Collective consciousness major changes

A: Your life and world is having a major reset and we would not say it unless it was so. We have previously explained what some of the energetic energies bombarding your planet are doing to your consciousness. We hope the insight given here will help with your current predicaments.

What happens in one country affects all things globally because those energies resonate within the planet and the collective consciousness. Many people think they are immune from this including those that believe they are more enlightened – as if they are some how more evolved beyond their need to connect to it. Some energies within the collective consciousness such as distorted thoughts and emotions are transmuted through your auric arkarna programs. Very few are aware that you are now doing this automatically and it is one of the tasks you agreed to undertake before incarnation.

It can lead to feelings of depression or hopelessness and many have expressed the desire to escape the world. We are aware of such comments in social media and what is happening around the world. We can also see your responses emotionally andenergetically.

There are multidimensional entities helping your guides who can assist during yoursleep state. The next day some of you are noticing very dramatic mood swings as you help transmute the collective consciousness. This consciousness is not ‘just out there’ ‘up there’ or ‘all around’ it is an extension of you. You are transmuting and changingsome of the generally created energies but also you are accepting the return of somepast life energy, which you created. This is in addition to the past life energy which flows and forms your time lines. These you encounter and transmute in your daily experiences.

A few of you can travel in mind or meditation to past life experiences. There youaccept the return of your energy by understanding the reasons you created it. But you don’t have change all the energy like that.

This is one of the major changes in your collective consciousness ‘arkarna programs’. Your unconscious mind and auric fields are more able to process the residual energies without the same involvement from your conscious mind.

Remember everything you did was a creation using energy and it still exists. It is your energy and not only belongs to you – it is you because you created it. You cannot be separated from what you created. That may seem like a burden if you have regrettable present life deeds or unknown ones in past lives. But there is no judgement. Just look upon everything as being an experience of creating energy.


What you are capable of now wasn’t so easily available before. The speed of transmuting energy has increased. This process is affecting your feelings so think of them as part of your sensory ability – ways in which to interpret the world. See feelings as information but no more than that. They do not have to be the determination of your state of being. If you pick up an ice cube it may feel cold but doesn’t mean you are cold!

There are many events in your world that might make you feel angry. Do not regurgitate or create more. Anger begets anger and the apparent lack of outcome creates frustration which links back to anger.

Offering love and understanding may seem as feeble as sheltering a candle in a hurricane. However when you know the flame is inextinguishable you do not need to protect it or fear it will fail. If you remove your protecting hands and the fear of the loss of light then others will see the mental paths you tread.

It may seem that the world is getting worse and love has no power to counter the negative global events and manipulations, which create more negative energy. Yet if the coldest of the night is before dawn is not the desire to blow out the candles formed by the panic within the failing negative agenda.

We and others send our light to you but if you cannot see it that does not mean it isnot there. We do not wish for our words to be of comfort to you. If you seekreassurance it will create the need for a protector. Our words are the reality of what is. We make you aware that you no longer need to comfort or protect your eternal flame.

Why do you need to comfort yourself when it perpetuates suffering? Duality may say to you “do not let go of reassurance as being without it will leave you lost and vulnerable”. Those are the programs in your subconscious and you believe they are survival mechanisms for dealing with the way you sense and interpret your world.

In our worlds we do not seek to comfort one another we give love and understanding. It is not the same thing as you seek. We fully realise that what you are experiencing and your sensors are interpreting is so different. It is very challenging for you but this is what you have chosen to do. As you continue to transmute different forms of energy know that they are sensations. They do not have to be your state nor trigger a response, which creates the same in vain.

We hope our explanations help you to decide what to create and why – you have always had the choice of different ways to think and process information.

Love and light to you all.