Accepting higher connections


SG: – You were having difficulty with the concept of ‘the ability to create’ – I tried to show how some of the levels of thought forms exist and create time lines or the ‘expression of breath into the world’. You are a very long way off understanding this properly. Arksar what do you have to say because your perspective, I believe will be more relevant.

AR: – Yes there is a slight detachment from the reality of the situation – Robert you see these things as hypothesis, sort of vague ideas for you – because the greater magnificence of this is somehow removed from your comprehension of it.

R: – Yes-good summary

AR: – In which case we have to make it relevant for you such that it becomes a part of the way that you think. Aside from the writing of such information it will become of you rather than just on paper.

R: – At this point I zonk out for a while for a deeper connection and return for more from Arksar.

AR: – All things have a beginning but do they have an end. Before they began there was potential to begin or to be. So all is potential – we have talked about infinity and descriptions bringing the concept back to the need for many people to have mixed and compatible experiences together – these form from thought forms. The desire was for outcome of growth and enlightenment but required expression and experience. Yet it is possible to have experience just for joy. For experiences to be on a wider scale there needs to be a playground and nurseries one of these is mother earth. Earth was and is also a thought form of complexity with different dimensions- a nurturing entity. There are levels above what we have already described and they create in different ways also. You were shown how you create at your level and how other levels of creation exist around you including some that you have no knowledge of. So let more begin- breathe in and breath out allow your connections to be.

Most of your life you have been un-aware of your creations, not seeing what your subconscious creates – what it does to you and for you. But with awareness it is possible to create with responsibility in each moment aware that you create, aware of what you create and why. Yet these levels can be exceeded even whilst in your present body. You can create thought forms, which can be filled with energies. One example of this is mass meditation, which can alter the mass collective consciousness as well as individual thoughts. Such consciousness is a thought form affecting other types of thought forms.

Now then- even this can be surpassed with intent and focus. It depends upon the intent of the focus and the free will of others, for the free will shall not be disregarded. People make choices and they think they have free will but they see that through distorted information or a wonky self-program. What then is free will – it could be said free will is limited by its awareness or to its awareness and to a great extent that is true. In a similar way so is mine but my free will is informed by a different set of parameters – or should I say lack of them so that I may be a little bit more infinite.

R: – Ok I get your reasoning free will is limited by lack of awareness but also awareness as well except that when of infinite there are no restrictions.

AR: – Indeed- try to imagine less and less limitation to free will.

R: – That could imply decisions ‘over’ others or before they make theirs. If I shouted something from the rooftops it would ‘affect’ other people. It would not affect their free will to decide how to see it, accept it or reject it. The other alternative would be to hide away and not interact with the world. However to talk first is my free will to impose upon another with or without their permission or free will. What I say may cause pain or difficulty.

AR: – But they would only hear if they wanted to – if they were open to hearing if their time line was part of yours and vice versa- part of the program.

R: – Interesting- So it’s not about the ability to inflict suffering or no pain on some one else. However I have made the unilateral decision without consultation.

AR: But it is with consultation – Are your actions unilateral are they always self-driven?

R: – I have never considered that before. I am agreeing with others that I should ‘appear’ to have a mandatory decision to do something when in effect it is not. So then what is individual choice? Is this then the composite choice of all but we see it as our individual choice. Yet is it choice in any event if it is the time line or program that we follow.

AR: – Well you agree to be in the program and in any event it is a creation of yours. Consider this – If you are not you who are you?

R: – Everyone but I am experiencing separation

AR: – Let me show you something more of that. You are all the things SG described and yet you are also more than these. You are a ‘part’ of that consciousness, a thought form with sentience and a hologram within a hologram. You have conceived that what is above SG is a combination or distilling of the millions of souls. Yet you have no comprehension of that level nor much of Monad either, let alone how I Arksar think and act as an individuated soul.

R: – Very true.

AR: – You can’t think or know what you can’t if you don’t have the tools or information. You cant have greater free will without the knowledge that begats it and comes from it.

R: – Where from here then?

AR: – Back to the drawing board the chalk needs to be wiped away.

R: – Wiping of what?

AR: – You and who you think you are. We said earlier do not think of your self as human then you will think differently. See yourself as a soul expression that can express itself in many different ways. Humanoid is only one form of expression there are others and none. It is a form of mutual experience in mutuality of form designed for the practicality of a particular environment. Yet again I come back to the point – let go of what you currently experience and touch the level of your soul which is beyond this- what do you sense it feels?

R: – I take a quiet moment – I am neither human nor not human – It is one of the breaths that I breathe and each breath can be different, the same or none. I am not the body of expression it is only an experience. I am therefore expression as experience in what ever I chose to be, for whatever reason be that beyond judgment.

AR: – A good description- now feel it – become it.

R: – This the body being of me has limitations and I limit myself when I see and believe I am this form- it is only a form. Yet I may exist in this form without the limitations of that form. For we can exist side by side and reside together. Yet still I can remove my belief and consciousness from that form. Yet what am I then? Less limitation or more something else? I am the belief and knowledge of that. I may think and act in such a way and in so doing I become such. But what of this way of being what of it to unfold?

AR: – Good – those thoughts are like a muscle use them and they will grow