Release from the matrix

R: – Antemedi says I have a new piece to add to my personal jigsaw. It will overcome despondency and vacillation over decisions like what’s the best way forward.

He introduces me to a higher consciousness projection of a man. As he is currently incarnated on earth I shall refer to him as X.

X: – The earth change and the upliftment- will come to pass- remember you all have higher dimensions which already exist. For a few of you they are more omnipresent. Each and every one of you is important.

For you Robert the construct of importance is not complete. There is a very small amount of residual family energy that needs to be dealt with. My words may seem obtuse but they are pointed for a reason.

Your genetics make you think you are unimportant and this forms part of your belief system. When you search to see that you are important you will find that you are not. You feel you there is no evidence to show the value of what you do.

R: – Correct- it’s not a big part but it has come to the foreground.

X: – These beliefs create a veil.  All that you think and believe impairs or influences what you see and hear.

What if you had no doubts in yourself or of your expressions – no concerns about the impact you may have?

R: – That would help but none of them are true at the moment.

X:- And there you have your answer.

R: – And a lack of a solution

X: – The solution to a situation or problem is to change the way you think and what you believe. You constantly look for proof that your beliefs are unfounded. Proof will not prove it; because you are on the merry go round of looking for it. Only belief will be it.  Furthermore there is no proof. Who can prove to you what you do not believe about yourself. The answer lies with you.

R: – In some ways that is liberating – not even considering that there is proof or nothing to prove. It either is or it isn’t.

X: – Ok we shall concentrate on the self and nowhere else. What is self-belief?

R: – Exceeding the need to believe

X: – How can you do that?

R: – By not doing or looking for evidence of belief.

X: – Not doing is the other side of doing- it’s just standing still with your same old thoughts! Remember the power of the mind. It creates. You think and you are.

R: – So I just need to think all is well. Is as is. Do not look for proof, as it doesn’t exist in that sense. How can you prove what is a belief. If belief is just a way of thinking and being- it is expression of soul- beyond and exceeding all concepts but also encompassing all.

X: – Good. However your sub-program and your world collective consciousness says – Proof is always required and better for it to be empirical than anecdotal or subjective. All the time you look. Always looking for the results missing that which you cannot see. Alternatively you can live like Antemedi and his kind. Choose the result without precursors and do so with all your heart and mind.

It requires a clear mind and heart- not a mind looking for proof of what it is.

R: – A conundrum

X: – Not really its just a matter of adjusting the program. Your current program believes alteration is beyond its reach. You look to results to prove who you are and then you do not believe what you see.

R: – Ok – can I please have help with this?

X: – Yes. As an obtuse exercise let us remove the need for results and say: – The world is not bothered about results- it appears that it is but the world is made up of individuals all of whom are selfish just like you. They all perceive things through their own desires and foibles. The world does not care about results. What you do doesn’t matter one iota! Zilch – no importance. Neither important nor unimportant. Nothing matters this is how you are feeling at the moment.

R: – Yes in part

X: – Then it is so. Nothing matters as opposed to ‘some things matter’ or ‘all things matter’.  ‘Nothing matters’ is not a negative it is removal from mattering or not mattering – To entirely go beyond the concept of mattering – yet you can not do this presently so what does matter?

R: – Lots of things and people but all relative to what I think and believe.

X: – You decide what you believe matters to you and to other people based on your view. So what is objective is still subjective in the world of mind and soul.  4+4=8 is not an objective view that ‘just is’

R: -So where does this leave my desire to see my impact?

X: – It doesn’t matter what the world thinks – it doesn’t matter that you are praised acknowledged, ignored or criticized. None of that has any value.

R: – It would certainly take the sting out of criticism.

X: – Indeed it would.  So instead of looking forward at the result you can shift consciousness to be the result and then look back at the desire to create it.

R: – That’s the world backwards – we desire and look to what we can create.

X: – Yes I know – But by being the result you are not left ‘wanting or needing’ – you just are what you decide to experience.

R: – And it doesn’t matter a dam what other people think?

X: – Not really why should it? That’s about blame and guilt and acceptance by you of yourself. You see these as others judgments when in fact they are your own.  Karma is a different matter that’s cause and effect. So what you feel is just what you have created including others’ reactions to you.

R: – Okay so no value system – it feels like detaching from this world.

X: – Why should it?  See that you are the world and everything in it. You say ‘I need proof to show me who I am and what I believe and thus that is the world you create – when really the only thing that should matter is you- not the corrupted reflection you make in the external world. Repeat what I have imparted.

R: – 1) Do not look for proof or acknowledgement. 2) The world only shows us what we want or don’t want. 3) Do not wish to be something different and don’t look forwards to that as some kind of spiritual growth – instead see we are what we have chosen and then look back. 4) We can choose again and again – looking back. 5) Nothing really matters unless we choose it. 6) There should be no judgment in our choices just cause and effect

X: – Good but there is more- carry on I can see the thread in your mind.

R: – The mind is all-powerful alongside the heart and vice versa. We don’t realise what we are constructing or deconstructing. Sometimes it feels like we can’t break free of this program. It feels like we cant ‘just be’ and instead we are stuck in ‘the wishing to be’.

X: – Okay let us break free – assume you are forward or in the place of not wanting to be. If you look back you can see your old thoughts walking towards yourself.

R: – That part of me says – “Oh I see you are here already without me, what’s it like?”

And I reply, “not sure I’m just putting my focus into the ‘just is’ – my evaluation is still limited by my current knowledge”.

X: – Let’s go forward again and look backwards.

R: – At this point I can see my two previous thought images walking towards me with a third one that says “ Wow this is interesting – as we look back we can see more of us – so different to looking forwards. As my thoughts join I don’t so much move forward as choose again and again. Choosing to be free of the past and the future.  I choose not to have proof of who I am – no validation- no concern at others – even of myself. Not having trust or needing it. X asks me to close my eyes and lay back in the chair. It only takes a second- I’m then sitting bolt upright saying “ To love is not to give a dam – Love is the energy of the program. It’s about how we use it.  It is only a reflection of us and doesn’t matter. Nothing matters at all.  So of course there is no point searching for what matters in the world. What matters to me is me – the world is a reflection that. So can it be that nothing really matters?

X: – Lay down again- parts of the jigsaw are falling into place.

R: – After a while thoughts come tumbling out.

This world is a trap – it reflects everything to us and we think it matters – the whole program is a prison.  A good and a bad one but its just bloody program and I’m stuck in it. I don’t want to be stuck in this program anymore. It only serves itself. The program doesn’t matter – it no longer has value to me why should it. Nothing is worthwhile and everything is.  What’s the use of that? Deciding what is or isn’t worthwhile.  I can’t bend the program to me I can only disconnect from it. I’m angry – that’s part of the program- frustration the desire to bend the program or make it fit when it is just what it is. I just need another program. I am letting go of the anger because it holds me to the program – it is the program.

X: – Lay down again.

R: – When I return to this consciousness I am aware that I still exist in the program but I feel a big release has happened within me. I feel the program is different I have stopped struggling or trying. It’s like some greater acceptance. So where am I?

X: – Wherever you wish to be – isn’t that the point. You are looking back from where you constantly create a different moment of now. It’s not about looking forwards in the ‘wishing to be’ mode. That is living in ‘constantly wishing to be different’ and never being it. If you return to the old way of looking you are wishing to be different again and again never satisfied – that’s how the program works – till you see it’s a program.

Don’t wish to be different – be different. From the new perspective look back at your wishes then you will see far more. The more you live in the higher-self energy the less the program affects you. If you are constantly looking back you are constantly changing the moment of now. Of course the more you do this the further forward you can move, till you move forward from the point of now to the future now. And thus you look backwards from there at what has been. How can you know what might be from the old position. That backward position cannot know what will be because at its position it has not yet happened.

R: – Okay I get that but are there any benefits in looking forward?

X: – As you know that’s about potential and possibility.  The problem is when you look forward through your current data base and program the only options are those you see bounded by that – very limited ones.

R: – So when they are not bounded?

X: – Within your existing higher dimensional fifth and sixth much closer to higher self.

R: – Now I can live to this different way but I suspect that’s not going to be easy.

X: – If that’s what you believe then that’s what you will experience.

R: – So the belief ‘it won’t be easy’ that’s duality again easy or not easy. Instead just be – look back on what got me here. The new now being unbounded, safe – created by higher-self energies – by me. I’m looking back on what got me here but also why higher self did.

X: – Yes that is to give yourself over to being.

R: – But there are still decisions to be made in the now.

X: – Indeed but you view them as decisions over what you’ll be doing in the next future moment. That is the old way. Instead look at how the decisions enabled you to be here – then the answers will form.

R: – Blimey – So don’t think about my way forward by looking forwards.

X: – By looking back you put yourself forward and you will see all you need. You will know in your heart the decisions they will form with no deliberations. In the next moment you’ll feel you are looking back on your decision even if the enactment of it hasn’t taken place. It will no longer feel like a decision. Keep looking back and you will automatically flow forwards with ease – furthermore you will flow to wherever higher self puts you.  Actions and reactions, more and more from the heart. Things just are and love just is. Not the same struggles.

So please live to the new program described and if you wish my words will ring in your ears – ‘ know you are here – you need nothing -look back to flow forward’. You can’t look forwards fully yet that requires you to vibrate and connect with a much higher dimensional capabilities of soul. Remember the idea to look forwards is part of your current matrix and construct. Live in the gentle loving constant ‘new now of you’ free from program.

R:- Thank you