Orlacka new year message 2020

Orlacka: Happy new change. Emotional pain is caused by resistance to change and when entrenched it results in physical pain. Do not resist change.
Learning about yourself helps you to see ‘the you’ that you are changing from. However your change to ‘another you’ is restricted because your choices have their foundations in what you currently are. You cannot know or see the wider choices or know what you are to change to. Do not seek ideas of change within current parameters.
Trust the heart and the path – Welcome change, as it becomes the knowledge of change
Then one day without the seeking there will come a time when you ‘exceed the idea of change’ altogether. Change requires movement from fixed or multiple perspectives. On higher realms you will not seek to define yourself and in that way your mind will be more pliable and fluid. You will be more at one with the Isness. Human constructs will fade and show the their limitations. My Arcturian multidimensional mind works in ways that it is hard to understand. Yet we are connected through the dimensions and you will be as me for we are as one. It is the appearance of time and other constructs that separate us and our ways of thinking. Happy New Year change – Till you decide otherwis