Time and causation – Orlaka

A: – Thoughts can become determination, action and deeds – these create an experience and the energy of experience I shall call resultant energy. Resultant energy becomes causational energy for the next thoughts and deeds. In my world that kind of energy does not dictate to us. No pump priming no background thoughts just peace, love and awareness from which to act. We think and undertake tasks without fear or need for reward.  This you have experienced before on our biosphere- it cannot be explained to those that have not felt it. Love of the self is its own reward- though reward does not exist here as I showed in my short utube story – The Boy the Beast and the Nothingness.

We have a different take on causational energy. Orlaka is here and she wishes to give her perspective on that.

Orlaka: – Peace and goodwill to all the universe in its wide variety of expressions. May the conflict of will and desire create the expressions it needs- but only for as long as the opponents desire – may they gain full knowledge of what they do and why they do it. May eyes be opened and hearts fulfilled so that expressions of self shall be created through love and understanding.

R: – That’s just like a prayer

OA: – It follows Antemedi’s words about causational energies and the human repetition of them – mostly in blindness.

My words were also an energetic projection. They are very subtle and you have to know what I meant in order to understand what I said.


As part of that subject I wish to return to previous explanations about my realm and how we live as 9thdensity Arcturians. We are very involved with those of you who are part of our souls – Joint souls in other forms of humanoid expression on our timelines. Previously I said that I could alter my own time lines. It does however leave a lot of questions to be answered. Yet what questions and from where? If the questions are from your reality that requires much explanation. The difference between our realities needs to be understood in order to understand what I say. It is also very difficult for your reality to see mine when it’s hampered by misunderstanding the nature of its own reality. So I need to be careful how I put these concepts forward. It is well within my capabilities but on the edge of some of yours. We helped you to understand the concepts of ‘nothingness’- these were given specifically to help with the mental and emotional differences between us.

When I said reaching back in time to change myself that is a challenging concept for your linear world to understand. For you what has passed has been and then gone – if not it still exists.

We were however at great pains to show you causational energy as opposed to an individual’s energy or soul energy. If I am altering the causational energy at a certain point – say for you right now in your life – then I am altering your perception of the moment – and to an extent the next moment because your reactions to the now will have altered. I can see this from outside time and how it plays out in love. Because we do not have desires and needs in the same way as you, we do not corrupt this level of program to meet our needs!  Action through the love of self without ‘conditions or conditioning’- living in an energy that is free from constraints.

R: – How can you alter timelines to be who you are. You have to be it already in order to go backwards to change it- then that’s altering you who you are already by altering the way you get here – its nonsense.  I do however understand when you say you are changing causational energies.

OA: – Let’s look at those points you made. I am already me – to you this seems wrong that I should reach back and change things to be who I am now, when to your thinking I can only be me if I had already made those changes.

R: – So are you doing the changes again or just reliving the changes?

OA: – Ah there is the crux of the matter. There are many versions of a universe running at the same time. In which case it’s down to you to choose one of those as your timeline because they all run concurrently.  The choosing is the causational energy, which by action becomes resultant energy. Part of the resultant energy can be used to form the next causational energy but part exists as residual energy.

R: – But somehow this has already happened. You are you because of what you have done and what you have altered. So are you the actual outcome of that?  Or the potential outcome of that?  The reality of it or the possibility?

OA: – Are they not all part of the same thing? In the same way you are me.

R: – Are you some future version of me – but not the only one.  You’re either helping to change or have changed my life experience, which is yours. Are you altering or shortening the life story- perhaps embellishing or editing- the resultant energies.

OA: – You are getting there. This is done by several versions of yourself on higher vibrations

Imagine you have lived many lives and you come to these realisations as me. As Orlaka you could look over the past as if it were present time as if past did not exist. To help let’s make comparisons to your life.  You have karma or outcomes that you wish to put right.  You may suffer another’s sword with love knowing this will give them the opportunity to feel what it is like to wound. All sorts of human and soul experiences can be expressed. You become more aware of what these expressions have done to the energy of the universe – to the energy of yourself – Universal outcome energy. You can transform the unhelpful energy because it was created by you during those expressions and now you have the opportunity to alter it.

R: – Clean up the universe.

OA: -Yourself and your own backyard. However I am concerned about your terminology, cleanup is not the right word it gives judgement to previous events and experiences. I would say it’s more a question of changing the vibratory nature of certain frequencies and thoughts.

R: – So you reach back to change these resultant energies. But they alter timelines from the multitude of original ones.

OA: – You are catching on. I am indeed changing the resultant energies.  Now then- in the context of time for your benefit- if I altered last week’s energy to give it the same awareness as me now nothing will have altered before that.  But if I then go back to three weeks or out of phase I will have altered week 2 by altering week three- but week one was already altered.

R: – But that’s hard to accept that you are not altering and these changes don’t alter you again in the present that you speak from. Furthermore by altering week three surely that will affect week one which you have previously altered.

OA: – I alter the energies of the universe and I am the universe as are all beings. You may think that shoulders a great responsibility but that is your human interpretation which does not exist here in the same way.

R: – Okay- you are altering the resultant and causational energies.  Sort of going backwards counting down from 100 to zero or other increments.  So when you get back to number one or causational energy number one you will have amended or changed all of your energies that make you who you are now.

OA: – In a way but there are also elements above me changing energies.

R: – Phew- so what now happens?  Do you work your way back up from 1 to 100?

OA: – Yes that’s the easy part – if ‘easy’ actually exists.

R: – And that’s what I’m doing?

OA: – Yes- but there are stages when you become aware of the wider picture because your causational energies have changed. This gives more and more experience.

Imagine you look at Robert but from a more evolved self – that you are Orlaka helping Robert.  That awareness will alter your causational energies so your time line Robert becomes aware that he is already evolved in the universe. He will experience this from perspective number one or other increments.  He becomes aware that he is being helped by himself and he is evolving quickly. Higher increments on your scale of 100 are also changing thought patterns and you are able to see the final outcomes. There are many experiences from the same experience just different points of perspective or viewing. A being of multi-perspectives-an inter-dimensional being.

R: -So I have already lived this life –I am just regulating and creating new causational energies, which become my resultant energies in this dimension as well as yours – which are already done.  I’m just altering this program- altering the causational energies.

OA: – Yes – wonderful isn’t it anything and everything can be changed.

R: – You mean that the resultant energies can be changed – what of the memories of the resultant energies?

OA: – You have released and let go of many energies, thought patterns and ways of living. You can have them as memories they do not affect or dictate to your present. They are no longer causational energies. The fears and trials have softness – a gladness for all the learning they brought to you. They are not relevant and you do not energise them.  You do not need to recreate them as resultant energies.

R: – Okay what of energy in timelines?

OA: – The original timelines and infinite possibilities create me. These timelines are being reformulated to change resultant energies, which become the formative energies of your next footstep.

R: – But the Andromedans can see future events and change their now to have a different future. But if I avoided unfortunate future events I might not get the learning I need in the experience.

OA: – True but you don’t need to repeat them when you have learnt from the sponsoring thoughts. Not all suffering is removed only the resultant energies- this is the softness.

R: – I am you – down here changing these resultant energies – failing and not failing – Am I re-experiencing them in a different way?

OA: – Your questions show their formation from the resultant energies you are working through. I do not wish to work through the way that you see it because that requires repetition of what you have already been told about the way you think. Instead embrace unconditional love as the primary objective and let’s see if things can unfold within that rather than needing to be re-clarified in your patterns. It’s only half a footstep towards me then you will mentally remove yourself from the needs of the earth resultant energy.  You will be receiving my thoughts whilst in a different mental pattern.

R: – (I move forward)

OA: – Let us refresh our work but in a slightly different way. Assuming I am complete (though there is no such thing) perhaps not incomplete is more expansive. I do not look towards or receive energy from any position that defines or incorporates- completeness, competence or skill. These are all based in degrees, values and measurement. Assume I exceed description.

In which case I’m not limited by description and I am limitless- I am the realisation of that infinity and I live with it. It is not a concept for me it is part of my processing, it is my way of life.

Once you tried to understand ‘limitlessness’ by defining it- you experienced and realised the futility of that. I am not restricted or hampered by desires such as yours. Love has no conditions and no value system – it just is.  You may think I’m relaxed but even that is conditional upon being relaxed from something.

R: – Thank you- I get it – the more I try to find out about you the more I am confounded by my own limitations and the vibration I live in.

OA: – And so this process requires nothing from you.  You can bring nothing from your field of operation that will help you understand me.  The only help can come from me.

R: – So I would be lost without you.

OA: – Not really – I can’t lose myself unless I want to. Please do not question at the moment- later if you wish but now it slows the process.

It could be said taking all the things into consideration I have formulated the best way forwards. Firstly best is a value but more to the point there is no forwards or backwards.  What we talked about earlier you perceived in a linear fashion. For your ease of processing I worked around the figures of zero to 100 that you put forward. They were a footstep to here but now we can dispense with those figures altogether. Mans repeated stories are the ones that fit within the formula of his worldviews. Your linear view sees things from a fixed position.

If you watched a spaceship move you will see it pass across your field of vision.

If I were looking from behind I would see it leaving me. If I were ahead I would see it coming towards me.  For the moment let us say I have your perspective and the other perspectives. When looking at a very fast receding craft one can only perceive its reflected light in the eyes – it will have already passed that position before you see its reflected light.

So where is it and what is where? – Its not forward either, that has yet to be. As a craft gets closer to a forward view point one would see all the possibilities mounting up in front of it. However if I am spacecraft the occupant and all the perspectives- then amount of experiences available to me is vast. But which perspective do I choose why and when?

By choosing I split focus or concentrate upon one viewpoint. When I do so it gets flooded by focus information. In this way all the other perspectives could be overlooked or I could forget I had other viewpoints.  Yet in the spacecraft I could be aware of all the other ways of viewing. This focus is the experience of viewing from a distance – the experience of looking at the journey of oneself.  Within the spacecraft the journey is still being experienced as different moments of now.

Now imagine the same spacecraft can be in different positions – say perfectly aligned one on the left and one on the right.

If you look from your linear or side perspective you will only see one craft when there are three. Do you now see the limitations of your fixed view? There are other perspectives above, below, in front and behind these will allow you to see three craft.

A long while back Antemedi gave you some similar diagrams of timelines. Imagine creative energy – seamlessly hopping from one craft to the other  – it is after all the same craft of information potential.


In your earth experience at the moment it feels like one timeline – you would be unaware of switching potential realities.  But at my level we can be aware of all this because we have multiple points of focus.

Now- condense all this down and remove forward motion from your thoughts. A still frame. Changing a point of focus can also change your experience.  So if you and the majority of mankind get wrapped up in one point of focus then what you believe becomes the experience and the time line. You create from what you believe. What you believe is focus and resultant energy.

Because I am all these points of focus and I live in a non-linear way, I can understand you- what you say and what you believe.

I wish to push this further and say – not only are there many perspectives but nothing really moves there is no movement its all within a bubble. I shall explain what you think is an extraordinary statement

Begin to see the present now, the eternal now and time lines as the bubble. Timelines change within the bubble, which is infinitesimal. The number of bubbles is infinite as they disappear and reappear they create what appears as one moment following into the next. Your body occupies an enormous amount of bubbles so as you write these words your fingers appear to move but they are being recreated in a different place in a different bubble.

Your whole body is being recreated in bubbles. The more you see the bubble in flux- ‘on and off’ the more you become at home with infinity – which is you. I am showing infinite possibilities of soul expression within the original concept of pulse energy and holographic matter as outlined by Antemedi and Arksar.

R: – (previous explanations of how information fields, harmonies and pulse energy create vibrational dimensions)

OA: – As well as the ‘fluctuating now’ this constant changing of bubbles gives the appearance of movement.  Pulse energy fluctuating ‘on and off’ in a bubble appears as form.  Bubbles so small that they are the nature of the universe – the building blocks of different vibrational levels.

R: – I am seeing all this as you present it- its mind-blowing stuff. Its like the ‘energetic soup’ a phrase coined by Sylana. Everything at this level just forms in different places- as if my desire affects the background information fields for the pulse to use.

OA: – Soul can express most anything it desires on different dimensions but what I have said are conceptualisations to help you understand.

R: – I can feel my mind boiling as it I’ve slipped back into the resultant and formative energy of – having to do things – of living on this planet.  As if the living here becomes more and more tedious and more and more unsustainable – repetitive when attached to the earth matrix of woes and fears.

OA: – A blip- you are assimilating this information, which is very different to your worldview. One answer was to slip back to the old way of being as if to retreat from the difficulty of fully understanding what I am saying.  However the retreat feels more difficult than staying with my explanations and me.

R: – You’ve hit the nail on the head!

OA: – What I have to impart comes in many threads. Many parts to a comprehensive explanation.  When you are in receipt of more threads it will make more sense.

When you’re here with me worries do not exist as a construct they are neither worrisome nor not worrisome.  I know of them very well but they do not have any creative or reactive power upon this dimension.   All is safe because we exist beyond the need for safety and beyond the energetic construct of safety.  Is and is not.  Let us take another moment to review.

Arksar and I talked of the great pulse- how it also flows to create different vibrational dimensions from the basic building blocks. These descriptions now make sense but at the time they were explained they seemed most unusual – as do the concepts put forward today. However they come from within the energetic vibration that reflects nothing nor creates resultant energies.  Each pulse here is a new.  Not dependent upon the previous pulse measurements or resultants. Creatively it is much more fluid.  When you first started talking in depth with me I said I was very fluid perhaps now you understand.

R: Being fluid could be a freedom but freedom does not even exist as a construct for you.

OA: – Indeed not.  It is taking quite a while for you to assimilate how to think in a place like this.

R: – If I am at the beginning of understanding what is it really like?

OA: – Ahh! So you hope another explanation will be easier than one I have just given!  Well this is the realm of multiple perspectives, variable viewpoints with fluidity of thought and form. We do have consensus- the consensus that all is variable and all that exists within unconditional love. Of course our needs are different to yours.  I’m not really sure I can even describe them as needs.  We have what ever we wish to create within unrestricted love.

R: – So interesting any more explanations?

OA: – Are you hoping that you may see here some of your earth lands reflected, some of your values or physical matter by consensus.

R: – I guess so- some sort of a mental foothold.

OA: – Very well let’s start with unconditional love- what does that look like?

R: – Incisive question- I expect it doesn’t matter what it looks like – that is to put value upon it.

OA: – Good- if you looked through the eyes of value you would not see this realm. What it looks like doesn’t matter because how you view it is unconditional. It could be anything or everything- which in essence is what it is. For you it is easier to love a pet unconditionally than it is to love other members of your society.

R: – We don’t expect anything back from a pet in the same way as humans.

OA: – That’s as maybe but its not our way.

We have energetic representations of many life forms from plants to animals’ -different types of minerals and crystals. It is different because they are energetic representations – they exist to coexist with us energetically. We simultaneously coexist with this realm as we do with the other parts of our soul self – like I co-exist with you. That is an existence a perspective and a focus- a fluid one. I experience you in a slightly different way to yourself. Yours being comparative mine being unconditional. We have technology awareness. We do not have your needs for sustenance- the energies here are sufficient. Do we do dwell separately and have common points of meeting? Yes I suppose so for your description needs. But what is common is fluid.  In some ways it may seem as if we are individually self-contained, self-sufficient in our own love – that is true but it is self-sufficient and shared unconditionally.

As to the technology for different purposes- at what point does a program or an energetic life become form?  There is a blurring that you cannot conceive. Soul Essence may define this level but technology programs are an extension of unconditional love.  In some ways there is less technology than you might think- certainly we do not have it for the same needs and desires as you. At what point does a ‘thought form’ created by thought become a thing? As I said consciousness programs can be blurred.

You see difference between energy, thought and things.  For us everything is energy thought and love. Can you imagine what its like to live in my dimension of energetic soup and energetic form co-existence. As to the free will of our souls – what is free will? The ability for a worm to go where ever it desires in soil?  You would contend the worm is unaware of freewill therefore it is not truly free.

Do you think you are free because you have awareness of freedom?  You are trapped in the prison you think is freedom – the prison of your own minds and of a linear view.

Yes the worm is an extreme example but I am reinforcing that our worlds are each a reflection of who we are and what we think – that covers everything. We are interconnected with everything so your concept of freedom and free will cannot exist here.

We are involved with many other life forms and sentient beings as well as our own trans dimensional selves.  How we interact with other entities depends upon their vibrational level.

R: – What of intergalactic councils?

OA: – That depends on the dimensional vibrations upon which they form – shall we to tone up or down?  I previously said we could project shadow images of ourselves.

R: – Holograms?

OA: – Not really it’s more about consciousness awareness. On lower dimensions much of the interaction is very low – it’s based in needs and betterments so we can only engage in like-for-like but we do try to lift the outlook. Remember some of these beings are soul extensions of us and we them so who is who after all?  We do make our presence known and we keep abreast of things.  However we are far more involved in helping on the higher levels of the beings involved.

Anyway what is help or change, when, where, how?

That really comes down to perspective and who is evaluating it and at what levels. A human evaluation of our input would be correct for its own evaluation with many unable to see what was going on at different dimensions of themselves.

There is little point in showing our fullness – If I were to do that you would not be able to comprehend and my light.

R: – You are incomprehensible

OA: – Thank you- I remind you of my initial blessing and projection of love – I have an observation that I should like you to ponder upon. It is deeper than it first appears- Unconditional love is not often valued in a land of values.

R: – Thank you