life where you are accepting certain realities understood as something else!

R: – Yes- when I die how will I be Telenatey from this consciousness?

A: – Well it will not be a full union whilst you are in your earth life, as you will still have two separate focuses. You have to remember that as Telenatey you will have had his childhood and his memories.

R: – Weird – so what’s it like for him to receive me?

A: – Well he did not have that awareness when younger but did latter.

R: – This is getting complicated

A: – Not if you view through the heart and listen carefully to me. Because you are he you have already had the experiences that he has had. Furthermore he has already completed them. It also takes a decision to leave part of one’s soul to have a lower dimensional experience.

R: – But he isn’t higher self

A: – Listen please- what is higher self? After all its another light-body – bodies overlain his. It all depends upon which part the timeline you will come back in on. You may come back in any. If for example you came back in as baby Telenatey you would live life as Telenatey – you could then see Robert as a past life. In many ways that’s easy and straight forward buts its only an example because in reality your lives are also concurrent with one another.

R: – So he is not a future me the next time round.

A: – Correct – linear lives are the easy or lazy way to see them. What about an experience of union?

R: – Whoa! Like two people in one body?

A: – Well you are many people (aspects of thought) even as Robert – you have just experienced life as Robert (separate entity) collecting or dealing with more and more knowledge whilst you grow in energy. This is more like two different parts collecting at different levels – who then ‘come together as one’.

R: – Is that possible?

A: All things are possible in the self – you are him – it’s as gentle as the unfolding of a flower.

R: – Sounds odd!

A: – Not when you have the awareness – it’s all very gentle- a different form of transition. You have seen transition as linear (which it can be) but in order to have a retrograde experience a part of you has to be temporarily split off.

R: – So how is that for Telenatey?

A: -Similar as for you

R: – That he isn’t altogether.

A: – Neither are you

R: – Well I function how does he?

A: – That is to assume his energy is depleted because you are where you are. But you are in different ‘phase’ to one another.

R: – How does that work?

A: – Well – the diagrams above make sense to you. You can be in phase or out of phase with a dimension or more than one dimension. You can exist on all of them and you do. When you die as Robert you will not return to those lower dimensions because you have had a series of retrograde and experiences. You are Telenatey that’s why you are the bearer of pain for you have had much. He is you-do you see?

R: – I am retrograde Telenatey.

A: – Yes

R: – How do we deal with the phasing? I know I’m also on other levels as well but it just felt that they managed without me.

A: – In the same way as Telenatey does

R: – Wow what’s that like?

A: – What’s it like for you?

R: – Well I don’t feel any different to the me I am – if I am at the lower section I have not been in total phase with the other aspects but I carry on.

A: – That’s the same for Telenatey. He has sufficient energy is to exist where he does and is very capable.

R: – Okay- so we are all functioning well as separate focuses or expressions and when I die we are to be united.

A: – Yes

R: – Why what for?

A: – To be with yourself and more fullness – are you worried about not being your current self?

R: – In part

A: – Well it won’t be dissimilar to how you are now- you will feel you are you but you will just feel more capable – more aware and you will have more knowledge including plant technology.

R: – This is all quite hard to believe.

A: – That is why you are only now really capable of hearing what I have to say.

R: – So where do I go in my sleep or zonk meditations – I had always assumed to a higher part of my mind/self.

A: – What is mind/self? Something off in the higher realms that you can’t really imagine or see – happy just to keep to that concept. The reality is somewhat different. You forget all that you do and will do in order to have the experience of ‘just is without fullness’. Many folks are happy to talk with wise elders or multiple guides that feels comfortable.

R: – I am aware the higher-light bodies of oneself may appear as guides or other wise people and in this way it is less challenging to an individual.

A: – We have always said that you were Telenatey – we never stopped saying that.



R: – So all the recent conversations were meant to break down my interpretations in order to get me to this point.

A: – Yes and this one will be the point of the next realisation – all is as should be and will be.

R: – Yes I know the phrase

A: – There is still much about your past that you do not know particularly the period before your retrograde experiences. I would prefer not to use the word ‘before’ but it suits the unfolding of this explanation. Think what it may be like to choose to be without all that you that you had and leave your life here upon these levels. It was your choice on a higher level to take your own life during the first retrograde experience. In this way within the world between the worlds the lower energetic part of you could separate to come back and face the karmic wheel of what you had done (and were about to do if we remove time). It was a series of lives you would not otherwise have experienced unless you were in the fullness of separation. Such a depth of experience can be a jewel. The fact that there existed much turmoil is not of itself bad as an experience it gives the true raw essence of the human experience on earth. In addition there is much to do for many others they are trapped by choice also.

R: – How did I deal with this separation?

A: – Time doesn’t have to run in straight lines – an awareness can ‘re-grow’ when a timeline is changed. When such a thing happens all things that are pertinent to a change will just change in a moment. It as if the previous time line never happened. The soul has ways of making these things happen but it’s also about your perception, that part creates your reality. For example you can envisage Aqueena moving around in mental realms helping with various projects or enlightenment for you but she also helps others as well as being herself. She is not only herself but also you as you grow and she is aware that she creates herself. Your difficulty is the materialisation aspect. Its as if the mental and higher vibrational realms are ‘less tangible’ somehow not physical or real. That is not so – look again at my diagrams. Your present view of this is through your density, your body and the fact that your mind (as a tool of the heart) it’s not as pliable as it could be. It is not so much the words I say or the way in which I say things but the coming to terms with what has been said. The acceptance in fullness as to your true nature. At the point of repeating myself yet again – your true nature is multi-dimensional not ‘wafting out there somewhere’ as if it’s intangible. It is truly the opposite – these are tangible energetic forms with free will and great knowledge – this is who you are – every one of your fellow humans is.

R: – Good point

A: – Let us move another footstep – I have Telenatey standing behind me – You felt his energy earlier on today. He has a story to tell you from his perspective.

T: – We all do, as we must – as we wish to experience. A long time ago on planes high above the ones you and I view from- we looked at our possible experiences. You judge me through your limited perspective as if to say “what a wonderful things Telenatey does, great works as a botanist, nurturing, using mental and emotional vibrations with technology – living in a magnificent environment with the other loving beings – creating with love and nurture”. This is all true – yet what shall I say of my other self- you the one that struggles to stand against flowing water till it is so deep he has to swim- then one day he sees experience and metaphors and as a way of passing and accessing information and energy. He can search above those turbulent waters. To suffer much pain like so many humans have over many lifetimes. If I could experience your pleasure over adversity in the same way that you do I would burst. My emotional body serves me well with love and kindness and I need for nothing but you have had more extreme lessons from your emotional experience than I do. I have no jealousy of such things it is not within my emotional vocabulary in the same way that it is with you. But these are all the things that we can be together. Antemedi has already explained that none of this is to happen whilst you have your earth life as Robert. After that it will be like putting on a pair of old slippers. You will remember all of who you were as you will remember all that you had experienced before. You will be it – a realisation of that experience – you will be me but not in the sense of giving yourself over to me. You will gradually become to think of yourself as me. This is not assimilation or loss of the self in any way. It is to be joy of the self and joy at reunion. It will be a remembering of who you were, then you will realise you were always me but needed to forget. Here take this talisman and wear it around your neck it will show all and everyone who you are – Telenatey – we are one only separated by the desire to experience many different things. The separation is the experience of many different things.

R: – Thank you – though this does or seem a little bit odd in parts.

T: – All good news takes a while to settle and for full connections to be made – there are many parts of the jigsaw that need to fit into place.

A: – Now to the next- I have Aqueena here for you along with your deceased friend (Linda Wray) from your present earth life.

LW: – Hello my dear friend- you have utilised all that you have learnt with me and taken it to new heights. As always you have done so by going ‘in and up’ and hearing your own messages and guidance – not looking to the outside world for your answers or growth. In that I am pleased to have been a part. This is a new phase in your life, one that also precipitated changes in your physical ways of being and life style. A new and exciting pathway. You know that to be told too much of your future can either be a hindrance or burden so I will not tell you much. However I will say look in the mirror and see your face. There is much more that you are capable of than you can presently believe. There is great purpose even though you cannot see it yet. There is much to achieve just by being yourself. You may not wish to write or publish what I say but suffice to say this is a personal message of love and appreciation for all that you do and will do. I am pleased that you intercede and take messages from me to my remaining family alive on earth. All of us here are clearing as many unnecessary obstacles as we can for you all.

R: – Thank you.

LW: – Remember all is energy despite how otherwise it appears. It is very important that you remember this and always keep that in the forefront of your mind. If you use your energy to disperse negative energy and some of your energy is lost it can be replenished instantly.

Aqueena: – I have heard and listened to all that has been said today and must say how pleased I am for all of us on such a grand day of reunion. These concepts will slot into place. The corners of some shapes may not appear to fit but these will realign themselves so that this all becomes harmonious – second nature. There are those that will have very different ideas to the ones we tell you. This subject is far removed from most people’s daily lives – indeed so far removed from some of those that believe themselves already to be awake. It is of course a perfect storm of ridicule – ‘Robert believes he is an alien in another dimension Ha ha ha!’ You can see how those words would fit within current judgmental minds. The words themselves creating a manifest thought form that no amount of truth could undo.

R: – Is this the future?

AQ: – Attack and ridicule are all forms of suppression and ways of dismissing alternative information.

R:-I can see why this is done so is there an inference that there is little point in saying such things?

AQ: – It’s more the point of how to say it and to whom. I am putting this down as a pointer to the possibilities in the future. There will be others waiting to hear such things from many sources so listen to our guidance.

R: – You have put in a bit of a spanner in the works.

AQ: – A truth – better to go forward with eyes open- will your choice be ‘say nothing in the days ahead’

R: – No

AQ: – As well we know.