Untethered Perceptions


Antemedi: – Solonsey quetanaahsey solo sustina belinque. Continue, as you must because all is well and all will be well for the way is known- good. Taah sey – it has begun-it is time.

R: – Okay I know you refer to improving my physical life

A: – Indeed much more will flow from this physical way of being and all will be well.

R: – Thank you but for today?

A: – Whatever you wish.

R: – I would wish to hear what you have to say.

A: – We have talked much and upon many different topics but what more is there to know?

R: – That which I do not know or have no comprehension of.

A: – What about you being?

R: – That is a good point but what of the learning?

A: – What is the learning if you do not become it. It is more than learning it is knowing ‘a way in which to be’

R: – Point taken focusing primarily on the learning without integrating it has little purpose. So apart from the above what am I not integrating?

A: – Belief in whom you are and of what you are capable. All this and more can you do it is all well within your abilities, your way of being, your trust in yourself and your trust in us. Believe in the being of whom you are and of what you are capable – In such a way your mind will not filter or ask me to show you things to prove you have such capabilities. You are beyond that. Do not come to me seeking this reassurance for I shall no longer give it – it resides in you.

R: – As always very wise – you see all that I am and what I think.

A: – Indeed I do that is my role and my gift to you. Telemsay sola mengrey colom sa quie. That which is-is-it needs no explanation when you know yourself. Time to shuffle the cards and put things in a different order. If you are happy I shall lead with these thoughts. – What is a rebellion?

R: – A change against the existing but how one feels about the change depends upon relationships – so we are we the existing or the rebel?

A: – A revolution?

R: – A change sometimes from grassroots welcome or unwelcome.

A: – So change and no constancy?

R: – Other than the constancy of change.

A: – Yet you still have to be tethered to one or the other descriptions – indeed it could be both – Why does one have to be tethered?

R: – Involvement, concern and passion

A: – Do we have to be tethered to anything? Tied to any particular ideas to have passion?

R: – So then no internal structure for interpretation and expression?

A: – You have – that it is called your heart.

R: – So again you are talking about unrestricted interpretation or unrestricted expression and being – no need to curtail or fit the existing parameters.

A: – Yes – great freedom and great wisdom unrestricted through interpretation and expression. Would you wish to be like this?

R: – I believe so – I don’t know till I am but that’s the point you’re making that’s me prejudging it rather than accepting it or accepting that it is me.

A: – So how to get to that way of being you ponder? I would say do not ponder on it instead accept it as your true nature. All else is superimposed upon it for a human experience. Whilst human you can still have untethered unfettered experiences. Previously you were told by Arksar not to see yourself as human – this was to burst your concepts and furthermore to see that description and interpretations are restrictions. Assuming that you can do so you will yet again the see the isness in such a way that it will not reflected back to you what you think- instead you can see you are the isiness and there is nothing to reflect back – no reasons and no desires driven by the human mind.