Something new


First alien contact- very gentle introduction by my guide Antemedi. Several years ago my wife and I were sitting in the garden late one evening listening to music. I had spent several days prior to this talking in depth with Antemidi about our humanoid cousins. He had given an over view of our connectedness (star seeding and provision of DNA) and the many different forms.

As I sat listening to the music he asked if I would like to meet someone new. He introduced her as Anganenee. ( Anga-nee-nee)


I could see her in a room with soft furnishings of an interesting design. There were other objects that I could not work out, they looked like interactive monitors. More like floating holograms would be the best description. She spoke very gently and explained that she was in a very large biosphere or living globe. She said at this stage prior to working she would be considered as a tourist wanting to see the energetic transformations on earth. She referred to the floating holograms as being one of her research tools.

I thought tourist what’s wrong with that sounds plausible no great blinding messages from beyond why should there be.

She said there were many on the biosphere undertaking different tasks but that everyone had plenty of free time. The biosphere was already in or solar system in a different dimension to ours. It also had several vibratory dimensions. Her home planet was in the constellation of Andromeda.

She had looked up on her holograms (interacting with her mind) to see what humans might be receptive to conversations. It could show empathy and ego states. Apparently this has been going on for several years and many of us are having conversations and contact either in the day or sleep. She and Antemedi had spoken as to the appropriateness and my receptivity otherwise it might have been a shock.

I found it all quite gentle really. I asked if she could hear the music that was in the background?

“your music is very different – its very diverse compared to ours and more expressive. There are major differences your music is about pain love and loss. It’s also about escape from the pain the relief from it as if there is joy in relief. Ours doesn’t do that it’s joyous with no loss or angst soothing relaxing and uplifting. The harmonies are of course different and the vibrations are much higher so they produce a different effect on the body as well as the mind. Would you like to hear some?”

Well certainly I would. I sat there for several minutes and replied I can’t hear anything.

Anganenee said she thought that might be the case because the vibrations were much faster. On parting she said there would be plenty of contact in the future.

The point about the music made perfect sense to me and reminded me of an old joke. If you play a country and western song backwards the singer stops drinking, he gets his job back, he gets his wife back and then his dog un-dies. The trouble with this way of being is we have to keep the angst otherwise we wouldn’t have it in order to escape from it.

Antemedi assured me all was fine and there would be some more contact to follow in the months and years to follow.