Multidimensional Soul 5


After a fairly deep session Aqueena has explained that she is a part of my higher self.

R:- So Aqueena, you are a one twelfth part of my soul but not my twin flame.

Aq:- That is correct

R:- Where do you reside?

Aq:- Where do you think.

R:- Well I guess within your heart but you know what I meant

Aq:- Yes indeed I did. You feel your channeling should be a little more incisive with more information and references. Well as to soul parts or soul partners as I would call them-we are in contact across many dimensions and can communicate very freely when necessary.

R:- Is it unusual for ones soul part to be a guide?

Aq:- It would be- however I wouldn’t class my self as that in our communication, just a soul part reaching out to another soul part.

R:- And the residing.

Aq:- Well that depends on when as much as anything or which part of your soul partners you are talking to.

R:- So are you incarnated?

Aq:- A part of me is on another dimension- you see everything as incarnate or discarnate, it’s not quite like that on some of the higher realms.

R:- So who would incarnate Aqueena be and what part of her are you?

Aq:- In order to understand that you need to be progressed a little further on in your understanding of yourself and how the levels work. Great pains were taken to explain this before and you would need to revisit that. You are accessing me through your ‘conscious brain’ or your conscious present awareness that’s working through your brain. You have many other levels of consciousness. You are accessing higher levels of consciousness within your soul. You tend to see things in terms of Robert or Robert’s higher consciousness – however now you more readily accept the concept and reality of soul parts you are accessing those soul parts. Yet within that concept you see Aqueena as levels, which in itself is fine. However you are not in touch with Aqueena incarnate as that would not be conducive to her evolvement.

R:- Well it depends which hologram or incarnation she is in.

Aq:- There is that to

R:- So it could have been Robert higher self-speaking with me

Aq:- Yes – but you are you see. These are other higher levels of yourself but at the level you are at you are able to speak to this part of me- you are accessing your other soul partners consciousness.

R:- For what purpose?

Aq:- Love of self

R:- I am able to talk with Telenatey who is incarnate in a hologram

Aq:- Yes he is of the capacity on his dimension to communicate at soul partner level, as can you at yours

R:- So in your place you speak from the now- where is that and what’s it like

Aq:- Wonderful – I can create around me all the things I need. You create but you don’t often see that you create. There are joint creations also. I reside more in the energetic forms of creations If you see an Aura for example I would be the energetic Aura or morphic field that supports the physical – though for me its very tangible not just floating energy as you might imagine- Just another hologram with form.

R:- As well as this, you are incarnate on another hologram- that’s difficult to feel from where I stand. What do you feel and think and how does Aq incarnated feel and think

Aq:- The same

R:- But you have understanding, wisdom and light body

Aq:- Yes

R:- So are you removed from her feelings

Aq:- In a way- this is a very complicated subject to try and explain and this is only a ‘taste’ for, as you know information builds to create a different picture as you go along. So initially imagine you are aura energy form and try to move a physical hand. If the hand is willing it will move-if not it will disregard my desires. Though it isn’t my purpose to go around trying to make the body do what I want.

R:- So its like working with a person that doesn’t often do what you want.

Aq:- Well that depends on what you mean by my wants – I desire that Aqueena body self consciousness experiences much and grows as much as she can- she has the free will to choose – But I am some what limited by the need for certain events to take place for her to encounter what she needs – though I do help out. Can we leave this subject to another time its difficult to explain in word terms you can understand.

R:-Thank you for your help or should I say thank me for my help.

Aq:- Good the more you think like that the easier it is to merge with these energies and see and be at one from the position that you had often thought of as observer higher self. It’s not like that at all. I remember you ranting and railing against our higher self in your earlier days when you were facing challenges that you could not walk around. And here you are with a completely different set of concepts that are challenging you!

R:- I appreciate y/our sentiments.

Aq:- And of course I/we are here as constancy every single moment of now