Earth energetic upgrades

Upcoming vibrational changes to the earth. Different messages for us in a variety of forms that have been in full view for many years.


R:- I’ve read what I typed before, I can see I interrupted you quite a bit and my comments did not always fully follow what you were saying.

G:- That’s fine it was just a little resistance to the challenging information being given.

R:- You already know of course the outcome of my conversation with Antemedi

G:- Yes

R:- I wrote it down in pen as he spoke and showed me some images – would it be appropriate to expand upon that.

G:- Well 3 heads better than 2

Pen written conversation from last night – now being typed with all present so it can be as accurate as possible.


Antemedi:- There are changes happening already for example a few species of fish have already altered . Gunter talked about the energetic level of DNA beyond its physical aspects. Many things can be changed.

You know the earth will become 5th density and there are many people talking about that on the Internet. To you its logical this will happen gradually this is because you think it will be accepted more easily.

What happens if it’s overnight?

R:- But that can’t happen

A:- Well phased over several days?

R:- Ok I’m resisting still so what will happen?

A:- Firstly what you need to appreciate is this will be happening at an energetic level and the physical will follow as it attunes. Both densities will exist side by side for quite a long period. So when we talk of the speed of the switch we refer to the energetic one. Many people will be unaware of it and in the physical things will carry on as normal this is where the confusion and your resistance occurred.

During this process all of the light workers will be attuned switched on if you like, they will start to vibrate a little faster and their psychic abilities will be enhanced. They will be more aware of the two vibrations existing side by side. They will walk about able to feel that the earth is shedding its old skin. Whilst all around things continue as normal.

You must remember we are talking about these things on an energetic level and the average person will not be able to detect this. They may however sense that the world seems a little different a feeling that spring has arrived perhaps for some not even that.

Others will be more on the cusp of a move but not necessarily aware of what’s happening. They will begin to interact differently with themselves and close ones. There will be more tenderness and understanding more forgiveness and changes to societies views and structure. These are going to be gradual or within whats comfortable. So different changes in gradual ways for different people.

It wouldn’t be helpful for the new energies to have a hippy movement like the energies that were a pre-cursor to this in the 1960s. Though of course you have been in these torsion waves for several years now as predicted in the Mayan calendar end of the world rumpus. They channeled the information about the energetic cycles in the Milky Way. Many signs and hints like this (about your true nature) have been in full view for a long time. It didn’t matter that it wasn’t always understood because it also worked on humanities different levels of consciousness. Perhaps you can find some links*

Ok back to the main theme – what the energetic changes mean! There will also be sections of society completely unaware of the energetic change and that’s fine they will carry on as usual though ‘quick return karma’ will effect them as well so they might have some challenging relationships or interactions with others. In essence I am talking about those in society who live lives in a very negative way not the vast majority. These negative thinking and acting people may develop mental health problems as they try to maintain their old ways of being.

There will also be some resistance to the changes in awareness particularly from the power structures be they commercial, political or banking. You are becoming more aware that these organisations manipulate you. There maybe some changes very soon to the Fractional reserve banking system that is starting to crumble. Those in charge of these will fight the changes tooth and nail but they will be unable to stop this change because of the growing awareness in the populous. They have always tried to manipulate by use of the media and propaganda. This will have less and less affect on the collective consciousness.

There are still regressives who inhabit the earth as well as those in energetic forms in the interphase between the 3rd density and the densities next to it. There has been a lot of help that we have been giving in this respect by the removal of regressives – we shall continue with that.

You have already been involved at a low level of exoploitics with your visits to some of the cultural conferences on one of our biospheres. That will continue so perhaps you could write about that as well. Others within your society are already exchanging views with us. All is fee will, you are us and we are you so we would never manipulate we are just here to help at this time of change. Eventually there will be the sharing of ideas, community projects or ‘hubs’ of awareness. Of course before we share any of our technology we would need to be assured it would be used in the right way or that it would be helpful. There is a lot of water to go under the bridge before that happens. This contact we can expand upon latter.

Back to more of the practicalities. Nature will adjust; plants and animals will not be consciously resistant and have not got the same negative karma as humans. Energies will begin to polarise and separate as duality becomes clearer. There will be help to remove the polarised negative energy this will come from us as 5th and 6th dimensional humanoids. Help will also come from higher masters and lightworkers who are within earths soul groups but who are discarnate (between lives). These human souls are also working with us. One of whom you know very well from her time very recently on the earth plane.

It wont be an overnight change and for some it may take a few generations it  means Physical DNA will also change during that time.

For a living experience people will see choices more and more clearly. Negative Karma will be dealt with on several levels and put aside.

R:- What if some don’t want to change?

A:- Then they wont

R:- Will that create discord?

A:- Yes and no there will be changes happening over several years and different phasing as vibrations change in smaller jumps. For those that do not change or wish to grow they continue on the planet but when they die they will not be allowed to reincarnate until they decide to make changes in the way they think and act. There is always help available.

The main point to remember is that things will not be materially different for many people and this is what we would like to stress.

R:- So the ‘just stopping’ is the earth’s karmic wheel and our part in that.

A:- We have already tried to explain that as “the ability to make different choices without the difficulties of the past”.

Lightworkers and those who are more enlightened or have less baggage will feel the earth as a pleasant summers day without the same worries it used to contain before. The fears and foibles will disappear different colours will be seen. New colours that exist in 4th density will only be seen by those that vibrate at the same frequency. It will be possible to see the essences of light and vibration in nature. Harm and disharmony will be seen in the earth’s structure. People with very very negative vibrations will appear more sludgy a bit blurred to those that vibrate very fast. It is because they will be out of phase with the emerging level. As for the negative ones they will not see others that differently other than what we have said about quick karma and the return of their negative creations. Time and its interface will begin to change for few people but maybe we can talk of that another time.

R:- This conversation has been gentler

G:- That’s because you are less resistant to the messages

* Crop circles are some of the hints/pointers to whats going on and they are in  public view. Interesting that Paul Vigay at the end of this video says the same things that I have been told by my Andromedan friends. “Be careful of the ‘greys’ as those of them on this planet are manipulated by the ‘reptilians’ who are also not to be trusted”. That said Antemedi makes the point that greys have been splicing human DNA to save their devolving race. There are some races of benevolent greys but not as a general rule.Also there are some reptilian human hybrids. These hybrid bodies may allow a different experiences for a few in the reptile race. They are a group who do not have the same soul light, feelings and morality that we do.


In addition you might like to look up crop circle July 2008 Avebury Manor, this shows planetary alignments but also the symbols for some of the different types of humanoids that are in our solar system.