More alien contact

Over the last few years I had some very interesting journeys and conversations with our cousins and it’s difficult to know where to start

A:- The beginning is usually good.

R:- It’s a job to remember the right order- then I’m shown a picture of a smaller craft and it reminded me of a joint visit with Antemedi. I have said this before but its mind traveling or distant viewing while in a higher vibrational body. My mind was there in a body but not my present human one.


A very very tall man who looked similar to us with darkish skin colour welcomed us. There felt some similarity or feeling of Native American. May be it was the spiritual connectedness to or wisdom of belonging to a much bigger universe.

He introduced himself as Empayah. We were in what was the main foyer the floor was a very dark material, which seemed quite polished or shiny it was possible to look through the floor as if it were also a one-way mirror seeing stars below. It was both depending on what you wanted to see. It was a little disconcerting as we walked over the top. He wanted to show us around apparently to get our bearings and feel more comfortable. To our right was a small relaxation area, the seats were recessed with steps down to them so that the top of the seat was nearly level with the floor. To the left of the foyer was the main working area where some others acknowledged our presence. We walked down in to the seating area, which again was fairly dark material but soft, and moved to fit the body. We sat down with Empayah opposite us, he used his hands to create or activate a hologram. This showed the shape of the craft, which was not a disc shape but elongated elliptical . There were three power units forward of where we were and living quarters and one power unit to the rear of the main working area. He got up and we followed forward through an archway then turning right again at right angles then sharp left. It was a corridor with bulkheads nearer the outside it got tighter as we moved forwards and we had to watch where we stepped. He explained we were now along side the power units. The corridor went all the way round the craft with several internal and external exits. It felt quite cold in parts and the corridors were designed for ease of ‘all round’ access to any part of the craft as nooks and crannies and dead ends are not a good idea for maintenance and repair. Apparently it was very important to have all round access to everything.

Eventually we came out in the control area. It was explained that there were only a few wires used where specific isolation was needed. A lot of the control systems worked through craft consciousness. It seems some of the materials used worked within some sort of vibratory consciousness field. So just by the andromedans thinking the craft could interpret the basic wishes of the inhabitants. We were then ushered away back to the foyer where we had entered. We exchanged pleasantries and said our goodbyes.

I remember thinking how polite and circumspect the hosts were but why had I been shown these things I did not know.


A:- Reason and purpose is not always known till another part of the jigsaw falls into place. One has to patient because prior knowledge of the latter will distort the experience of it. Furthermore there are more pieces of the jigsaw to fill in first. Calmness and trust will enable.