Beyond to co-creators


All: – We as the one that speaks- we as in beyond monad. Are we not the co-creators of all? You have no idea of what we are capable, no idea of how we act and be. We are as one. You have had time lines explained to you in such away that to you, the time line or changing information field appears to be an entity, a thing of its own- a creation that contains all things. This is an insight into the cumulative aspect of souls at soul group levels and beyond. There are several levels or dimensions of information fields. You as an individuated part are accessing the edges of this understanding.

You have been asked to cast aside your present understandings and to be open to alternative ways of being – to keep in your mind and heart that ‘you are not human’ can also now become a limited definition. See yourself as the expression of soul and that the body is a vessel. In this way you will be better placed to hear what we say. There are so many things that we could talk to you upon. We have little reason to hold back save to say or allude to what is placed upon your timeline.

R: – At this point I am show an old classroom with wooden desks where I am twiddling with a piece of blackboard chalk about the age of 11

All: – Come now Robert tell the class of your learning’s since school

R: – So I begin – everyone seems to nod their heads but they are not listening, they are only interested in their own thoughts.

All: – You see how hard it is to be heard. Not only do people not want to listen but also they don’t want to be challenged about what they know and how they think. Furthermore they only want to hear themselves- such as it is for you.

R: – You mean me listening to you.

Arksar: – remember perceptions and conceptions.

All: – You think you listen but you can hear relatively few of the words of which we wish to say. In order to do so you need to perceive yourself as one of us at this level and act as if you are. Lay back for a while and let the energies flow within-

What we are – is you and you are we. What should we create today- another day – another way?

R: – A hand moves in front of me and uncovers or opens up an entrance into a lush garden. So I walk in on to a flat shingle path with high fibrous plants as tall as me. The plants react to my presence and the fronds and limbs move out of the way as I walk forwards. I find my way to the centre of a long rectangular garden, which stretches, far left and right. As I look back to where I came from the plants have returned to their original positions so that the entrance cannot be seen. Even the path is disappearing as if it was never there!

All: – All is changing form and thought form. This is a shape and a place you are familiar with- it also has boundaries which help you feel grounded or located. Let us sit for a while on this bench. It’s easy enough to get here or this ‘representation of here’ for where is here after all – it is within you it is a dimension of you. So do not feel or see this as anywhere else. Within here you may create with your mind – walk about, add or change things alternatively you may wish to discover what I have left for you to find. For then I get the experience and joy of discovering what I have left for myself – for I am you the recipient and me the creator and giver- I am all these things. He shows me a pendulum, and says remember the early days when you were in touch through this pendulum. Now it’s not necessary because you are ‘non local’ not held to one perspective of yourself or who you are. This is one of the biggest things that holds chanellers and individuals back. The shedding of the skins of who they really believe themselves to be. Of course there are those that wish to shed their skins as a form of running from who they believe they are. In that way they will never find their way here for their way is through what they run from and should run towards it- towards themselves that they do not recognise.

What part am I? Higher self, monad or soul group? On this you ponder- in a way it doesn’t matter for we are all one. Do you see it is good to think of yourself as all of these- feel your fullness and know there are no boundaries to and of your self. You are conversing with all yourself. If I were to say higher self you would think yourself not worthy of levels higher than that.

R: – How well you know me but I suspect you speak to me at my level.

All: – Yes and no.

R: – Please explain.

All: – Well because I am you I am all levels. I am speaking to myself. The highest levels are aware- I really want you to grasp that you are all these things- it is not hedonistic or egotistical to believe such things it is natural.

R: – I still find it hard to accept that the higher levels know all of this as I am just one of over twenty million in this soul group.

All: – Yes that may be so but you still need to remove some final threads. When you consider that I am also ‘one individual’ you think of the God word with all its baggage. I am all- I speak as all those millions. I am a complex program, interactive with all- a light being with lots of extensions. A big ball of light with interconnecting threads to separate light beings such as you- I am a living loving organism.

R: – How can the ‘I as in G word’ be all these things and know all that is.

All: – You hear my words and thoughts and you write them down. The muscles in your fingers work quickly for you as the pen glides over the paper. This is you – yet there is body consciousness it does things to your wish. It works your fingers without you having to think to move them. Your heart beats without you asking it.

R: – But that’s body consciousness – it’s a vessel – its me but it is only a physical vehicle that I inhabit.

All: – Yet you are conscious of it the pressures actions pains or joys.

R: – It talks to me as a body.

All: – It tells you what energy you store in it and how you treat it.

R: – So am I a bit like a body for you?

All: – I have so many bodies so many individuations look at how magnificent I am.

R: – Yes I see that in the ball of light you have shown.

All: – I said you could not know me and of what I am capable.

R: – I would like to know.

All: – Is that good? and will it form a purpose for you to know this?

R: – Well I shall not hurt my mind because you are me and if it has a purpose you have already laid that out – it has already formed in the time line experience.

All: – Indeed that is so – Rather than you direct this by trying to overcome your struggle with knowing me and my capabilities let me show you that which you can gasp.

R: – In front of us is a large cardboard box which is open. In one corner is a small cube of translucent lime green colour with black edges and it feels very heavy.

All: – As an example let me call this a creator cube it will contain all you need in this moment of discovery. Neither size nor place is of relevance.

R: – As I look at it there are swirls on the surface so it appears as green fog on the inside. As I look closer at it I see a figure move on the inside. No matter how I tilt the cube it does not affect that which is on the inside.

All: – let us go inside and meet her.

She says: – I cant seem to get out of this place- where ever I go there are blank walls.

R: – But we could see in and I experienced her as turning away from me, I did not know she couldn’t see me.

All: – This is the way of the all – it knows all this for this is why we show it. You could not have known this, two different perspective viewpoints. We created it and all the feelings.

R: – Interesting so much to learn.

All: – And not learn – You see we know what is appropriate to learn. There is much knowledge but some of what it produces are like fractals, they are all the same but appear to be larger. Even in all that man does in the vast majority man is repeating what already is. Yes there is movement but he/she is not investing in anything new. Though I do not refer to technology for even in this it has all been done elsewhere. So this cube could be likened to a fractal with all the information as before described in its fullness.

Arksar and the all 18/12/16

All: – Containment- encapsulates nothing – things are free. All that we are – is freedom for we do not encapsulate anything particularly ideas or concepts – for these also be free – we hold nothing and nothing holds us to a particular perspective. Freedom in all things and no containments

Such is our way no boundaries, full expression for the need or desire to express without favour or fear. The expanse- the glory the enjoyment- the living, the anticipation and the basking within the glory – knowing our glory and loving that- rejoicing in who we are. For why should we not enjoy the wonder of who we are? No voices of criticism, for what is there to criticize. Do not mistake judgment for discernment.

R: – I can begin to see what you say- it is not boastful, it just is.

All: – And this is you.

R: – As one of several million

All: – Why use that fact to denigrate yourself?

R: – It could sound pompous.

All: – It could sound pompous to someone who did not know these concepts.

R: – Then that must be me also, other wise I would not have made the statement above.

All: – True however you are being challenged to alter your perspective. All is – accept that this is you.

R: – (I am then reminded of the cube from the previous work. The woman is not in the cube and stands to one side in the same way that we do. As if the cube was just a toy, a tool to show a concept of who knows what- from what perspective)

Female: – Robert you will know me in your heart but not in your human brain and consciousness. We have many connections together. I was there at your earth birth and will be at your earth death. I am you and you are me. I am your opposite and you are mine. You see these levels that know all – which are all – and of course ‘the all’ includes one’s twin flame. For you – you exist in your earth form as male and despite all that has been said to you of ‘do not consider yourself to be human’- you find the most difficult concept to give up on is being male. In seeing yourself as non human- you saw your self as non-human but male. Masculinity goes to your core. Levels of soul allow for all these things including combinations of male and female.

R: – Hermaphrodite must be interesting

F: – Well at a level of yourself we are. Not all levels combine at that level but we may now go further with this. These are levels of us that are not of such connection in order to have the freedom to express as another gender. Let me come closer and put my hands upon your head. Let me show/give you some of the things that I know can be.

R: – At this point my head is opened to allow light to go up (usually comes down) coming from beneath for grounding then to pull more down.

AR: – This is not unusual this happens all of the time increasing energy flows- but most people are unaware of it

Colombye – all that is – as I am drawn to another aspect of myself. This is all good stuff movement away from the current concept of self, each footstep no matter how small helps. In some ways it doesn’t affect your daily life as you carry on – it affects your other levels and your ease of contact. Your ease of contact with me and the way I look could not have been achieved several years ago.

However you feel you are in limbo- Let us keep within the internal boundaries as there is a shift due in you and the feeling that you have is a precursor to change – a detachment and a dissatisfaction with current self. Now that you are aware of it let us begin.

You like most are an old soul- but everyone has different interpretations of that- usually its about the number of incarnations on earth or the spiritual presence or knowledge. This is neither special nor not special – it is as it is for the many.

R: – So why repeat?

AR: – To create a base line and a place from which to move. I understand your question is borne out of frustration and what you feel is repetition or a shallow deliverance from me. You know a change is coming this is how it jangles you.

R: – So true thank you for your understanding.

AR: – What is to be and what is the change or transformation? To that I would say what is it not to be?

R: – That would mean a lot more because the ‘not be’ is the potential to be all things.

AR: – You might think we are going round in circles. Earlier we talked of you not being you and showing other aspects in the divine female and male. There is a lot more to be than that which you have been shown. Take for example me – I show you one of my many forms of my different levels or projections. I have not had an earth incarnation though I am humanoid form. I know what you feel and think. I have the discernment, knowledge and wisdom by which to interact and we are part of the same soul group- we are one of millions to one another. This is a diverse soul group with many links to other aspects of the galaxy. Not all soul groups are quite as diverse. Such groups are quite broad and balanced for they hold many view points- the group has had many expressions and experiences for the benefit of all this you can see and appreciate. So why do we keep bringing you to this concept and realisation.

R: – To allow me to step into that more easily?

AR: – In part- what we do for you, you do for us. Furthermore we receive joy at seeing your re-birthing.

R: – Why the rebirth – reborn again?

AR: – It is the ideal word, to shed the previous skin, to be renewed in form, action and word.

R: – In form?

AR: – Yes your energetic levels affect your body; we are not referring to the ‘jump’ as such. To your way of thinking we are talking about concepts that are removed from your daily experience or what goes on in the world around you. You feel that either the subject matter is not relevant or that you are having less relevance to the world around you. A loss of purpose or relevance leading to stagnation through two competing worlds.

R: – You put this so well it’s as if your words are my thoughts.

AR: – Thank you but there are reasons for that. A footstep in either world, the here and now of the earth seems to have little relevance so you create a bit of resistance to hearing what I say as inside you feel it will take you further away from not only who you are but your relevance to the world. Nothing can be further from the truth. What you feel is all these competing feelings. So how is it to be of relevance and what is rebirth. Clearly friends and acquaintances are not going ‘to get’ or understand either this journey nor the concepts and statements as to what these higher realms mean. You will not be able to speak to them of such things and this you feel will create distance. You can however cope with such situations you have done so before. No longer is it a question of neither ‘coming out’ nor hiding just seeing what is appropriate or not.

There are other purposes as said- soul group progression, evolution as well as yours- to be in fullness as you were before incarnating on earth many lifetimes ago. The unification of energies – these words are preparations.

R: – Quite a lot of words or preparations.

AR: – Yes perhaps a few too many you feel but it is to settle the jangling internal unconscious. So lie down for a while and awake with some new thoughts


R: – Wow that was deep- some strange machines, people and places!

AR: – let us first understand what has happened then the interpretations will make more sense. New and different energies, those of combined time lines and possibilities some of which you cannot effect and others within your choices where you may. This is to say – who you are now and what you do now upon the many levels will affect time lines. It could of course be stated that the time lines were ‘set to be as they were altered’ and also as created and continue as planned. That’s why your interpretation of them seemed disjointed or random. However in the scope of things they were not. All souls are involved in this and there is growing awareness that they are part of the process. These are the ‘self aware programs’ or thought forms that exude from all of us which includes those desires at our different levels and soul group levels. For you to make full sense of this is difficult other than to see it as a part of unfolding information.

R: – Within this experience you helped with, there were a few moments I remember interacting and having my say but I would not wish to repeat them aloud.

AR: – Indeed so.

R: – So what of this rebirth you talk of?

AR: – Are you not reborn.

R: – No, there is no appreciable difference.

AR:- Not the ‘experience’ of being involved in a time line creation.

R: – On a previous occasion you explained vey well the coalescence of thoughts and desires that come into being in ‘community self experience’ so presumably this is the conscious awareness of it and the creative mental forces.

AR:- Interesting isn’t it – you took onboard this process as a self aware program like separate thought forms of creation.

R: – Well it would be complicated otherwise- so many desires and wishes to fit into experience.

AR: – Well it is that, but there are also many more things at work. It has always been said you make your future by your choices but I will add ‘unless you don’t’

R: – You mean for example higher consciousness is happy to agree to ask for alien intervention.

AR: – Yes and more, other time lines and fractals of fractals, a matrix of ‘opportunity possibility’ and one that shifts in the moment to accommodate the wishes of the moment. Can you imagine a society that is so aware of this that they realise that they create absolutely everything they experience, not only can they welcome it but they are better armed to alter it. Some humans know and accept this for they know what mass consciousness can do. Yet they do not see the enormity of the potential. The desiring for something in the moment doesn’t necessarily help for you need to be more actively involved in the creation of the time lines. The major manipulations of humanity exist within this space. Those in charge get people to think in a certain way and the populous adds their unknown desires and fears to the framework of a time line. Imagine that effort and thought fractals are being put into a timeline and then society just follows it but they don’t realise that it is society or the mass of people that actually make the time line a reality. Without you it is nothing. This is another explanation of how collective consciousness can be affected. So the more that people know this means the hidden power of the fractals can be undone. They can be ‘ignored’ that is why some planed events by the regressives have not taken place -people are seeing more truth and trusting less in the power structures and governance. I am trying to show how important mass thoughts are in creating time lines. So with different ‘fractals’ being placed in front there are alternative choices to the fractals placed by regressives. This also creates ripples that go forward to become a wave and when the big change (earth upgrade) comes along the wave will be in perpetual motion.

R: – So the rebirth is the time lines ability to reform from its positive aspects rather than follow the markers laid by the regressives.

AR: – Yes

R: – Thank you