Time lines and skirmishes


Antemedi “I wish to comment on skirmishes in a different way. These are not unusual and can happen at different times with some installations moving around in any event. Many of these are ‘testing’ incursions – looking at how we react seeing if blind spots can be found. We have lots of strategies including creating the appearance of weak spots. Most often there can be much smoke and mirrors and a lot of fuss with little actually happening. One of the many reasons for raised awareness or fuss is to create distraction whilst other things take place. There are many forms of galactic confrontation however you tend to see these in linear form and without the inter-dimensional aspects involved. One area we focus carefully upon is time lines. Time lines are mainly created at higher soul level and form from composite needs of expression. These are also influenced by the actual choices made in the here and now but they can also be interfered with in several other ways. The following is one such way. Imagine in your mind that these are ‘programs of potential’ the information of the program can be bounced away from a ‘formed route’. If I refer to this as a time blip or bomb it may make sense. These are latent pieces of information (of possibilities) placed by those wishing to alter things. They can be covered by what might look like a blanket over a pathway. They are designed to attract the attention of the mass of humanity when you reach those points and for you to alter your time lines by your choices in the here and now altering it with your own energy. This is not quite the same as planning an event to create chaos or change where you are going – you can see these in the government’s manipulations around you. They are energetic programs that you could believe as yours and some initially seem like good choices as they are disguised in that way because other blips or bombs are hidden further down the other paths of possibility if you are bounced on to them. We monitor time lines and are aware that distraction and confrontation has reasons that span more than one dimension. Do not forget one race may take advantage of distraction created by another one. Often there may be long periods of no interference for that to be distraction and effect complacency. It is of no worry that we can say this, as we do not need to hide our work in attending and monitoring energetic programs. It makes us no more or no less affective. You have free will but you are not always aware of how that may be manipulated.”