The isness


Arksar: – The other day we were talking about perceptions and pre-thoughts or prefixes defining or changing the meaning of a word. What if we did it the other way round, rather than rough wood or polished wood we just used rough or polished.

R: – That would leave things open ended it could be anything from rough sea to rough justice.

AR: – Quite- so little purpose in that then – we could relate to feelings by saying feeling rough.

R: – Then there is the prefix ‘feeling’ which locates it.

AR: – So location a bit like the vibrational pattern for humanoid with the circle below indicating planet or place of location as well as dimensional location.vibration pattern 2

R: – That’s interesting as I am looking at that shape you are showing me I can see the energy form in that shape with either energy going in or coming out of the top.

AR: A capsule of energy encasing other energies within it. You can see from this that humans on your planet are locked down within the totality of aura self and the experience of separation. Where as the other vibrations are more open- the deity receiving and transmuting energies being in more than one location. The angelic formations exuding light and love.

I have used these examples to get you into a state of mind to think about the ability to be open without need for references or precursors. Free your mind of thoughts of who you are and what you can or can’t do. Once there was a time when all this mattered.

R: – You said that before

AR: – Yes I know, I am allowed to repeat myself. Once there was a time when all this mattered but it doesn’t now- what matters if anything does matter is to see that ‘nothing matters’. Of course I am not denying that love exists and is relevant to you because you believe that ‘love matters’. So let us look through the perspective that ‘nothing matters’. Duality can have its effect so we could say that a feeling of nothing matters would be experienced within depression or that someone would have to not care about themselves or others to believe such a thing. However we are using prefixes (care and depression) to define what doesn’t matter. What about ‘nothing matters’ on its own when its not fixed to anything. If we turn it on its head we can say that which is ‘no-thing matters’ – so that which does not exist matters. How can that be if it’s not a thing if it doesn’t exist even as a thought how can it matter? Your original interpretation of nothing matters was ‘no-things matter’ as ‘anything’- in other words all things do not matter. These are the opposite of what I was trying to say – these are different interpretations from within your psyche. So what is ‘matters’? – Significance to some one or something. So if there is nothing or no one there can be no significance and therefor it matters not – there is nothing to be of matter.

R: – Very interesting play on words

AR: – It’s more than that my friend, you wait and see how I shall open this up for you. That which exists or doesn’t exist can matter and not matter in either or each. That is a synopsis of what I have unfolded but you could only understand it because of the explanation, which preceded it. The point of all this is to explore ‘relevance’- You tend to see things in terms of their relevance to you. The impact or outcome – even to say its just relevance to your nearest and dearest eventually becomes its relevance to you. So I would say that the majority of the time you are thinking through the thoughts of ‘relevance to you’

R: – I can see your point except that some of the channeling is what comes straight through.

AR: – There are times like that but that is not so at this moment because you are wondering about the relevance of this conversation to you.

R: – Indeed

AR: – We shall soon arrive at that. How do we make information or sensations ‘not relevant to you’? In a way we could say that’s not possible because all these thoughts have an impact upon you no matter how big or small they are. Thus all that you encounter is of relevance in some way. It is ‘self’ interpreting information through self but in terms of relevance. For example what should you use the information for – what can be done with it, what if there is no use for it?

R: – If there is no use for it then its useless information.

AR: – So you need to find a point for something, a use for it otherwise its useless information. You felt that my opening lines today were useless but they were a stepping-stone to this point. So that which seems useless could have a use that you don’t know about. However your stumbling block is that you do like things to have some use otherwise it feels like a waste of time and effort or energy.

R: – Yes

AR: – So you interpret information through that and as I said in the earlier information you viewed as pointless or a waste of time.

R: -Yes you have great insight

AR: – Indeed I do- which I am able to say because its truth and therefore that is not a boast- that can not exist within what I say for I speak the truth and that matters the most above anything – above and beyond the need to have a reaction of praise. You have precursors to new information, trying to see where it can be slotted in.

R: – So how to change this?

AR: – Do you need to change it?

R: – You were inferring that I shouldn’t interpret through ‘relevance’

AR: – All things can be relevant in some way

R: – Unless they are not.

AR: – That is so- let me continue to unfold this for you. In the beginning things mattered but they do not now because these things no longer have relevance to you. They once mattered but they no longer do- so relevance can change back and forth.

R: – Or not at all

AR: – Yes – what if I were to say to you “you do not matter”

R: – That would be untrue at the moment – I matter to my family and me but many years after my death here I will have no relevance to those that inhabit the earth, so as you say it can be either.

AR: – What if I was to say you don’t matter at all.

R: – That would not be true because even after I am dead and experiencing another plane I would matter to me.

AR: – Yes but put that aside and take the point- you don’t matter at all even to yourself

R:- That’s quite a depressing feeling to be devoid of love.

AR:- I didn’t say devoid of love or not being loved.

R:- But that’s what matters loving and being loved.

AR: – To your way of thinking that is value or relevance of love, that without it- it is nothing of relevance. However I am talking of nothing matters at all.

R: – So nothing of relevance in terms of what gives definition or purpose or worth

AR: – Yes- pure unadulterated love or information. Not constrained by relevance. Can you see how relevance changes purity?

R: – Yes but it has to have purpose or use!

AR: – No it does not – it just is – it is the isness. You have touched the isness many times but through the thought of relevance to you and for what purpose. The isness just is. Whilst it could and can contain purpose and no purpose, it is you that superimposes them upon the isness. No judgment no purpose no ‘not purpose’ what ever you want it to be it will be for you – it is all there in the purity of love. This love is one that you could not conceive of at this level, it is nothing and all – you see your reflection in it and see the isness through your reflection. When your reflection is clear you will see the isness in its true glory. Love without precursors even without usefulness or relevance.

R: – Wow! This is wonderful – It just all fades away like nothing is of relevance when you feel and see this. How does one exist within here?

AR: – However you like- as you are now till you change – you are in the isness, it is you. You are your own reflection in it.

R: – This is an extraordinary feeling – nothing matters and all is well – it is not unwell – it’s all just how I think, like stopping creating an image or a reflection.

AR: – let us walk further into the isness

R: – We walk further in; at the moment I am seeing it as yellow and orange colours like a sunset. We are walking past other people who are in a digital vibrational format (harmonics) we are walking towards a lighter area

Voice: – “Welcome to the isness of your soul group”. (It’s a very strange voice within me as if he/she speaks as very many) “Of course at this level of soul I am indeed many including you. Let me begin your talk, which may or may not be of relevance to you” (he/she winks at me in humour).

You are here and you are here in the isness. You are in both places and more. DIA In the centre as it were- you could say you are all things but in the center you could say. The isness only has relevance to the way the other souls are reacting to it. It gives all sorts of mental and emotional energies the form that people experience. That is its relevance. It gives, it receives, it does all, and it does nothing. It is beyond description.

R: – Oh I can now understand that phrase in greater fullness- because to describe is to ascribe a perspective and relevance

Voice: – Good then you are in touch with no-relevance – just is. What more can be said than that?

R: – Nothing more to do not even to be (even though I am being and thinking) the isness is all and all soul groups are connected to it

Voice: – Put down your pen and explore with us a while.

Time passes

R: – Well that was interesting.

AR: – You exist there and here of course, though your present awareness is through your current experience.

R: – Does this mean I will not put relevance to information that comes- I still feel relevance at this level.

AR: – Indeed that is so- wait and see what unfolds

R: – Looking back on what you have said I can see you took me around the edge of a sphere of information and the journey became like a disintegrating orbit and if you had taken me head on into it I would not have grasped it in its fullness. Thank you