Future Helps The Past


R: – Are we to continue with the moment of now?

Orlaka: – with whatever you wish – you may ask.

R: – But if I do so from measure and database it part dictates the question and answer.

O: – That is so but ask away.

R: – I still have difficulty fully accepting I am also other expressions in other dimensions and that those dimensions are able to interact. Whilst the capati or the flux of now is everything and nothing- not even nothing – its not even there as you describe it.

O: – Your linear mind has a problem. You could be all these things from your present focus.  But what would that be like?  You couldn’t know unless you put yourself into different dimensions in the same place – you would need to experience the different vibrations otherwise you would have only one experience of the capati.  The ‘on- off flux’ is a good way to go with this.  Not there and all there.  So what it is here or with you –isn’t. It’s just as much isn’t as it is – that’s why we don’t use the term ‘isness’

R: – So that means you’re ‘off/on’

O: – The flux is all and you are off/on but your focus is in the on part. Other dimensions also vibrate off /on at different rates with some dimensions overlying others. Again awareness also depends upon the vibration of your focus and your experiential existence.  So the focus is the function of expression and experience. Lets say your focus is on a lily in a pond but you can also hear the waterfall splashing and you can put your hand in the pond and feel the cold water.

R: – But they are forms of perception!

O: – Yes and they are all yours – perception is a form of focus.

R: – But Telenatey is on biosphere.

O: – Indeed but position within the capati isn’t relevant to that. Lets change tack for the moment I will show you an ‘overcoat person’ with other people inside. Don’t think of Russian dolls, because they get smaller but see different people fluctuating on and off at different rates.

R: – Ah I can see that. We are all here in the capati we exist on different rates of ‘on/off’ but you are showing them all superimposed on one another. That makes sense and also makes sense of the all and the none. So in which bit of consciousness am I?

O: – What do you think sleep is for?

R: – Energize – Communication with higher levels in preparation for the days ahead.

O: – You have done work before with several points of focus and you have moved from one focus to another. You have talked to your past thoughts which then made a difference to you in your current thoughts. The perspectives were changed. They were unaware of what they thought before but you overlaid them with additional feelings and thoughts.  The past was changed it was more encompassing.

R: – So my future ME’s or more encompassing me is talking to me in the same way from a different level of off/on in the capati

O: – Yes.

R: – I accepted the concept of a future me or a trans-dimensional me but so many of them is hard to comprehend. In the former I could transmute from one to another still being an individual. Now I am all of them at the same time and this earth existence is but a small fraction. In which case the meaning of retrograde is to go down and do it again because I had missed out on something.

O: – All of these are true but there are other truths that fit over the top of them. The higher self and its constituent parts have been explained to you. But it is also a singular aspect with its own experience. It is as simple as that. What is missing for you is the feeling of experiencing directly the other existences. You have talked to parts of your unconscious and dealt with past events. Those aspects have rejoined with you, they are no longer separate or have need to be. That was easy enough for you because they joined you. You felt as though you became more. Whereas now you are the lesser of the more – not that it is of measure – but it is your feeling. You are not experiencing this greater being or beings of yourself. There seems to be no answer to that other than that’s your experience until it isn’t.  The future you’s reaching down to help the old one.

That is what a timeline is.  The way in which future you helps you in order that they can become who they are – which they are because time doesn’t exist at that level. You are having simultaneous experiences. So the level of light you have affects their levels of light.

R: – I thought they were already lit up

O: – Yes they are but the oversoul or higher self is also you and your energy.

R: – Maybe it’s the use of ‘future you’ existing and future as a word is so loaded. The future does not exist as its always in future not the now when perceived from a linear mind.

O: – Good point let us use capati on/off. Higher expressions of yourself help you in this expression of themselves.  They are who they are because of your movements and experiences. They are here now in the capati not in the future.  The future is a way of seeing the transit between- seeing the timeline appearing as an unfolding. When it’s just the way you experience it.

R: – So this is the concept of the all and nothing.

O: – Yes but let’s stick to your oversoul. When you step back from the focus onto the timeline (consciousness) you can become aware of all your time lines which can be described as inter dimensional vibratory expressions – including higher vibrational or more advanced beings.  This is part of the work of sleep.  You are then focused in the capati.  You cannot remember the capati upon waking otherwise it would alter your day and alter the timeline, the progression and ultimately the return of energy.

R: – What does that mean?

O: – Different forms of expression- without the need to incarnate, working in other ways of the capati at higher vibrations.

R: – So changing timelines is a way of getting to the same point but in a different way, not shorter or longer.

O: – As you progress so your energy becomes closer to other aspects of you in the capati – in so doing you are more able to interact with higher thoughts and them. They have form – energy has form – they are part of the capati.

R: – So the ‘off’ of the capati- is it just non-expression? Is it is thought or possibility before the expression. If one vibrated at the off level or nothingness what would there be?

O: – That’s a whole set of other questions.

R: – Does this tie with your way of thinking and not looking at movement?

O: – As one becomes a less focused on time lines they begin to fade for you.  They are there but they do not serve the relevance they once had.  Aspects become closer and closer to the oversoul.  But only when all aspects are ready does greater coalescence or shift happen. This is another concept entirely. I am a ninth density being and have capabilities that you would find hard to comprehend.

R: – So with the evolved talking to the evolving – you are me.

O: – Oh yes – As you get higher and higher you are able to interact with others including me and for us to reach you. Each of the days you wake is another footstep to hearing more from yourself. Your way of being evaporates and you hear more information inter- dimensionally.

R: – So Antemedi & Telenatey are me and they are different levels but I’ve dipped back down to gain something – I am all this Arksar and now you?

O: – Lots of expressions isn’t that wonderful.

R: – Phew! I just feel I want to go home. This yearning that wells up.

O: – Concentrate on the capati, as you get closer to the vibration of your other selves.

R: – But when I’m not this density who am I?

O: – 5thdensity Robert at that point you will be even more aware of Telenatey Antemedi, Arksar and me. You will think more like us or levels of us and you will be open and connected to those levels. The ability to hear and see us will be better again.