Sensible approach to a variety of subjects, psychic awareness, fantasy/reality, karma, earth changes and ‘personal upgrades’

13/3/15 AM

R:- Sensing or sensible?

G:- Both come together if you think about it. We (that includes all of you) have many ways of interpreting the world and the different worlds or dimensions. Stupidity is another matter.

R:- Pow!

G:- Yes lots of folks have odd ideas about enlightenment and what it means. Remember once you heard of a woman who painted a large spot on her forehead because she believed that would open up her third eye. Well there is some pretty wacky stuff out there. Usually its an essence of something perceived that’s then been taken to an extreme. Everyone has psychic abilities, which appear latent, but they are still functioning at some level. Some people want to enhance their ability, which is fine, but a few have corrupted reasons for doing so. I’m not talking about the likes of Colin Fry who helps with messages of reassurance but the naive or the manipulative. Of course what they create as an experience for themselves is the opposite of what they want but it is what they need. One of the big problems is – folks do not look at the sponsoring thought behind such a desire and they are unable to see any element of shadow self. So sensibility is very important. It’s easy for some to get carried away in the excitement- you have had your moments in the past.

R:- For a few weeks I undertook a lot of distant viewing until I was reminded that it was a distraction and its intended use was self-development.

G:- In a way – but what I’m talking about is when someone is first drawn to esoteric matters and they haven’t either had good advice or are not approaching it from the right reason or objective. It is the sponsoring thought or often the pre-thought in the subconscious is the cause, which eventually creates an out come. When someone seeks a desired outcome they reverse the process and try to select a pre-thought or sponsoring thought. This is known to many as cosmic ordering which can work well but it also depends on the desired results and how it interacts with others.

If some one wants to win the lottery they wish to win (the desire) and then they have the experience of ‘wishing to win’ (the outcome). So cosmic ordering proponents would say you have to believe you are a winner and in doing so you win. Though of course one has to have reasonable wishes where the odds are not stacked with many others having the same wish.

However what is missing from that scenario is the sponsoring thought. Why do they want to win, what is the money for and what are they escaping from. Then go deeper and deeper and find out what is at the root of that. Then they will find something worthwhile.

The other thing about this form of ‘believing’ is that it is often a false belief. “I need to believe it in order for X to happen” how many caveats do they need to overlay to pretend they believe. This then is nothing but pretence. The answer to this conundrum lies much deeper ‘just is’ that place beyond belief that place with no doubt and no fear the space where we have the ability to create. This will work for those that can reach that level, but again it depends on the sponsoring thought as to what is finally created. If its from love its likely to happen because love begats love, need or greed returns the experience it can only create more greed.

Very few people see that they are creators they create their experiences. Is that not the point of free will! As more and more folks see this in every single moment more people will take responsibility for what they create as an experience. Cause and effect is also speeding up.

R:- Yes I have noticed that- like having the awareness of the outcome as I’m having a sponsoring thought or seeing outcomes nearly in advance of pre- thoughts.

G:- Well yes but that depends on the clarity of the individual. What I am referring to is the energy return from the thought which is put into an action or a deed- the doing has to take place for the experience.

One could have fantasies or wishful thinkings that are on ‘run constant’ or used a lot and the energy of that wires or programs ways of thinking. The more you think that way the more you will, cause and effect.

The ‘doing’ the ‘speaking out loud to another’ what ever is the ‘putting into action’ is a creation. How the energy returns can sometimes be difficult to see. It often depends on the length of time between the two events which may seem unconnected. It’s easy to see it in verbal interactions and reactions. A shout in anger will usually create a return of the same but not in the case of a weaker individual and if this is persistent it will lead to negative outcomes and the destruction of that relationship. All quite basic stuff everyone is aware of this.

Other events are not so easy to see for example- bad mouthing a neighbour to a friend. What happens to that energy? Well its duplicated. The resentment you have remains with you it attaches to other resentments affecting you subtle body energy, which in turn affects the physical body. The energy given out to the friend will be accepted or not. It will attach or not depending on the friend and if its of relevance or not. Most often that energy is of no significance to the friend so it will be connected to you the originator, the collective consciousness and the unconscious of the neighbour.

How these interact then becomes a bit more complicated because the effects will also be at different levels. The higher mind of the neighbour will fully understand and be unaffected the neighbour incarnate might sense or feel your resentment but he will be connected to just a fraction more anger in the collective consciousness the same as everyone.

So Karma is about the totality of energies at a combined consciousness as well as at an individual level. However the re-experiencing of the original energy may be in a different form of experience.

If the friend were to agree with you it would reinforce your first thought and add to and justify the resentment. However if they were to say, “look I’m sure it’s an accident or are they just a lousy driver? Have they driven over your grass before when going in their drive?” There would be some doubt about the matter.

R:- This all seems very tedious

G:- Is life tedious?

R:- Well this explanation seems to be.

G:- So you are frustrated and it’s affecting your ability to type?

R:- Yes I can’t see it’s going anywhere.

G:- Do you have to?

R:- No not as such but it seems tedious and I am finding it slow going because of that.

G:- Do you want to stop?

R:- No not if there is a purpose

G:- There is a purpose behind all thoughts and deeds are there not?

R:- Even the purpose of what feels like tedium?

G Resistance is, as you know often the cutting edge of a different way of seeing things.

R:- Yes I will bear with it

G:- Poor you! (That’s a joke a dig in the ribs)

There is a lot of misunderstanding about Karma (the return of energy) it’s often viewed as some kind of punishment when that’s not the point. If someone is remorseful for what they have done and sincerely apologises that repairs and overlays the original words or wounds in part or in whole at different energetic levels. If you have said sorry for an outburst that’s fine but what about the sponsoring reason for the resentment. What if there are wounds of spiteful words in childhood so that a belief feeling was “someone has always got it in for you”. When the neighbour’s tyre goes over the grass you will view it through that feeling and act that out. So your Karma or cause and effect works on every level.

R:- I hasten to add my neighbour doesn’t run over my grass and these are examples.

G:- Quite so- now then the subconscious reaction is also cause and effect – you may have thought that the original childhood damage experience was done to you and not of your making. Whilst we all have a responsibility to remove as many of these blocks as we can (so we can live easier more comfortable lives) there’s another level at play- that of family karma thoughts and patterns that get repeated from one generation to the next. They get repeated till they are changed – though it must be remembered you would have chosen to have this particular life experience in order to help release the family or group karma. This can take up to seven generations but if it’s worked on and changed it doesn’t have to continue for that long.

R:- So Choice at all levels of self – in what to create or take on board.

G:- Yes For example a soul that chooses to have a life as a Downs syndrome child will have all chosen with the parents to share those particular experiences for good reasons. Some one who doesn’t understand Karma would say Oh this must have been because of something I did in a past life and now I’m being punished for it.

R:- So in synopsis – we create, we create the energy by what we do, it is ours, and it returns individually or jointly or collectively though at certain levels we are unaware of that. We can also decide how we want to deal with the energies that we and our families (or wider soul groups or the world) have already created. That if we deal with our personal baggage and karma we will not only experience life differently but we will create different experiences because it is all freedom of choice and free will but the rub lays with the acceptance of what we have already created.

G:- Yes but it doesn’t have to be difficult. All you have to do is live each day, love yourself and realise you are a co-creator. For a start you will be changing your energetic resonance and your emissions. That’s enough to deal with a lot of what exists. You see it’s been described as a wheel and in that way it is it continues till it stops. All you have to do is stop and the wheel stops. Most people don’t know how to stop doing what they are doing or even know what they are doing in the first place. Just stop.

R:- I see and agree with what you say but it reminds me of the Bob Newhart counsellor sketch ‘just stop it’ or the phrase don’t think of pink elephants and of course the first thing you think of is pink elephants. So just stop isn’t easy.

G:- We are coming full circle to what I said at the beginning about going beyond sponsoring thoughts and wishful thinking and believing you can.

R:- Just stop it

G:- Yes – It can be done by self-analysis understanding and resolving opposites in duality and “action-ing” out the revised ways of thinking or just by stopping it.

R:- Apart from self monitoring and acting how else?

G:- Will power

R:- But you have to know what you are using your will power against so it requires a degree of self-awareness to know what you will be using your willpower on or against.

G:- It can be done in that way but also by listening to the heart and conscience that pricks.

R:- That’s self-monitoring

G:- Yes but I am talking about something different. Putting to one side for a moment the collective consciousness- when a child is born it comes with its needs for experiences but is then influenced by parents and society as who or what it should be. Its being programmed all of the time influenced who or what it should be. Some children have horrible experiences but they do not go on to repeat what their parent’s did- how do you account for that?

R:- They had already worked through some of that rubbish in a previous lifetime or had made sure their sub program wouldn’t be affected by negative experience?

G:- Yes that’s true but for you to grasp this I now need to come from a different angle. I did talk about responsibility for creating the latent existing energy or karma. However humanity has been dealing with the same old stuff for millennia going round and round on that wheel repeating stuff. You see it also works at a cosmic level as well. Your solar system is going though a different energy within its milky way galaxy so the energy is different you just have to willingly accept that energy just be it and the change happens- the awareness comes in about the patterns and you can just stop repeating the old.

R:- Yes many have heard of this and felt the change in energies.

G:- Well don’t forget that many children who are being born at the moment enter through and with those new energetic imprints so their subprogram has already been charged. Before they reincarnated they were aware of the karma changing at a cosmic level and decided to come with that. That’s why I said how do you account for children being different to their parent’s karma.

You see this change is inevitable

R:- Well when you said, “Just stop it” I thought you were referring to people in “the here and now” and stopping or automatically changing.

G:- Is that not possible then?

R:- Well it’s never happened before

G It has every so often there are prescribed jumps in consciousness and vibration it depends on the large time scales.

R:- Yes I’ve heard about them and that DNA is changing, but I’m not getting ‘just choosing to stop it’ by just being different.

G:- No Clearly not. You see when you were struggling earlier and you said our conversation felt tedious that was because your higher levels knew what the conversation would be but the lower self was struggling with the enormity of what was coming through even though you were not fully conscious of it in the here and now.

R:- Instant or stage upgrades?

G:- Yes It happened to you.

R:- But that was different wasn’t it?

G:- In some ways you had to work through a lot of stuff and karma in order to clear your channels. But it’s going to be easier for folk in the future.

R:- you mean the new children being born?

G:- Yes but anyone else who decides to make the change.

R:- I’m really struggling with that – I know there will be changes and the earth is to evolve and upgrade through 4th to 5th density but that won’t happen over night will it?

G:- Why not

R:- Well anyone who may have followed these conversations so far might have accepted some of what’s being said but they will think I am really off my rocker writing this.

G:- What you are really saying is you are having difficulty accepting it. Because if you accepted and believed it you could say it or write it easily?

R:- Yes if  I believed it I could write it – whilst there have been precognitions or information given as to the future this is to put down quite a marker.

G:- So you might get it wrong?

R:- But you that are saying this not me!

G:- So you can blame me if it’s not true.

R:- Well I would look a right idiot.

G:- Lets go over what I said – remember you were resistant to hearing what I was saying it was for the feelings you have just expressed.

R:- I can see that now you say it- there have been many a jump in knowledge where I have had that uncomfortable challenging ‘not knowing where something is going’ feeling. Though other times it’s been exciting and not uncomfortable.

G:- Remember you said pain was resistance to change!

R:- Well this is quite painful (mentally)

G:- Lets revisit what I said

You know we are going through a torsion field within an area of the Milky Way you have felt the different energies and seen some changes. You have checked this out on the Internet and others have commented on it so that’s fairly solid. You know these jumps happen and you can see how some newborns can have different programs.

R;- Some might take issue with the word programs

G:- Well lets add the words by free choice they have decided to come with different energy patterns. You accept the earth will be changing density vibration but you thought this would be a gradual process of change.

R:- Yes that would seem logical

G:- Well that’s logic thinking not what will happen in practice

R:- I can feel my resistance in not wanting to hear what you are saying. Previously all my conversations were not exposed and maybe that was easier.

G:- Indeed but you would still have to go through that resistance somewhere but you have another level of embarrassment on top because you are not keeping it secret.

R:- I want to be sure I am hearing you correctly It’s hard to accept.

G:- We can always come back to this subject latter. Would you like to talk with Antemedi for a while?

R:- Yes – I’m feeling a bit jumbled and pressurised

G:- Well we are very keen to get the messages through so that’s probably why it feels like that. We are excited for you all at this time. It is or sincerest desire that changes happen as smoothly as possible.

R:- Ok