Changing Time Lines


O: – Another day brings more experience. Like all things motivation is necessary. But what motivates us – love.  You know that on 3rd density earth even the motivation of love is constrained by the needs and desires of self, current subconscious motivations and matrix programs. We are so different we are able to choose our feelings. We have nothing to learn from fear and pain. As such we have nothing to learn.  You may think we are  ‘shedding’ or ‘letting go’ when feelings arise.  But we have already done that – we have even exceeded the bonds of letting go.  In consequence you wonder if our lives are more stale or limited – that is a matter of perspective. But if we have had all that we need from fear then we no longer need it. We have no escape from it or relief from it. So what is life or expression like for us? We emit love in unconditional ways. We do not desire its return or gratitude for self-enhancement. We desire nothing in return. We do not feel noble about this nor have pride in the same way you do. It gives us a joy to see people moving forward or becoming enlightened. We have no judgement about what we choose to do in this way. We are very in tune with the capati and other levels of ourselves above and below. We see the timelines and what they do – we have no fretting over them for we have no fear- we can see the evolving conclusion and we have no concerns about changes.

Oritie took you into the void between 3-D & 5D.

Would you like to explore more pathways that will take you to our ways of thinking?

R: – Yes but I do feel strange presumably I’m feeling some sort of change?

O: – In part – let me begin by thanking you for your efforts in advance- some of the concepts I present will be very challenging but ultimately rewarding. They may challenge what you may consider to be your sanity.

R: – I trust my inter-dimensional selves.

O: – All right then. We talked of selves in different dimensions of the capati and that you can see and sense dimensions and your other extensions. What if I told you that you were the higher extension of all these?

R: – I would find that hard!

O: – Indeed because if you look up to or towards enlightenment it gives you a perspective from a deferential or lower position. You are and will be able to meet our next suggestion to change your viewpoint – you have no need to accept or reject it. You are thinking ‘ this higher perception might be temporary and just an experience. But it can be a permanent viewpoint. If you cast your mind back to your birth you were being encouraged to make this journey for many reasons. I was there with you. I said you had the ability to accept the rigors of the pain and loss you were to suffer.

R: – Because my vibration is lower than yours?

O: – Not in the beginning not upon the initial entry periods into Robert as a baby. Lets change the viewpoint of the subject – close your eyes and I will show something different.

R: – I drift in and out of consciousness



R: – Why did you give me the word “Timbalee” so loudly?

O: – That was the name of the young woman I showed you yesterday in your semi sleep state.

R: – My mind is flooded with yesterday.  It is like remembering yet it also seems like I am there for the first time. A very strange sensation of being here before but no longer a part of what is relevant. Like a history that has been wiped away or changed. Timbalee and I are outside the gates of a town, standing on the flat roof of a building. She pulls me to the edge pointing to the roadway below.

Timbalee (T): – All the peoples are going out of hill town, up to the other hill beyond. They wish to be in the presence of the great gods.

R: – (she takes my hand and I follow her down steps made of trees cut in half – then we mix with the movement of other people as they make their way to the hill beyond)

T: -The gods say we are gentle and this pleases them. You seem not to remember this from before?

R: – No I don’t recall!

T: – Then why is your mind impaired because it was not long ago since you were here.

R: – I guess I needed to forget

T: – Forget the great gods why?

R: – I can only conclude that I required to have experiences of separation and being lost.

T: – Then you have done what I have not – why do you come back now?

R: – I saw you when I was talking with someone called Orlaka – he reintroduced me to the idea of you yesterday. (We walk up the hill with the other townsfolk I can also see myself standing with some of the Arcturians on top of the hill)

T: – Is that you with them?

R: – Yes

T: – There is more of you living simultaneously so are you now a god?

R: – No not in that sense and neither are they. They are just very wise, loving, highly evolved souls expressing themselves. (Now I am leading and Timbalee continues to walk up the hill with me so we can become the other selves standing with the Arcturians that we just observed. As we look back Timbalee and I can see ourselves further down the hill a few moments before we got here. There is a change to what we are viewing. There is a transparent blur and I sense we move off somewhere. When I look behind us things feel odd and twisted. I am told to look back to the original blurred image and remember that scene. Very soon we arrive back before the previous moments so this time I can see Timbalee and I approaching the group of Arcturians and meeting our other selves for the first time. This is the third different view of our past and makes Timbalee rather perplexed.

O: – Timelines can be fairly robust

R: – What about Timbalee?

O: – She had a perception that we were gods. But she has just experienced the ability to exist in several dimensions simultaneously. A part of her now has this knowledge. In the next few moments of the capati she may not remember any of this and that includes the memory of meeting you. She may remember that there is something special between her and her gods – it depends on her higher self and her needs.

R: – Isn’t this manipulating them letting them believe you are gods?

O: – We do not manipulate they have a desire to believe that there is something greater and benevolent and we fulfill this with love. They are a very kind peaceful society we have only ever asked them to make up their own rules. When they wish to move from those beliefs they can but presently they are not comfortable with that. There will come a time when they will change. Remember the interactions of them at higher soul levels bring these experiences they wish for.

R: – That’s a lot of effort to show me in this is way.

O: – And her but it has left her with a sense of belonging because she felt she was on the outside of life and a misfit in her society. Love is not about effort.

R: – Surely others would have seen her move into the space we occupied!

O: – No they were focused on the Arcturians – they did not see you – it was your consciousness that moved we detected no flickers within them. The first time lines were eradicated when we arrived back again – she was already there and her consciousness could not be seen at their levels. Timbalee, Selisor, Otamey, Qualana, Equinoe, Batana. These are some of these people you know in that realm.

R: – I have no memory of them.

O: – Should you now have a memory of them? If a timeline were changed then it would be that way.

R: – Confusing!

O: – Time was once a thing- then it wasn’t that thing.  Only those with the capacity to know this and hold it can remember what was even though it now is not. When a timeline changes that which was not conducive to the changes will then be erased. As if it never existed.

R: – So are you saying with the shift coming many things previous will be forgotten?

O: – By some and not by others depending on their capacity to hold such information.

R: – But surely the memory wont be erased.

O: – It will not be there because it will not be needed to suit the current situation. Higher selves and soul decisions will be made for the best sake and progress of that individual. Many of those will be choices of the subconscious programing – of ways to act and react that are no longer helpful.  Everything is in the capati (now) the pulse – the program can alter and in the next pulse many things have changed. To an extent expression is a fluid thing. Timelines do get changed and sometimes changed back again or left to alter themselves and steady down.

R: – Whoever can do this needs to be very careful.

O: – Indeed – though some have agendas as you know. Antemedi explained to you how the Andromedans detect murmurs or program bombs inserted or hidden in a time line. Your filmmakers have used many theories and tried to show that disastrous things can take place. You learnt that timelines were created at soul group level as a ‘program’ to evolve – forming to give people the experiences they need ‘on-mass’ and individually.  Changes can also be seen this level as well as the making of changes.  There is also a consciousness program that evolved to stop the hacking of time lines and the creation of chaos. That program is a part of the evolution of itself. You can also travel within the capati to tweak your timelines if things do not happen as they were supposed to. This is the evolved you’s reaching back to help so that they become the best expression of who they are.

R: – A bit like a higher self or light body?

O: – Yes- but higher self in your language implies distant or removed – where as I am saying it is you in a different vibrational form.

R: – All these aspects of me are in the capati – and so they are available to me!

O: – Exactly – this is on your time line, greater availability to it for your return from descent.  If you can return most of yourself while you are in your earth experience it will widen the pathways of return. These are the quicker or shorter routes back. This was planned before – it helps you and the collective consciousness. Why take the long way back again?

R: – If the past ME’s exist what happens to them if the past has changed.

O: – The pati constantly changes.

R: – But it means those parts of me are still doing what they did before.

O: – That’s you in the now. The past changes by the timelines changing, by you reaching down to help the Robert you of now. Timelines are like a kind of program and you have been shown several existing in proximity.  The viewer or the experiencer can see them in a variety of ways. For you it’s time on the planet. It can be observed as code – yes code – that is a way to describe it. In a similar way your DNA can be a code though that’s another topic. It can also be seen as events.

R: – But if someone goes back into history – alters that, then the moment of now it is very different.

O: – Science fiction says so.  Many things are possible but as I said before glitches can be seen and altered back if needs be or they can be realigned. There are programs within the capati to help. Hackers and regressives will not have success