Acceptance of infinity


All: – We can begin where we left off. Your limited acceptance of infinity, the feel of it and that it cannot be encapsulated nor understood in the ways that you think. This infinite potential exists in all of us.

R: – I sense Arksar as well.

All: – He is beside you to your right and yet I speak to you as if from above and in front. Today is different, very different. We will use the visual metaphor that we need to get the ball rolling. With such an object it may move freely in any direction on a flat plane and it may even go up a ramp to achieve height. Yet its experience is dependent on the ground and its relationship to that. You could put the ball on your finger and spin it. Its relationship would be different because only a tiny section of the ball would be in contact with your finger. If you bounce the ball it will deform when it hits the ground or your hand. If we punctured the ball it would not act in any of these ways. If you saw the air inside as energy it could no longer function without the breath or air – there is no life. However when the ball was intact the breath/air had an experience of being separate, an individual or even thinking it is a ball because that’s its experience.

R: – So you are likening the breath and ball to my experience of life.

All: – Partly, however you are also aware and in communication with the outside air – though in effect all this is internal because you are the outside air. The ball could be a football kicked about by players who would then have fun, exercise and experience of winning and losing. The air remains in the ball till it decays or perhaps we should come along and remove the valve so that the air may be exchanged. Yet air is air what you are seeing is exchanged air and we are merely ascribing situations and concepts to air. We would like to move you away from this. You have to see what you think to help move away from it.

You know from past conversations that the air is also a part of a hologram and information field that pulses. That the air is a harmonic resonance of pulse energy ‘on off’. So it is all these things but the rules of the pulse energy are so different to the physical ones that you live your life within. The football may deform which is what you see but the alterations take place within the holographic information field. They sit with one another though they have different rules.

R: – This seems to be a very simple explanation.

All: – It has to be for good reason. The information field that alters does so to a program or format. In a similar way to Fibonacci math’s or fractals. There is creation and recreation. This is the current explanation of the realms within your potential grasp. But what of the realms above? The air outside the ball as you perceive it but the air is also part of the hologram. The pulse energy comes and goes into the information the ‘on-off’. Here and not here, expression, no expression. You think it has to go somewhere otherwise it wont return. Where does it come from and of what is it made – of these things you have neither conception nor ways to conceive. Metaphors and diagrams as maybe but that is insufficient.

You were told that creator pulse was turned off in parts of the universe so that matter did not continue to be made. The gas clouds created are part of the pulse the fact those eons pass before matter becomes planets is neither here nor there because the energy behind all of this was always there and does not experience time. These creators could do as they wish. The levels of creator energy are different to the co-creators soul group level. It is possible to see creation and harmonies as a form of program that ‘runs itself’ to a set of rules or parameters. A huge loving thought which becomes a thought form or program- created. In this way you may see it as an extension or a vessel in the similar way that your body is a created vessel. That’s why I said I am the breath in the frost of the morning. I am trying to give you a sense of these higher realms and how we think (though that’s just the best word for you at the moment). As co creators at our levels we create within the existing rules or parameters of the relevant realm.

R: – You said there was infinite possibility.

All: – infinite possibility includes infinite chaos as well. Because it’s a possibility it doesn’t mean you have to choose it because you haven’t and you require all possible experience.

R: – What if its chosen

All: – There are lower realms where light of love is not in use. Within the infinite you may choose love or not and you can see in your world what the lack of love and understanding creates a chaos in certain areas. The fall out from such choices gravitates to lower realms with some not very nice thought forms.

R: – So parameters of love which are not parameters- just a way of being.

All: – That is one way to see it- rules for each dimension are slightly different but they work in harmony like we explained above. As co-creators in soul group we were not involved in the initial creator energy though we are an extension because of it. We are held within another energy indeed worlds within worlds.

R: – You said you were the breath in the frosty air- so do you mean you are part of the consciousness program that are the time lines of coalescence. Is this why you don’t use the G word because that’s associated with the creation of all things and we are part of a complex thought form of expression and experience?

All: – In part- to use the G word would require a deeper more complex scenario. It is also a thought form of infinite possibility but able to do what it does because of us. You see a parent cannot be so unless it has children so that one-day the children become parents.

R: – That means the children will be the G word

All: – No- I a=m using metaphors. Lets say the children may grow up but they will not become the original creator parents. The loving nurturing thought form. There are also ‘gateways’ and impasses within its flux I used breath because it reflects the pulse and it had been used in your society before.

R: – I am shown some curved shapes where light bends round in a field to give great distance between object but in reality they are very close to one another as if these are pinch points or worm holes.

All: – The explanations on pulse form part of a larger picture- this diagram is only to stimulate you- to show that jump points already exist if you wish them to. However the key is to remember that every thing is holographic. So the sketch is a 2D representation of holographic information. The pulse exists everywhere; it is as if the breath comes out at every single point in the universe. The shape of the hologram or information field can of itself be changed.

Imagine a volume of information fields and you being able to see great distances way past much in the foreground. Reach in with your arm to a distant point and hold onto an area you want. Pull that towards you so that as you pull it to you it pulls you to it. Then there is no distance you step through as if you have gone inside out – pop just like that. I wanted you to get the feeling of it, as that’s an important way of understanding. You don’t bend the time space continuum, you move instantly though the information field in-between the pulses. Because you are information you pass instantly and on the next pulse you appear as solid hologram. You don’t move through space you move through the information of space.

R: – I don’t really understand.

All: – We know- think of this as the next paragraph or page it might seem like a long time but its in an instant. You receive the information in an instant, which you are now processing with our help. Information is not space nor does it need space.

R: – So the off space has not so much disappeared (though it has) it is just information for space to become space.

AR: Yes

R: – So is the information bent?

AR: – No – it doesn’t take up space – space doesn’t exist at that moment

R: – Gosh that’s hard to imagine- I can see why you described it as pulling with an arm, as if my 3ft arm could reach millions or trillions of miles. You had to leave some concept of distance because my mind could not see in any other way. That was clever

AR: – Granted, it goes without saying.

R: – So space is, then it isn’t so where does it go?

AR: – You mean the energy of it. It is the energy of the dimensions that sit side by side. It is the pulse that allows this.

R: – But the speeds are so fast. So the holograms within holograms existing within a field of pulse attuned to the ‘on’. So technically we are not there when the ‘off is’. We are just information. Good Greif information thought form. So we exist as thought form in the ‘off pulse’ in no space and in no time.

AR: – Let us say you are purely information but your information has infinite levels of vibration.

R: – Pow!

AR: – Just for lets say it will unfold. The pulse energy informs those levels of information to be vibrations of different harmonies. All is in the same space.

R: – Like the breath flowing through pulse energy 21-1216 2– so it gets finer and finer. The breath becomes the pulse? The information informs the breath as how to appear as pulse and as space and form. Without the pulse it is not even space or volume.

AR: – Good you are making progress. There will be more; we shall alternate between concepts of soul and the energetic presentation of that within the multitude of dimensions that exist.