Arcturian Thinking


Rob: – Thank you for your patience during the portrait drawing

Orlaka: – As I said the eyes need to be a little closer and smaller

R: – I will sort that. I’m still not fully grasping the descriptions about your way of being.  In addition I would like to know what is around your head. I wondered if it were an eshay like the Akuri have for collecting light – though theirs is energetic in format rather than physical.

O: – I said before that energetic is ‘form’ in the level of the energy it exists within. That other levels of it then exist. You see energy movements around people and work with light – you can then see the energies change around them. Some parts of the body have specific light energies associated with them. It would make sense to you if you were to see this band around my head as an energy projection. Then my appearance would correspond more to your database as to what humans look like. Remember energy is ‘form’ at all sorts of levels and ours can become more ‘fixated’ in a lower dimension if we wish. Your body is in part influenced by your brain doing all sorts of things in your dimension. The holographic energies of your mind interact with your brain and its neuron functions. So it’s just as relevant for us to have form or shape in whatever way satisfies us.

R: – I’m trying not to use my database but it’s interesting to see the hole in your head where an ear would be and ‘your band’ flowing in to it.

O: – Energy has many forms of consciousness and the different forms of consciousness have different abilities and functions. Nothing is by chance but by design. You and I can have different concentrations of consciousness – a good example of this is the chakra system. Each chakra has the energy of the others within it but it nonetheless has specific energy functions.

In a similar way I have energy centers but my higher functions of consciousness use energy in different ways. There is also a band of fine vibrating energy in front of my eyes, which you have not seen. There is no lower manifestation of that but it does not stop its function.  You have see torus energies in human’s bodies. At brow chakras there are vortex points front and rear of the head as well as at the sides where their ears are. Your physical ears sense vibrations in the air within ‘certain ranges’ and pass these messages to the brain. In a similar way we perceive higher vibrational energies, which we then pass on to inner functions. There are of course energetic levels of our self much higher than this, which also vibrate within the whole. It depends on what you are focused on.

R: – So a higher vibrational ear?

O: – Sort of but it also has the function of enhancing transmission of thought as well as picking up extreme high frequency thought. Some people will see us without this band as they inadvertently superimpose an aura or high collared garment because they look for common recognisable features. Like one of your other drawings – you specifically focused on the attire of the Arcturian and just gave a human impression of the face. My large eyebrows as you call them also have a manifestation of higher energetic performance or function. Like me your body represents you. Your energetic body manifests on lower levels. You do not have gills because you do not live in water. You do not have our form because – you are not us nor could you be so unless you were a higher frequency.

R: – Is it possible for me to be reborn in a body like yours.

O: – Anything is possible but your energies would not be in tune with such a form and you would have great difficulties.

R: – That takes me in to another lack of understanding- the moment of now where I am at my level? – Where am I at higher ones and why cant I experience through a higher one?

O: – There are lots of questions within that. The more a soul expresses itself the more it has experiences. It desires and creates expressions, which in turn create energy and resonance. Clearly the resonance of a water bug is different to that of a cat. This in part ties into your theory of the ‘karmic wheel’, which continues until you decide to step out of it. Some see it as a trap. This is because many humans do not have the ability to accept total responsibility for cause and effect. In addition you choose to experience things at that level and to give others that experience. You are much entwined within a manipulated matrix whose programs keep the pattern on ‘repeat run’. All this you know- so whilst you are locked into the generating and perpetuating program that’s where you are.

Another way is to deal with the energies you create for your self-experience – then step off the wheel. New experiences can be slightly hampered from your database. But all this will change with the uplift as part of the return of man to his rightful place in freedom.

R: – But I have had other lives vibrating much higher as amphibian and an Andromedan.

O: -Indeed but you also choose to come to earth for several lifetimes to experience certain feelings in the raw. To know and feel what it’s like to be removed from higher vibrational connections because of the veil of forgetfulness and blindness.

R: – So back to the moment of now and to your way of being.

O: – Let me take you in a different direction first. Always try to remember- there is nowhere to go and that you are already there. To be like me means that you would not seek enlightenment as a form of betterment. There is no betterment – no measurement. Just seeing things as is. We do not re-act to what is – in the ways that you do. You could say we exist in the moment but we are much more fluid than that. So no progression! Even though it wrongly implies we have progressed fully. Your language and metaphor interface does not do this justice. Progression is a measurement for you. For me measurement does not exist we have exceeded those bonds of restriction.

As to the deeper moment of now – you have been taken to its threshold many times in different doorways. You have peered in and seen your thoughts turned upside down and inside out. Yet you have not entered with all your consciousness. There is now more of your earth energy in there because of what you do with us. There is very little of my consciousness outside the deeper moment of now but enough to know the experiences of what once was.  Yet to hold to such experiences means you hold to the energy of them.

R: – So does that mean forgetting the experience?

O: – Well that’s the difference between memory and the energy being locked in the experience or expression.  By working through your past endeavours and mishaps you don’t hold to them or try to push them away.  In this way you accept what was because you understand and it becomes an ‘unlit program’. Not of use other than for helping others as information – it has little effect on your energetic projection/creation levels.

R: – But the moment of now must also be all my lives backwards and forwards and not linear.

O: – Well Let’s split this into what I said before – programs without light and programs with light and function.  The ones without light can be memories or future memories.

R: – Phew this isn’t easy and you certainly have a very different personality and feeling. No disrespect to the previous beings that I have met but you seem to have extraordinary patience to the point that you would probably say “patience doesn’t exist if there is no need to wait or no need to finish – or indeed that there is no finish and no way of measuring that.

O: – I am glad to see you understand me better.  If you re-read what you have just said it sounds very wise but it would have been beyond your comprehension a few months back. There are doorways and doors to the moment of now – many thresholds to cross and many doors to open. No door can be opened unless you see it.

R: – As I look there seems to be doors everywhere as if they are infinite on many levels.

O: – The Now isn’t right now.

R: – Pardon

O: – ‘Right now’ in your language references itself to other nows – it can also be a term for an instant demand.

R: – So you are saying we do not have the language to describe or understand it.

O: – Well the words in this instance are not as relevant as the fact that the concept is outside of your present construct.

R: – Should we use another word instead of now?

O: – Like what?

R: – You are trying to shift me by getting me to do the work of thinking outside the present.

O: – Indeed I am – so continue

R: -The ‘all encompassing’ the ‘never ending’ the ‘indescribable’ the ‘immeasurable’ not even ‘The’ but exceeding that.

O: – So much of your difficulty is related to your linear consciousness based in your dimension. Your words are only formed through linear experience.  Imagine you have no word instead use mine ‘capati’

To show the capati better I will talk a little more on how we think and live. We are aware of everything around us and we don’t put ourselves where we desire in order to look back and find our way there. It is a very good way because it cuts out the searching from the current database but it isn’t our way. We are so spiritually experienced that none of the past- none of a database effects or predetermines what we see as possibilities or the future. We have intuition and higher connections to timelines.  We are aware of how they will be affected.

R: – I thought timelines and possibilities were created a very high soul group levels.

O: – Indeed

R: – So is that where you operate from?

O: – In part but you do not have the mental flexibility to fully comprehend. You feel, know and see we are different.  You see us as factual – forthright and ‘knowing without wavering’. It is very different to what you have encountered so far.

R: – So why me?

O: – Because you desired to know-that is reason enough. There is no value in it – in you – there is no measure. The way we operate and function means the ‘now’ does not exist for us.

R: – What? We have been talking about it for ages even calling it the capati

O: – So then what is existence?

R: – That which is – isness.

O: – Andromedan talk- you talk like one – I can see you in your past as one.

R: – Glad you find this humorous.

O: – I choose so to do in order to show you futility.

R: – Is all your thinking so deep, meaningful and purposeful?

O: – Indeed why frippery?

R: – Why not?

O: – Please don’t try my way-turning a master to student as if you can teach me!

R: – Okay- I’m not embarrassed nor offended by your rebuke which would only be one if I chose to see it that way. I do see the humour ‘isness and existence’.

O: – “ To be or not to be” is that the question? Let me explain – questions and feelings can create a loaded expression and the isness as you call it will reflect that back to you. Cause and effect.  Our way is not to look at or through the isness –in this way we do not to see our reflection in it – neither the outcomes in it or the forward position of now. But for it not to be there at all. For then there will be no cause and effect. We position ourselves as you might think above all that. We are neither the cause nor the effect.” You could say we are the observer but observation is a relative point of perspective and thus restrictive. There could be many points of observation but why should we even observe? What do we have to observe in ourselves? What more do we need to observe or be aware of. We have no need for betterment or movement- we are and we are not – to the point we are neither and all. We are all things are we not?  You know these concepts, you have been taught well but you still stand at the doorway looking in. You can leave behind the now – the isness. Do not ponder upon what is existence for it cannot be described- in full in part or at all. The word ‘is’ or ‘isness’ for you personally still conjures up ‘something’ when it isn’t.  Is and isn’t – so let’s go beyond all this – come through the doors and I will be here on this side as well.

R: – Her beauty and energy is incredible her band is greater and full of colours that I have never seen before.

O: – There is nothing here but light – nothing till you wish it. So how do I wish if I don’t have parameters? Nothing till I wish – so is that something from nothing?  So I created you.

R: – Do you compare yourself to God?

O: – Am I not? Are you not? If I have no limitations as an individual I have no limitations or exclusion from the all and the none.