Focus from the isness and relevance


AR: – All things will come to be as they were intended and all will be well for it can be no other way. What time is it – time to change – to do – or to be? What state of action or apparent in action. What about letting things be themselves rather than trying to make them what they are not. If one is setting out to achieve you will need proof or an indication that you have achieved. Yet all of this is based on the needs of the self and not from within the heart. Let us begin to explore these within isness of oneself. Let the heart speak as to its desires from within-listen to it and its plans.

Voice within “ steadiness comes from within- not steadiness over unsteadiness because that is the masking of unsteadiness – steadiness exists without that and is of itself a way of being. Calmness again of itself – not calming unsteady waters. For in the isness one does not need to deal in duality – a state of being or a way of being can just be – it does not have to be relative to another state of being nor decide for how long or how short that should be. It is from here that I speak to you – I speak to myself without any constraints or preconditions I am not bonded or with boundaries in the way that you are even though I am you. Would you like to have me more with you in the present moment-no gilts or fears but living within love of isness”.

R: – Sounds good – I feel good when you are close and speak in such a way.

VW: – And so you should. You might think to be such a way would turn your world upside down. Well yes and no – you have a small fear of being like this thinking that you are unprotected because you drop your guard by looking totally through love. But in truth you need no protection at these levels for they are love light joy and wisdom.

R: – It would not be easy to integrate those as 100% on my life experience – life isn’t like that

VW: – So you are to decide how much 60%-70%-80% all 100% that’s about deserving to receive. At these levels there is no measurement, no decision as to how much- it’s all about experience and how you choose to experience things – let this voice be your voice.


Arksar: – Let us start with something new that has connections to the work previously undertaken. We previously looked at you ‘don’t matter’ and nothing does as well as your extinction.

R: – Extinction?

AR: -Yes the part that is the experience of Robert. For he is to become a memory amongst others. Let time be the healer some might say but you would see it as what takes place during the time that becomes the healer. So in the case of Robert becoming a memory it is what takes place that enables you to let go of Robert whilst you are in the experience of Robert. Rather than the changing of perspectives between incarnations (the work you do between incarnations) this will mean to live more and more, seeing your current form is an expression, a program that you run and believe is you. This you will find it interesting to follow my friend!

R: – Good

AR: -When there was something there was nothing – and being energy in any form, including thought/love energy – for all derives from this in any event. We could suppose thought energy to be the highest form of energy depending upon the elevation of the thought and the emotion. For some beings their feeling or emotional body is not as an enhanced as yours – all are on different paths. So why head down this route – we go beyond duality and paradox we reach the isness and the stillness of the self. As I talk of it so you feed it as it resides in you as it does in every moment. You often have a feeling of a ‘Rush to do or get things done’ in order to have stillness such that stillness can only be fully appreciated when you are in a calmer state of being. What if I were to say this was possible in all states of mind?

R: – Depends on the state of my mind- if for example I were anxious or not desiring certain situations. Maybe I am more calm in me than I used to be but if something makes me angry then it does – it’s a matter of how I hold to it or let go of it appropriately so it doesn’t become me rather than a passing feeling in the moment.

AR: -This is your current viewpoint one that I wished to help you move away from. The stillness always exists it is always in you for you are a stillness. You’re in a body with emotional experiences and depending upon your focus that’s how you experience things.

R: – Similar to what I said.

AR: – There is a difference if you let me explain. Stillness is the state of being as well as the natural state of soul – Love peace harmony. You see yourself as flipping in and out of this by alternating your focus. Either you are in one state or the other. You can try and view the stillness through an excited experience but that reflects only the perspective or position you are viewing from. I am talking of always residing in the stillness and viewing all things including the emotional experiences and life as Robert from that perspective.

R: – That doesn’t feel like human experience.

AR: -A human experience can be what ever you wish – what ever you choose it to be – at the moment you are making a decisions from your present perspective as to what it is to be human.

R: – I take your point.

AR: -Good so let’s really push the boat out. Let me take you to a rowing boat, we can get in and push away from the shoreline. We can look back at the hot beach and float with ease – our senses in the boat are different to walking on the beach. So are we detached from the beach experience because we float? Let us say we are the boat the ocean and the land that it touches. In a similar way that we explained dimensions, we are all these things. We can look from the boat and see that we also stand upon the shore waving – we can put our focus there and wave at ourselves in the boat. Yet there is a sense that we can only experience one or the other because our focus is in one or the other.

R: – Agreed.

AR: -So if we are all these things should it matter where we are?

R: – Matter? In the sense that we are either in one or the other as a point of focus.

AR: -You are in all – so why can’t you have the experience of all of them at the same time?

R:-Overload or distortion.

AR: – If you were at a football match concentrating upon the game with your eyes and ears you might in your minds think about what you need to buy on the way home for your evening meal.

R: – That is the mind flipping between one and another even though physically I’m in the stadium seat.

AR: – So it’s about focus still and where your mind is at.

R: -Yes.

AR: – So where you choose focus to be or where thoughts flood.

R: -Yes.

AR: -Yet as multi dimensional you are Robert 3-D and Robert upon other vibrational levels and manifestations.

R: – But my experience depends upon my focus and my ability to raise vibrations to match higher dimensions.

AR: – But you are already all of these.

R: -Yes but from my current perspective my focus has to be raised or finer in order to contact these other parts, because I am the lower focus or vibration.

AR: – Yet much goes on within you – you can feel your heartbeat the pressure in your fingers holding the pen. Yet listening intently to me these fall by the wayside. You could say you are all these stimuli because they are of your body.

R: – Yes it’s about the levels again and if I look up I look from the highest vibration I am able to reach at present.

AR: -But you are all of these things including the experience of Robert.

R: -Yes and the point is?

AR: -That point just is you are all of these things.

R: – It doesn’t feel like I am because I’m only capable of going so far.

AR: – Let us return to your heart as you sit and write – you can notice the difference you are still experiencing all that you did before yet you are doing so from within the peace of the heart. Does that mean your senses are dulled or muted?

R: -It feels a bit like that.

AR: – As if you are not properly engaged with your body unless you are feeling it in the fullness you’re not you – you are partially removed.

R: – Yes.

AR: – Partially removed from being the full focus or being lost in the experience of Robert. So you need to be ‘fully’ in one experience to experience it in fullness.

R: – Yes.

AR: – Well it isn’t quite like that is it! And you don’t have to flop flip between. You are deciding to be wrapped up in the fullness of stimuli from your body and your body mind because that’s what you believe you should do. But why do you need to have ‘repeating experiences’ if you have already learned from them. Is that the definition of human experience, different events but effectively repeating emotional thinking patterns? What of the heart and the stillness?

R: -Everything seems much calmer that way.

AR: -What’s wrong with that?

R: -Nothing unless you want a muted life

AR: -Who says that from within the heart all is muted?

R: – I do; to me calmer feels muted.

AR: – What about not excessive and not seeking heightened emotions – not that there is wrong in that.

R: – I can see I do that a lot in different areas of my life.


AR: – It may seem that I am going round in circles with what I am saying but there is a point to it and you will see it and feel it. Let us begin with ‘the word’ – it is a vibrational energy, which many people take to be the creation of this universe in its many forms and dimensions. Resonance creates penetration. The more that is of resonance the more powerful the resonance – a resonance that is permanent, which we have explained as the flux. Pre-determined vibratory forms following certain parameters. If you were to put an object ‘not of resonance’ into such a place it would soon resonate at the same rate as that of the surrounding vibration and it would be in harmony, effectively a part of the totality of the resonance. Yet if we add time to the mix there was a time before it resonated and a time after – much in the same way as spiritual development. Do you see how things change when in time?

R: – Is it always before and always after at the same time?

AR: – If not it is one or the other. It is both if it is not constrained by time

R: – It is still an odd concept that doesn’t fit with my way of thinking.


22:3:17 circles

22:3:17 circles 122:3:17 circles 2R: – I can see in a circle there would be a segment and in a sphere there would be a cone shape. So these are outside of time constraint and it’s a matter of focus as to where we are. So is this space just possibility and the before or after can be either a memory or future potential?

AR: – In part, we are after all conceptualizing a concept. The concept that I am trying to explain is ‘Focus’ and being more omnipresent in your multi-dimensional self. By not suppressing feelings and by knowing them in the fullness you can see them just as stimuli or information and that you have the choice to react or act to them –to choose what state you wish to be in. furthermore you can choose to be in what ever mental faculty you wish even if the thoughts could dictate something else. What I am talking about is ‘Mastership’ the ability to decide who you are in any moment despite the stimuli or potential changes. True discernment.

R: – Not sure I have ever exercised that fully

AR: – You have in part.

R: – I am not even sure it is possible though you say it is – perhaps it is like the detachment I spoke of on the 22nd.

AR: – In part this is what I am talking about but in use during other activities or conversations. Let us take an example of what you can do- when you talk with your wife about a person she brings into the conversation you can scan that person whilst you talk with her – you do not need to see their face but you have the energetic information about them, their injuries and some of their mental and emotional problems. That is being in the moment and being multi dimensional within the mind and heart. For all dimensions of you are in the same space.

R: – My aura for example – how can I be with Aqueena or the higher light body equivalent to her and interactive on some other level in another place?

AR: – Place is not the same thing as space. Your space can also be in other places, bubbles with bubbles.

R: – Hmmm! I can see that-it makes sense-thank you.

AR: – So we come back to the point-discernment and mastership. These are the things you believe to be a long way away from you but in fact they are not. It is all a matter of belief.

R:-I could believe that I could fly but I wouldn’t be able to.

AR: – Indeed – however there are some incredible feats that are possible.

R: – What like levitation?

AR: – Yes

R: – I notice that my thoughts and prejudgments of this are getting in the way and creating disbelief –so with discernment I shall try to stay still in my mind.

AR: – Good – There are many things possible that you considered not to be so-though to believe that all laws of physics can be broken is unwise. Let us be open minded something that is not always in your present though you try. Let us remove some more of your filters – the ones of disbelief. The belief that you can’t do something because it’s too difficult

R: – That’s a childhood one still with me.

AR: – The Believe that if you did it would be a fluke and un-repeatable- that others find it easier

R: – Maths and calculations yes.

AR: – How much of that is defined by your belief – how much does that inform the outcome.

R: – Quite a bit I suppose!

AR: – It is too much effort-particularly if it’s going to be hard.

R: – Yes

AR: – And yet this morning you did not see this in your work where once you could have.

R: – So-many things are possible that I currently believe are not possible.

AR: – That includes focus and mastership.

R: – Accepting total responsibility for everything – not so much as outcomes but by how I act and react – responsible for everything that I am. I don’t want to be responsible in case things go wrong or I don’t get it right which is common for me with my dyslexia.

AR: – If you believe it is. That simple noticing your ‘responses’ is response-able you are able to be masterful of your response.

R: – That’s natty I like that!

AR: -Yes it takes the burden or can’t do out of responsible.

R: – Is there any more to do on this?

AR: -Yes a lot of it will be about the practice of being aware ‘you have choices to react’. Not using anger to make you do things that you would prefer otherwise. You have seen that you do not need to be hurt or suffering to justify your next action.

R: – Yes today has achieved much without those feelings that I could so easily have used. So will they come back?

AR: – If you wish to use them to justify your decisions or actions or feelings then they will. But you have no need for them. No need to justify your actions or thoughts. That is all external projections using the lack of discernment or master ship.

R: – I have a greater sense of peace. Decision-making feels softer and less cumbersome. Thank you.


Arksar (AR): – All is as should be – enjoy life in its fullness and richness it is what you choose and what you make it. You wonder about direction again, to which I would reply forwards onwards and upwards.

Tenehtay solomsay salanat colum sowey talanah soley colom stanah dupah qua tannah.

These phrases will help your subconscious assimilate between periods of activity. Something is always happening it’s just that you give notice or importance to some moments more than others – when all moments are both important and unimportant. It is about relevance ultimately there is nothing of relevance if you remember what I said. Being open to all things without you deciding relevance.

R: – Yes I remember it well.

AR: – To openness without relevance is the place to find yourself in.

R: – Okay

AR: – Stillness abides – all things are thought and energy – all is energy unbounded by relevance. Only you give relevance by how it reflects or affects you. To let go of relevance is to see information that is not relevant to the ‘current self’

R: – But it may be to other aspects of me

AR: – Yes that is true but the other parts of you will also have different definitions of relevance. Back to openness again – as relevant as a leaf fluttering on a branch of a tree in a forest of trees.

R: – Relevance is about scale? For an insect hanging on to that moving leaf that would be relevant to its survival – perhaps relevance is focus more than scale.

AR: – There is that, it is true but that is still trying to look at the actual relevance of relevance. Let us go beyond even that – ‘no relevance’ does not mean ‘not relevant’.

R: – I can see the subtle difference.

AR: – Good- assuming then no relevance we have then the essence of isness interpreted by different people from different levels of the understanding who they are. All have different interpretations of relevance. The isness is then in the most part beyond description because it is not only all but all possibility. The isness just is.

In some ways our previous description could show that it is also a mirror reflecting back to us what we think, unfortunately we can become trapped in that image. What if we were to look at another person’s image?

R: – Yours for example because I see your face

AR: – Good so what do you see?

R: – Many things that are beyond my description or knowledge, you encompass more than I can understand.

AR: – Try looking through my mind – let us make a link then you can join closer with me.

R: – Wow I can feel the energy coursing through me the ‘available space’ I can see a series of planets stretching out into the distance each one a different version of the previous-and the number of versions we can be anywhere see anything.

AR: – Yes my links are strong

R: – Thank you for that experience

AR:- Just is with no definitions or parameters