Telenatey Shared Union


Antemedi: – Tomorrow is a day not of today. You think it follows today and so informs tomorrow. But in that sense tomorrow never exists only ever today. To exist is the experience. To not exist is to not experience. Existence is about experience. If you existed without any experience or stimuli would you really exist? We can encompass a multitude of experiences in the same moment. You can coexist with those other multiple points of focus. Your existences can affect one another if you wish.

R: – It is an unusual concept being Telenatey, you and Arksar in some form.

A: – Awareness of perspective or other perspectives – to look at the universe from Robert is one perspective- to look at it from Telenatey is another. Telenatey in part sees what he does through the loving Andromedan collective consciousness – whereas you see through more degrees of detachment. Detachment doesn’t mean that you see more. In your dictionary ‘detachment’ implies it is a more objective or impartial view. Detachment from what you view still means you are attached to yourself – it is still viewing through an attachment. Multiple experiences and viewpoints are all simultaneous. This you do not feel and it is somewhat confusing for you. So let us try greater attachment and less detachment- after all these are the goals you’re working towards – higher integration.

If there is no separation we are here with you all the while. In being this way you can hear our thoughts and see us. We are helping you to become more comfortable with the constant communication awareness (though the choice is always yours). We are here because we are you and you us. Your eyes see and your fingers touch. Your nose smells and you have sensors and receptors. Different perspectives that all feed your body. Yet your mind filters information to what it is looking for or expecting from its existing experience. Freeing perception from the brain mind allows information to come to you from high levels. Receptors receive and transmit – you are a receptor and so is Telenatey. You relay information to all of yourself.

R: But all in the now is mind-boggling.

A: – That requires a deeper understanding of timelines they come to you as variations of possibilities.

R: -But how can the past change just by viewing it. That would be to say the events are the same but the perception is different.

A: – Let’s stick with the current thrust ‘unison’ then you may see differently from there. Every possible experience is available to you as a soul. You can have many lives and many levels or dimensions of life existence. Yet you view all of this from separation not from union. Telenatey is here let him come close and unite with you.

T: – You would need to be more at one with me to know me. Do you want to know more?

R: – (we merge and I feel immediately relaxed and comfortable- whilst we have spoken many times before I still wish to know more)

T: – Presently I am in my youth or young man phase. I love what I do I find it fascinating. We interact with our memory enhancers and calculators.  Yours are called computers but they are not as advanced as ours. We can put consciousness into items. We see technology as a spiritual extension of what we wish to do.  On earth some people fear interactive computers because of individuals that can manipulate. We do not have AI in quite the same way. It is always an extension of us and our desires at some level.  The processors act intuitively of our desires. Our intelligence and concentration levels are much higher than yours. Some of our knowledge flows from what you consider to be intuition.  It is really about access to information and to known or likely outcomes. Because you see your world through separateness and isolation that is how you will see all things around you. Many of your populous do not know how things work and believe they don’t need to know.  Whereas many of us are competent in many things – if not we access the information knowledge and experience. We can interact with information processors. It will be as if we were already an expert in that field.

Take my interests in botany – many know much about the interactive nature of the harmonics produced by plant and animal life.  It affects people’s subtle levels. As you are me I know you have experienced one of our communing sessions where energies are shared. You have seen and experienced the different interactive energy of wildlife around us. Nature is an extension of us and we are an extension of it. Many take in the energy of nature and return it – it is complimentary to our lifestyles.  We are living in so much love of one another that you may find it hard to understand where individuality comes in – though I can assure you it does.

You already know we look back over the moment of now whereas you look forward over the moment of now – this has already been explained to you (see YouTube – Antemedi Andromedan perspective 12) Outcomes are the desires of the heart and minds that follow our ethos and these maintain love and harmony. My outcomes would be different from yours and yet we share the same soul. In this way we have a variety of experiences.  Outcomes are also subject to variation but one must be very clear with intent and love in order to live knowing outcomes. Most often we live by trusting the heart and living the moment but we can go a long way forward in our focus if we wish.

You feel me very clearly but would you like to see my world more as me?

R: – (which of course he knows)

T: – Remember there is nothing to be or to do. From whence you came you have no real knowledge or understanding of the latent abilities and the knowledge that you have.  To see who you were would not only to open your eyes but also your heart in fullness with no fears. You are merely a division of focus in separation. Let go of everything that you are or desire to be – let go of yourself and in such a way you will vibrate close to my vibration.

R: – I sink deeper inside him – his fingers are long – we touch a plant and feel its vibrations.  We touch another plant, which says it needs more room and more light – a very soft unassuming energy.

I lose consciousness for a while to be told on waking that I will have more present consciousness of what we did whilst I was asleep.

I see plants called ‘Teole’ these have free movement – the cells can move and stretch. We walk down a ramp to a very large tree- it talks about how restricted its roots are next to a building- it feels old and that it is reaching the end of its life- it says that it has put out suckers for new trees soon it will be time to remove the energy from the main trunk.

I walk for quite some time in the gardens – I was thinking differently – I knew so much- the information was literally in the atmosphere. I was a part of all this, you would have to be there to feel the wonder of it.