Ice cave

robert art work 20-01-15 005

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The psyche of this woman is split into many facets a few reside in this cold but secure cave. Her aspects are clearly in angst and interact in such a way with each other that they maintain the status quo. Thoughts such as trying to solve feelings or giving up, showing emotions or hiding them, pretending it will all go away if she keeps still like a wounded animal. The thoughts are bound in fear, with each believing it is a separate entity and not part of the whole person.

The snow tiger and the bear represent mothers protecting their young as well as the woman and so she feels a degree of safety. However they use fear and aggression as a way of protecting fear, creating a seemingly unbreakable dilemma. In the distance a guide knows she is hiding and comes to help her resolve the situation and bring her out into the light.

End of judgement

robert art work 20-01-15 016

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A limited pallet of colours has been used for effect. The figures are inspired by ‘The appearance of Christ’ Annibale Carracci 1601 and ‘St Jerome’ Guido Reni 1640.

The ravine constricts the open water and along with other divides they represent duality. Smaller divides in the rocks point towards the viewer. One comes from the cave, the other from the boat, with the main figure sitting on that last line.

The boat brought the seeker to this place long a go to meditate on his life experiences. The cave is a hiding place no longer needed. The stark contrast between his flesh and the harsh rocks shows past painful mental struggles, which are a physical reality in the landscape.

A ravine exists between the candles the light from which gives opposite viewpoints when reading his life book. The ravines are made of strata laid down over a long period, each a layer of thought is separate, but joined. The plateaus indicate achievements made using judgement. The landscape has paradoxical elements the sand is pulverised rock, the broken up thoughts previously laid down. The sand appears as one colour but it is made of minute particles of different coloured rocks meaning that duality exists in everything if we look for it.

The candles are burning down and losing their significance in the new vibration. At last he looks up and sees a guide who brings oars and points away from separation towards the part of his mind that will allow further understandings.

Holographic universe

robert art work 20-01-15 019

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All is forged in the one eternal moment shown in the distance. The squiggles are the life times of one individual all happening in the same space. The one in the foreground is slowed down to show its holographic nature. Its not meant to be a movie film but a constantly vibrating energy experienced as solid. The silver lines are highest points of an individual’s consciousness able to move between all states in any place or any moment.

Lost in the snow

robert art work 20-01-15 021

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Have you seen the hidden images? The guide standing on a thumb, 2 hands to his left. A figure of a man is reposed in the background with his shoulder being the top of the mountain and his arm part of the ravine. The ram is a symbol of determination and fearlessness. It is a relatively normal snow scene but when you know what’s really there you can never see it as it was the first time. Its difficult to ‘un-know’ what you have learnt




robert art work 20-01-15 026


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There are many pairs of doors and arches that are duality thoughts. In addition some of the ideas of duality have been laid to rest in the gravestones so one can walk between those unhindered. If we go through any one of the doors we will distort or encounter the landscape beyond through that one sided thought. There is a singularity window high above but it doesn’t seem possible to get there. We are viewing all this through an archway in the foreground is it one of a pair and is that distorting our view?

Swept away

robert art work 20-01-15 028


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We can see an enticing cave opposite the one we are sheltering in. However the waves crash across the beach and may sweep us away if we move forward. Do we wait for a calmer moment in the sea (our life) or is it safe to walk in between the retreating waves. It may be comfortable to stay where we are but the call to move forward is ever present.

Distant portals

robert art work 20-01-15 034


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There is a path to the building in the distance but the way is not clear. We will definitely be able to get there because there is a path. But what will the view be like of our existing world when we look back on where we have come from? Perhaps we will return through the cave emitting the same energy as the building.

The seeker

robert art work 20-01-15 035


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The seeker walks mental pathways making discoveries on the way. Gateways and symbols draw him forwards as focal points. The figure has been borrowed from Gustave Courbet. Distractions to his journey and faces are hidden surreptitiously within the painting. The journey is hampered by the negative thoughts and misconceptions he carries- the sad face on the baggage. He has not yet recognised the mental landscape. He is indeed walking along the palm of his own hand. The rocks on the left are fingers and to the right is his thumb. The hand represents his own inner knowledge but that he doesn’t know he has it.

Low tide

robert art work 20-01-15 038


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Inspired by Atkinson Grimshaw the painter of moonlight. There is something special about a mackerel sky that has different colours created by light refracting in the water vapour of clouds. The moon is directly above the head of one of the faces in the clouds. He can be seen better from the left side in a similar way to the skull in Holbein’s painting of the Ambassadors. We are required to shift our current perspective to see more clearly.


robert art work 20-01-15 041

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There is something engaging about a ruin its dilapidation and decline a lost treasure in decay. Inspired by the light burning through the old window I’ve tried to show layers in the landscape. Looking at a large dewdrop we can nearly see a separate world. In a similar way colours twinkle separately on the cobweb that drags down under the weight of the dew. Ivy begins to take over consuming that which was once a wall built with pride. The wall signifies a barrier to the world beyond it. The ruin yet another and the receding colours of the landscape and beyond to the world and the stars in the sky

New dawn

robert art work 20-01-15 043


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Owls are an old symbol of wisdom perhaps because their eyes point forwards like ours. The Greek goddess of wisdom Athena was often depicted holding one. In this case the owl is bringing new light and wisdom into a very barren landscape. A master is present to welcome her arrival. He is small indicating the enormity of his task ahead. He is also painted red to show that he is different to the landscape around him that is painted with a limited palate.


Moons rapture

robert art work 20-01-15 048


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Can moments of self-rapture and oneness be encapsulated in a painting? Complete and utter peace without loss of thought. Is it possible for you to fall in to the painting to feel you are actually there and become lost in that moment, contemplating the view.

Stone circle

robert art work 20-01-15 053

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Stone circles do have an amazing energy that resonates within them. To earth centred religions as well as contemporary pagans, the circle represents the feminine spirit or force. In this case there is a centre stone that signifies the creative spark as well as the merging of male and female energies. The flat stones indicate the accumulation of human understanding.

Sky path

robert art work 20-01-15 058

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We tend to see the colour of the sky muted near the horizon because we are looking at it through more of the atmosphere. In this case the colour has been inverted so it looks as though there is an ocean above us. The use of Inca stonework indicates a way of being that we have forgotten. In the distance the path seems to wind away from the sky so that we cannot reach it by being earthbound.

Water source

robert art work 20-01-15 060

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The image of the woman comes from a Pre-Raaphaelite painting which some how captures both beauty and purity. She is channeling energy and adding it to the water. As it becomes diluted it cannot be seen but is still there. We are nearly at the source high in the mountains. With no tributaries the water is welling up from the ground against all natural earth bound laws. There is more water in the foreground than coming from the source so it has an ability to expand to more than it was.

Mind map

robert art work 20-01-15 066

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The white lines are pathways that can be walked in any direction across the void. Where an area has nearly been walked it is partially understood so its colour is muted. When it has been fully walked it exists and becomes solid and vibrant. Some pathways seem dead ends but they are just exceeding current boundaries. Its possible to be anywhere on every path, at any moment without the need to walk because the ‘work of walking’ has already been done.


robert art work 20-01-15 070

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The flagstones are well worn from those who have walked this path before. All who follow find it easier to climb. The woman looks vulnerable with just a light cloth held in her hands. She does not have her hands free as she moves forward so if she were to need them the cloth would drop exposing her nakedness. It shows she has nothing to hide and no shame so she can be seen for whom she really is.

Palm light

robert art work 20-01-15 071

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Someone very dear to me is gently holding love in her hands and using its light to explore the world around. If it were held tightly or restricted it would make the world around her much darker. It could float away but it does not because it to is nurtured with gentility.


robert art work 20-01-15 074

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Higher self is seen as a reflection. A spirit guide can be seen talking to the woman when she was a baby with it having its own reflection. Higher self is also depicted as an older sister on the beach with reflections in the water. In the present moment the woman has her guide speaking to her. The arch represents a doorway and a dividing bridge showing an alternative reality. The ‘Sketch figures’ are the ethereal information streaming through the divide. They are events and people either coming into her life or leaving. Some figures are interwoven such that a beard becomes a woman’s head or two faces are one. I am the only person looking out, as if I am reflected in a mirror but at the same time existing within the painting because my hand is painted on the woman’s shoulder.




robert art work 20-01-15 085

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A deep ravine blocks the woman’s way forward. Bridges are forming and decaying so nothing seems solid. Light shines from way above indicating the journey upwards. Her guide is helping by using scrolls of wisdom, a scrying pool of intuition and pendulum for dowsing with higher self.


robert art work 20-01-15 086

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This pathway has gone to lower depths. Parts of the subconscious are hiding believing they are separate entities. Some are clearer to see than others. Once these aspects are harmonized and understood they can rejoin the whole when they walk as one into the brighter area.


robert art work 20-01-15 089

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This is a concept that has been purposely left unfinished with first coat only figures. Stopping its formation seems to ask more questions. Will it develop or melt back to where it came from? There is a woman shining brighter, some in the crowd are drawn towards her light and benevolent energy. The closer they get the more they are transformed. Yet others in the crowd walk past oblivious not even seeing her. They made from the same energy as the matrix – the same two colours red and green. The streets and buildings of the matrix are waning, blurring back in to the energy they were made from. The old way is beginning to disappear. No need to finish or add energy to that which has had its time.

Cave lights

robert art work 20-01-15 092

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We can see through the still water in the foreground because fallen rocks shade the area from bright light. The idea is to look up and move from the clear shallows if only to squint into the light. There are faces in all areas of the rocks. A bright master stands on the left giving a lecture to those around him. There is a female figure on the right giving feminine balance. Both figures initially look like cave exits because one has to go through them – their understanding in order to move on again.


robert art work 20-01-15 097

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I was shown how some light workers were actually transforming the collective consciousness in what appeared to be a barren landscape. In a way it was a bit like the terraforming using thought. The background vibration is beginning to change so anyone who entering will be able to see it more easily. I spent quite some time there conversing. There is a light behind the light worker but you might need to increase the size of the image to see the intricacies within it.


robert art work 20-01-15 099

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The woman has passed over and her grieving relatives can be seen in the spectacles. The spectacles are the current ways of thinking and only when they are removed can our eyes see more.

North sea rollers

robert art work 20-01-15 100 robert art work 20-01-15 101 robert art work 20-01-15 109

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In the sandy coloured waters of the Norfolk coast a wave is shown forming, breaking and foaming. The birth, life and death of waves can be seen in such quick succession that they appear as a continuous entity. Each painting is a moment in time that captures the transitory motion of waves as they appear and disappear.

The stopped waves enable us to see in-between the fabric weave of time to see that life forms part of an alternative reality. If we “off focus” from what we expect to find something different appears.

All the paintings have faces and bodies that form part of the spume. Each is in varying degrees of formation from instantaneous creation to destruction in a similar way to the wave itself. We cannot see what is hidden till we are shown but because we cannot always see doesn’t mean there is nothing there.


Half life

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The landscape is devoid of life as if it’s waiting to start life. Pathways go in several directions so choices abound, but the child’s choices are split. The hidden figures are the child’s fears. She is afraid of them so stays where she is. Whist she is sad she has some comfort in her thoughts. She is afraid to leave the snowdrops, which are comforting thoughts. The child feels it is better to have a half-life of pain and comfort than nothing at all. The two guides are trying to show her that there are other choices.

Woodland temple

robert art work 20-01-15 108

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The temple is resonating and sending out vibrations of thought. The curved arches enhance the harmonies, their strength and projection. The very high frequencies make the temple glow so much that the clouds are illuminated from below.

Meeting place

robert art work 20-01-15 110

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Stumbling through the pines we come across standing stones reflecting the glow of energy in their midst. A place to meet with others whilst standing, backs to the stones looking toward the centre. Flecks in the night sky show that it to is filled with energy.


robert art work 20-01-15 111

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A series of steps rise from the right till they reach an invisible barrier. On one side the ground reflects everything. Spheres and other objects have moved up the steps but some have become stuck in reciprocal depressions. The tallest monolith has been built short of the barrier and no matter how high it cannot exceed its own limitations. The tall wooden yardstick accepts energy that bleeds down through stone blocks. The shorter monolith is built part beyond the invisible barrier because its yardstick has been broken and discarded. The energy flowing through this monolith comes from the top. Will the green sphere have enough inertia to reach its monolith?


robert art work 20-01-15 112

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Plants grow upwards as if supported on strings or floating in water. The woman contemplates how this is possible. She may never know or turn around to the answers but does it matter if she is at peace within such wonder.

Follow me

robert art work 20-01-15 117

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Internet resource image of a girl has been changed to a different atmosphere. One girl leads the other out of decaying misty woodlands. They are the same girl but the one who escaped the woods earlier has come back for her residual self who follows with reluctance some distance behind.


robert art work 20-01-15 118

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We can see through doors even though they are not open. Pathways go in circles, lead to others, have dead ends or go to the horizon. Avoiding some initial difficulties means we could end up crossing that path later. Dead ends are not what they seem as we have to turn around and go back through the same door but in opposite direction. That’s a different experience walking in reverse through that door and on the same path, which may take us somewhere different. Reaching the destination is not the main purpose – the experience is.

Heavens above

robert art work 20-01-15 120

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The figure outlined with stars was inspired by Dali’s colossus. Made of several constellations and star systems he towers into the heavens. With all his achievement and might he still has to shield his eyes from the light he cannot reach. Yet way down on the planet the same light casts its presence and is embraced without effort.


robert art work 20-01-15 123

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This 15th century image of St Jerome had such depth I felt a strong desire to paint it in a completely different context. Studiously experimenting for a whole lifetime the alchemist is no further forward. He is unaware that the planet surface is collapsing or that he is close to the edge. The landscape was formed from humanities past achievements hence the old symbols, bodies and faces within it. He looks up to see an owl presenting him with new information. No matter how clever or how hard working he has been he cannot achieve enlightenment through the ways of the past.

Smoke and mirrors

We live in a reality where everything is a mirror of itself. A living holographic program a matrix and a construct. As in all realms  ‘what we believe we create’and it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy or it does until we see the reality of our world ‘that there is nothing other than a reflection of our thoughts and ourselves’ There is no ‘either or’ – ‘there is no good that cannot exist without bad’ – a world of duality. But measurements and judgments can fade away and in this way the mirror can show nothing – literally no-thing. Then we can see all is an illusion of our own making. Yet we live in a reality of majority consensus – so it continues to provide the same experience but for a few the experience is now ‘living in it knowing what it is’.The photo only covers half the painting because there are other worlds through the door in the mirror.  Worlds created by different constructs and vibrations.

Can you feel what its like to view our world from this alternative perspective?