Arcturians Living In Certainty


Antemedi introduces me to Orlaka for a portrait session (apparently that’s only one of her names). He says do not to superimpose anything I know about human features on the canvas. Orlaka is  hermaphrodite but we can use the feminine reference for ease. Her name is of ancient origin from the race of Arcturians. Like many others their features and forms change depending upon spiritual evolution and the dimension in to which they project themselves. They have mouths much smaller because they need not speak aloud – communication is telepathic. Being trans-dimensional she can move around at will. She can see and experience many things. You have encountered her before – she was one of those you feared at the end of your bed when you were a little boy. She has a great interest in you and has helped before – she has added her love and steady support during your wake up and education.

R: – She comes closer and says “Gordanish” which is a form of blessing.

Orlaka: – Since you were born I have seen your progress and how light becomes assimilated within you. I wish to impart some of my knowledge to you. Gordanish is not only a blessing but also acknowledgement of achievement. You sense I look like a warrior but I am an enforcer of light. There are many misconceptions about our race in part that is because we have had various forms. One misconception is that a light being is pure light without form – when in fact light manifests itself to a vibrating dimension and takes form in that level. In much the same way you have seen Aqueena.  We are more fluid. We can move inter-dimensionally with greater ease – we can focus where we wish. We can transmute some of our light to take a form or shadow form so there is a greater interaction with the consciousness of beings we wish to communicate with. In part I am doing that with you.

We live in a way of certainty.  We do not have doubts like you and find that rather an odd way to live. Particularly when you propel yourselves forward from doubt.  It seems whatever you find you will then doubt using that as a form of questioning.  I did not want you to see me through doubt that would have been unhelpful presenting the greater fullness of myself. Many earth people question themselves “what is my purpose”.  When in fact their purpose is what they desire. Of course in the realm of forgetfulness and separation it is not possible to experience that fullness and certainty. What is certainty other than living without doubts. The view of certainty varies greatly and can be affected by unwarranted sponsoring thoughts. We do not have unwarranted thoughts we released them long ago.  I talked of misconceptions – another can be that we are removed or emotionless. That is more about the fact we do not use our emotions in the same way that you do. For example we experience pleasure but we are not consumed by it – why should we be – would it make us any happier? You choose to see degrees of happiness – we do not – why should there be a scale from a little happy to much happiness and then too ecstatic with extreme happiness.  Our concept of not measuring extremes may seem alien into you.

I should like to explain more about myself with the view that you can relay this information to others.  Take time there is no rush.  I am locked in as it were and we are connected. There is also much I would like to say about inter-dimensionality. Note I’m NOT using the word multidimensionality. As I give an explanation of me it will show you the potential fullness of yourself.

Now then – if I say clear your mind can you?  Detach your mind from its stimuli and bubbling thoughts. Come with me we and walk into a vibration that will subdue those inputs.

R: – I walk into a fine energetic mesh, which she ignites. I feel the energy all around me and with pain like needles on the head.

O: – ‘Where to begin’ is often the question but should the question be ‘where to end’ so that another direction can be located.  Sometimes you have to be completely free from what was – the fertile void you may say. Tell me a story- any story and I shall make of it what I will.

R: – That’s unusual

O: – Proceed.

R: – Hmm that’s interesting I’m noticing some subjects that I’m keeping at bay waiting to find something pertinent to me not to another.  Not going with the first thing that came to mind. It was Sarah’s father’s grand day out as he called it – he felt special and treated. An enjoyment memory, which stayed with him for the rest of his life. In fact a day enjoyed by us all but a moment perceived by him as very important more so than for the rest of us.

O: – Interesting giving up the desire to find a story pertinent to you. However the fact this story was the first thing that came to mind is more the point. From where did it come – it was not at random or by accident there is nothing random about the mind. You may believe there is but that is a program of belief. Your mind helped to show you your resistances and reluctance.  Tell me another story.

R: – Before he died my dad fell off a stepladder and hurt himself. He should have left the job to someone else so I see more and more our likeness and determination perhaps bloody-mindedness. In which case the story is also about me. So avoidance or acceptance of what the mind throws up is not relevant it is still all about me and no one else – even if I think it is about someone else.

O: – Good you have been taught well to be fearless in the clearance of such thoughts. I am trying to get you to a clearer point of viewing – going with the first image that comes rather than searching for another.

Sometimes you don’t realise ‘where’ you are observing – from which body you are in. It’s like being in the sleep state but you can be awake and aware within that state. In there your vibrations will contain no real restrictions and have a greater stillness than before. It shows itself in your daily life for example your tolerance of certain situations falls away – in fact you don’t see it as tolerance you don’t see the injury or the injustice – you are not hurt.

R: – I can see pizza which reminds me of the restaurant where we were told it would be a long wait. In the past I would have been frustrated. Instead I enjoyed the talking time – waiting and frustration did not exist.

O: – So this shows that mental and emotional clearing affects all dimensions of you.

R: – I can see little household fixings to be done they do not annoy me and they will be fixed at some stage. I do not need to be annoyed at them to get them fixed. You know a lot about me!

O: – Of course I do I know you very well – more than good friends. I also know about the great plans for human interactions with other species. Many of you feel that you have been waiting a long time for that. One of your sayings is “ all things will come to those that wait” but when waiting no longer needs to be a toil then they may receive that which they wish. However it will come in different form and a different way to what was expected – like our meeting today. Getting to know one another is good but being energetically compatible is more important to allow that – so let us begin.

R: – You said that earlier

O: – So we will begin again now that there is no waiting – no expecting a fulfillment.

Remember what you see around you is not there it is all a program. Everything is a program or a series of harmonies that interact – as so eloquently explained buy Sylana and the ‘Teachers Of The Crescent Moon’ (R:- see YouTube Andromedan perspective 9). What makes your dimension real to you?

R: – Detachment from stimuli to the contrary.

O: – Is that really the case?  You’re communicating with me. I am here with you -right in front of you. I am from another reality.

R: – Then is it the lack of willingness to engage with different stimuli or that I give greater credence to the information of this earth plane.

O: – Let’s try this – you are soul energy projected into a program and you think you have form – you believe that you have form because of the stimuli your body program receives from the environment program.  In the past several helpers has said do not see yourself as human in order that you can look from alternative perspectives. Come walk with me for a while.

R: – We end up in an interphase building shaped like a tent and she shows what she calls shadow people because they do not have enough energy at this level. To me they feel a little bit like vacant dummies. A brighter being who looks similar to Orlaka comes forward. This person has a long cloak but it may be their energy- the feeling given off is wonderful it’s nearly overwhelming. His/her name is Kahney.

K: – Welcome Robert you have been here before. Orlaka has been helping you – we are glad to see you more conscious here. Why-when-what connections to us? All these questions flow within you.

R: – They take me to a park area, which has large white rectangular stones. These emanate a similar energy to Kahney. Lots of people are standing here it’s a peaceful place but a very different feeling to the Andromedans.

K: – By walking with us in this place it helps to keep your energy elevated and that’s why you can see it in here. You can then be here as more than shadow consciousness.

R: – There are strange objects spherical orbs glowing in some sort of containment cages so they reach upwards like sculptures with smaller and smaller orbs on the upper parts. I pass through energy waves and I am told it is cleansing at this level. Some sort of password is given for door to open. We go through in to masses of people and it feels very crowded. Kahne and Orlaka stand beside me and walk me through.

O: – What you are sensing is the proximity to many minds and many telepathic consciousnesses.

R: – So you filter what you receive then?

O: – Not in the way you think of filtering stimuli.

R: – My gosh!  It’s just like hearing so many voices at once its full of excitement.

O: – We are taking you to a temple of peace (though we do not worship) it will help you energetically receiving many thoughts.

R: – So no one hides their thoughts?

O: – We have no need to – we are transparent in our thoughts and feelings, that’s why I said to you earlier that some perceive us as if we have limited feelings, as if we are bland or all the same. However we have distinct personalities and different experiences, which we share, at soul level.

R: – We walk up steps, which look similar to white marble on earth but there is the softness to the treads something akin to selenite but not fractured just buzzing. I go inside the building but soon loose consciousness and fall asleep.


R: – Hello Orlaka

O: – Kahne is here as well – two the price of one

R: – There’s a price to pay then?

O: – Isn’t there always.

R: – I know you are trying to be humorous at my level.

O: – Yes and no – there is also a serious point. But what is serious? – Higher or lower degrees of seriousness or apparent importance.  Serious does not of itself make it more important – furthermore if it is fun is that less important or less serious. But to the point- a price to pay!

R: – I might assume it’s a difficult or hard price to pay but by your way of thinking it just as easy or happy. Happiness is neither reward nor an escape. So is this what you mean by the differences between us?

O: – In part. What you just said was from the knowing of us. What I say now is an exchange between us.

R: – So of the price to pay?

O: – You no longer think of it as onerous but as part of cause and effect. All things are entwined and connected – what we do in conjunction with you affects you. What you do with us affects us in ways you do not know.  This is one of the highest joys. Go inside yourself – meet us inwardly and deeper- we gave you these energies yesterday to have greater interaction.

R: – So I recline in my chair and again loose consciousness.

Upon waking –

O: -I wish to provide some different information. You have gathered that we have a system of management or organisation that is different to both you and the Andromedans. To you it may sound like a sort of evolution in reverse but when I say we have hierarchical structures as well as compound ones.  From what you understand of the Andromedans their system seems to be the best way with compatible values and ideas – responses that flow with alternative views, which are accepted and worked with.  They tend to look from a forward position in the moment of now. Individual thinking is encouraged and if it is meritable it is accepted. Individuals are responsible for various tasks and have degrees of flexibility in what they do because the outcomes are agreed or just accepted. In part that depends upon the larger outcome or the smaller outcomes.  They have shown you the memory enhancers and knowledge stores that they plug into.  Individual flexibility still exists and is accepted.

R: – Yes to me that sounds a good system.

O: – It is one of many.  Let me use the word platform instead of hierarchy as that comes with a human pre-loaded interpretation.  You have encountered us mentally and emotionally where we hide absolutely nothing where we choose an emotional response only if we desire to (as I explained in ‘degrees of happiness).  We are not a hive mind we are all individuals.  Where there is disparity of thoughts these are allowed to work themselves out as ‘thought forms’ (though that is another subject).

R: – So you don’t look back from the forward now.

O: – We can but we do not. We are much more in touch with the span of the moment of now- of all databases, all possibilities and outcomes.

R: – That sounds a more laborious way of going forwards.

O: – That’s because we do not go forwards.  We do not see ourselves as evolving even though our way of being has changed and will do again.  We feel very much in charge of all that we do and purvey. That is not about willpower or control. There is no is no vacillation, no pondering.  We see the connection to all that was and will be.  For us we are both and all.  We exist and act from all these positions. Would you rather try to leave some of your past behind or not think about all possibilities?

R: – Maybe it’s because I’d do not understand your concepts.

O: – In part – but you will – that is not a matter for debate or doubt.

R: – That feels very assured to me – do you remove certain feelings in order to say such things?

O: -We can do that and we can function at logical and intuitive levels but they are not sufficient of their own.  We look at the effects to both the past and the future. Remember memory is an entirely different thing it is one way of dealing with experiences.

R: – The concept of altering past programs is hard for me when seen from my linear perspective. Its not easy to fully accept that I am also doing other things in the now in other forms with other names and bodies.

O: – Let us pursue that. In here at these deeper levels you are becoming aware that the past and the future are not as they seem – they are the now, the all. You can choose to experience the now however you wish with subdued or heightened feelings – perhaps feelings dictated by your choices as they often do.

R: – Regarding the now – you use the term inter-dimensional and not multi dimensional.

O: – Yes- Multi gives the impression of many parts of you that are at arms length doing their own thing- whereas inter dimensional more readily says YOU!

R: – And you have greater awareness of this encompassing YOU?

O: – Indeed

R: – As a higher self?

O: – As maybe – but even that creates a label or a level and that is not how we see ourselves.  Bring to mind a garden pea. It has an outer shell and what appears to be a squishy middle but these are leaf parts and growing parts. The pea can be nothing without all of them including the holographic energy program and harmonies. It appears to have many constituent parts including water and chemicals, which are also parts of cosmic energy programs. Yet it is still a pea. In the same way you could be the root or a leaf of the pea. That is how you see yourself -Robert some constituent part of the whole soul. You do not wish to see you are the greater whole or the all of yourself for you think that would be ego in control. But what is wrong with just being the pea.

R: – Sorry to say but your explanation hasn’t moved me any further forwards.

O: – One is an expression of the other.

R: – What like my blood and my bones are me?

O: – That is constituent parts. I am trying to use a much simpler situation. These elements are all part of the one.  Each time the pea is planted it can be in a different soil with different weather conditions.  It grows into a plant that flowers and produces more peas. To keep the status quo only one pea would need replanting.  However with a surplus of peas many can be planted in more environments. That would be a way of showing you how more peas can grow on different worlds in different timeframes. But as the programs perpetuate the essence or the program of the first pea still exists as a program –but also it exists as an altered program in the following peas.

Remove yourself from this example and imagine the perpetuation. You assume that there has to be more because to perpetuate is to continue.  However existence does not exist in the same way outside the perpetuation cycles. So you can choose not to perpetuate in the same way.  You will not need to keep to the original experience or program for continuation.  Continuation does not exist in the now. In order for the concept of continuation to exist it has to exist with non-continuance. The all does not contain continuance in the way that you think. In any event continuation of what? That is to refer continuation in some way to what was.  What was doesn’t have to continue.

You say soul continues but what is that? You think you have a grasp on that – not so. If soul is life force – life force chooses itself to be.

R: – It’s very confusing but I can accept I do not have to choose any of the same of me to be some continuance. The me the essence the soul the memory is still there but Robert isn’t.

O: – Cem celi tola lah bonitey

R: – I’m shown a glass house. I am taken inside where it is warm and very moist. A pea is planted but after germination it gets fungus and dies due to the high level of humidity. Yet on the outside in the gardens sweet peas give off the most perfect fragrance – Yes the pea can also be a perfume but it s program has to be in the environment to suit it.  Fine but how does this relate to the conversation? This is very frustrating and it’s hampering understanding.

O: – Then choose what to feel – it is that simple.  All that we say to you, we do so with a purpose it serves us not to come up with contextual challenges just for the sake of it. We do not need that.  At the heart of what we talk about is the concept of self and a greater context of self without separating the parts.  Importance is not of relevance and each part of the pea and its energetic harmonies are no more or less important.  You were struggling to understand what we say.  As you know things might need to be said in several different ways so that they are comprehended. We revised the term hierarchical to platform.  We further went on to say neither forward or back- not evolving but being all – choosing the extent to what we wish to feel or express but to do so because we are enlightened- not because we are escaping or avoiding. We exist as the master and the servant. We are grand for we know who we are but that is said in truth and not boasting. We have no need to show or to justify.  To you this does not sound like an existence you would wish to have. It does not mean we are not filled with love and compassion, which we exude.