Unexpected Enlightenment

On a recent viewing I was shown a large intergalactic meeting hub. There were buffers or rams on the docking areas but it was also explained that these areas that extended out from the main hub were designed to collapse and break free though no accidents had happened so far. There was quite a business like feel to being shown around the inner perimeter and then into what I can only describe as an inner pod. Like rooms of octagon spaces that fitted together for stability and safety. Seems over design is par for the course though each separate internal pod had very different feelings to them. Some were large conference areas most with an external view though I was shown a darker room perhaps with a screened window. Seating sloped down to a platform occupied by 2 blue light beings. There was general talk and interaction, which was mostly light transfer. However one of them focused on to me and I recognised her as Orlaka.
“Hello Robert I spoke with you recently regarding residual energies within different dimensions of the universe. How we can revisit past life times and transmute energy that was left behind. Our past also includes many of you who are part of our previous soul expressions. One of the things we are looking at today is Equine energy. Do not look so baffled we all have a responsibility to those animals as well as many others. Some of our residual energies are part of theirs. Man has used or should I say misused horses donkeys and the like for thousands of years. Beaten berated and used in battle – sliced bombed and terrified by all manner of noises and explosions. This not just of old and ancient times but for example – the fields in Flanders where they suffered 100 years ago. The point to all this is -that these negative energetic forces were created by man and it is only man that can deal with what he has created- we are helping with such realisations upon higher levels of you.
Many look forward to the uplift and of course there will be a switch in an instant, as if the time line has changed not only the now but the past now –
the residual energies.
Oritie previously spoke about clearing some of the mental pathways so there was less resistance mentally to the big change when it came. Many think Ohh!! It’s just going to happen and it’s going to take me along with it. Yes true in the main – but perhaps now you can begin to understand the depth and multitude of layers we are working at. Removing residual created energy is part of the important work of each individual. That doesn’t just lie within humans element but wherever man cast his deeds. Some might call this residual Karmic energy but we wouldn’t – you no longer need to re-live the energy and repeat but to understand the complexity and the simplicity of it. Allow awareness of your past creations to enter your hearts – do not seek forgiveness you are beyond that if you understand yourself. Instead poor out your love and understanding to those distorted areas. In this way you change the residual formation energies. There will be less and less that holds you back. Some seek much assurance that these things are to be. However I shall not give encouragement – that bonds reliance upon me. I shall not say you are to be saved from chains – otherwise that means you are forlorn without our help. The chains are your own. Instead do not see your self being changed but exceed belief and know you are beyond that. Do not create the image of yourself – believe you are already it then see yourself flowing to where you are already. See this is the real power you have to create. My words are not here to encourage you  – they might feel like it but they are just words of truth. There are many things going on – the fact you are not aware of them doesn’t mean they are not happening. We are your humble equals – many of us are you and much is changing despite some who feel frustrated. Frustration is the desire to be somewhere else in order that you are to escape or be fixed. Firstly you cannot escape yourself and what is being fixed? That lays in measurement and judgement not in love. There may seem great distances between us but when you cast values aside there is love – that is your and our true nature. And yet again that is the truth of love not the truth of encouragement.”