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Antemedi :-let us return to the work with Arksar so you may see not only what is possible but what can be done.

Arksar (AR): – We call our race ‘Arkuri’ we are on the opposite side of your galaxy. We are what you can be and more. We are a race not known to you humans. We have our connections to the Andromedans and to you at distant levels. Antemedi has been helping you to higher vibrations where we exist. Some might look upon us as priestly type beings because we utilise our minds and hearts for great things. Some other races have technology that they rely upon and rightly so. Our race still retains its origins primarily in spirituality ascension and we have been around for a very long time. We are aware of you humans, your cultures and desires. We live mostly upon the spiritual levels where we have no need for technology in quite the same way. Our faculties are much greater even than the best of all your psychics put together. We can do more than they could imagine is possible. We also travel and explore to where we wish and meet with whom we wish. To a great extent we have to tune down or phase down to encounter other races. Only races that have good intentions are able to see our vibrations. At out of phase with us we would either not be seen or appear as wisps of light, for in essence that’s what we are.

You are presently in one of the spaces we have created so you may experience us. Our race lives on different levels at the same time. This particular level you are viewing is one created of pure spiritual love and desire. That’s one of the reasons you are having difficulty viewing it.

R: – Wow so much light what a wonderful feel.

AR: – Let us sit at this low table much like the one in the room you presently sit. For I can take what is familiar to you and recreate it in energetic form like a hologram if you wish – but I need not technology for this, it being my ability to create energetic form.

We sit cross-legged this low table with a glass glossy surface. There are 4 of us on each side. He moves his hand across the table several times. If the table were glass it is no longer, it has now rippled up like water wavelets where he moved his hand, yet it stays there where he put it. He reaches inside the table to bring out a ball of energy. Initially it is swirling then has beams of light that emanate. He places the ball above my head, which then connects in several points on my skull as well as going up.

AR: – We are ‘co crown creators’. We can create with energy that which appears to be more, but it is another energy of creation that we create. At these levels the laws of your physics do not apply, we create and it exists- just like that. We like to help create possibilities for others on lower levels however it has to be their desire to want to pick up on that. The energy connection you have been given by us has formed a crown connection point at a low level, which we would like to ignite with your permission. You will be able to know what we know (to that which we will let you know) and the information will flow with great fluidity.

At this point energy flows from all of us sitting at the table to create a thought forms in the middle, which enables me to overcome one of my constraints – that of wishing to question everything and doubting the most unusual.

AR: – Let us re-commence where we left off the other day.


We are showing you a series of ‘apparent’ wave bands or ‘flags’ each interpenetrating each other. Information fields if you like. Where they strike one another they create patterns and the more waves that interact the more complicated they become. They create light spots or holograms. However they exist side by side with other dimensions and the dimensions ‘spark’ or have lightening flashes whilst they are also moving. Thus they are a hologram within a hologram with each plane seeing the interplay in different ways.

R: – Hmm! These diagrams are getting more complicated.

AR: – Remember the outside of a vortex is the inside, which is now ‘inside out’. So literally the inside is on the outside- it is one and the same. It is a complete unit of energy and within its energy it can create form and shape. These are the basic building blocks.

R: – I thought you were showing it as a spiritual plane of interconnections.

AR: – It is both and all – all things are spiritual. So if one of these is a bubble it is connected to other bubbles- but all bubbles are connected. So the outside is of you, which is your inside, is then touching another outside which is another inside so ultimately all bubbles inside and outside are interconnected. So you are connected to all vortexes and all dimensions of them.

R: – I can see that however

Q1 Which bubbles are we next to and why?

Q2 The ‘f ’ ring you showed before in diagram 2 on previous post – what is it?

Q3 You showed a vortex as being 12 parts of a soul then implied it could be more.

AR: – Have we not overlaid things to date, to bring all these concepts closer and closer! Let me go at the pace and unfolding I have decided. All bubbles are interconnected yet it could be said that the bubbles are part of a bigger bubble and the bigger bubble is of itself a torus. In which case each of the bubbles is a lightening flash within the larger bubble. That’s why you were previously told about bubbles within bubbles.

R: – So 144,000 bubbles in each soul group and these bubbles have a 12 strand higher-self torus which combines with 12 other higher-self toruses but in what fashion?

AR: – 144 strands or segments.

R: – So what relevance the 12 strand torus if it is in a torus of 144 strands.

AR: – Well at one level it is 12 strands as well as at one level it is a one strand- which is the experience of an individuated self. This is all about perception.

R: – Well to me its either a 1 or a 12 or 144 it can’t just be perception! It either is or it isn’t.

AR: – I see where you are coming from. However if you see a one unit as a torus-, which it is, with chakra points combining on the inside, these are also flowing around the outside as an aura, which is a bubble. This bubble touches 11 other bubbles, which are itself. These move around one another as a unit as flashes. 12 flashes as one flash on the higher levels of itself – on the higher dimensions all that they are on the inside so they are on the outside.

R: – So they are not segments – you showed them as 12 bubbles.

AR: – It depends on what dimension you are looking at. Look and see that the segments are bubbles, they are elongated bubbles.

R:- Oh yes! Bubbles that are the same on the inside and the same on the outside with dimensions inside themselves. And that’s the point of the ‘f’ plane on the outside? It’s the whole unit of the 12.

AR: – In a way let me continue. We now have a bubble with 12 bubbles albeit they are twisted segment shapes. You had preconceived ideas that bubbles were spherical that’s what stopped you seeing my images. So 12 bubbles and these units (higher-selves) come together with 12 other higher – selves. So at this level you can see the 12 bubbles are 12 segments.

arksar-dia-darksar-dia-eR: – So a torus bubble now becomes a segment shape that will shape itself to fit Dia- the segments or bubbles become thinner at one end for want of a better word.

AR: – This isn’t easy for you let me give you some more diagrams when next we meet