Portraits from beyond

My pencil drawings of Andromedans, other aliens and earth humans as they presented themselves. Click on an image for larger presentation – scroll down to see all faces


Alien- Andromedan- TollomeTollome -You are all very much in our thoughts. There is so much that you do not understand about your history, the universe and the reasons for your agreement ‘into decent’ of lower experience and repeating it time and time again, some of these are ‘wider joint soul reasons’ that you could not understand or accept. We respect you for these choices and feel for you in your struggles. You receive many messages from many sources – they don’t all have to be complicated or informative. Mine is a message of love for you – that simple – if only you could feel the fullness of it in the same way we do and in that moment you would change your view as to who you are and what is possible. You may think you know love but it is a reflection of something greater and deeper. We love you in ways you can not know. I hope you can feel some of this different love as i speak. You are very much in our thoughts 9/03/16

Alien Andromedan picture - ArgoneyAgoney – Partner of Tollome see distant viewing ‘ Andromedan female perspective


Throsen reduced 1 Thorsen Vendel – Danish geologist and metalurgist from the 1930’s exploring northern climbs – mapping and recording minerals, metals and rock formations. He saw my light was on and what I was looking to do so came through to help me practice drawing a wide variety of faces

Abernathy reduced 1Abernathy – African American about 100+ years ago worked building railway tracks





jaqueline reduced 1Jacqueline – From 1960s a croupier in south France or Monaco

Alien- andromedan- picture TelenateyTelenatey – Botanist and plant specialist on a biosphere. Rather than looking at the healing properties of specific plants and testing them as we do they look at the energetic vibrations of the plants and match these on a database to the energies that are helpful to certain situations. They can also help in repopulation of plant types that more suit a changed situation or where there are other biological, insect or animal constraints. They can reproduce plants and create variations or new types from an energetic level.




Barry reduced 1Barry – An aged punk rocker brought in by Antemedi to challenge what I may see and to help show that I am not judging some people on the basis of their looks or energy.

Alexander reduced 1Alexander – 1950’s taylor specialised importing fine cloth and selling on but also in the creation of bespoke designer suits








Alicia reduced 1Alicia – Alice  Deep set staring eyes, unfortunately she had drug problems from on going mental health issues. Not good relationships with family and quite a spikey lonely lady who only had couple of close acquaintances.

Jenny reduced 1Jenny – Jennifer  Died young, health problems in chest thyroid and other issues combined with immune system failures. She lost the will to live and since feels she has missed out on a full life but felt she didn’t have choices. She has since been shown that she did have choices but there is no blame upon herself




Demetri reduced 1Demetri  Russian worked in space program testing body functions


Antemedi says ” Their skin is camouflaged because they originated as hunters they have evolved to be like humans but they have little technology they rely upon the support of the friendly galactic community for protection. Contrary to looks they are avery peaceful race. They are very much in tune with higher levels of self and are good at telepathy. They are on the further reaches of the Andromedan galaxy and we call them Telornights. I wanted to stretch your thoughts as to what it means to be humanoid- remember there are many types of humanoid and that we are all holograms in energetic form and the energetic form adapts mentally to each environment. DNA is after all a vibratory level as well”




Alien felineFeline Race

unknown reduced reduced 1Unknown woman– very bright throat chakra








unknown man reduced 1Unknown man


alien- picture TalapaiTalapai 

Vegetarians with strong jaw bones






Sensilla- see conversation- studentsAlien- Andromedan picture - Sensilla   IMG_2143   

Final sketch is Arksar as drawn by Janette Oakman and this is what he had to say to me: Arksar – “I thought I would challenge you yet again on how you tend to see the world and the inner realms of finer vibrations. I said some while ago not to see yourself as human. This was to give you a big nudge in the direction of accepting yourself not only as multidimensional but also as soul and spirit energy. In the same way what am I? – The projections you have seen so far – 2 different levels of my series of past lives as an Akuri or am I more? for I have also had other forms of incarnation in the same way that you have. Because I have shown an Akuri form of projection does not mean I have to keep to it. I say this because yet again I wish to challenge you about what is possible for beings of light. I will come to you in other forms of projection as well. I wish to show you all that you are my equals and not to see me as alien. The more you see me as your equal the easier it will be for you to interact with out deference to me or others upon such planes. Ultimately we are all beings of light so we can create what we wish”

 Pleadian female elder seen on a joint viewing with a member of “meet the andromedans face book group”
Reeteena – helping with unconscious re-programming
Anu Pleadian male- Came in to help as a guide for another friend who was on a joint viewing session
Anatey- higher vibrational blue, very fine soft energy nearly ‘see through’ similar look to Aqueena with no perceivable outward ears.
Tolmata and Soselle
Sylana- See atraction to light beings and video

Man in lecture hall

Orlaka 9th dimensional Arcturian hemaphredite