Help from the Andromedans


Help From The Andromedans New Energy Arriving

This article was first posted on facebook 11th February 2020. The picture is the schumann earth resonanceon spike on the 27th of February shared by a responder to that article. 27th being a date refered to by Antemedi


Antemedi: When presented with a different route some humans jump on the train in the hope it will take them somewhere better. It’s a deep desire to be taken away from their current state, angst or difficulty. Grasping for solace in the hope that a new direction will make life better. Within the psyche and collective consciousness there is a pervading wish to escape or change.

This inner driving force is strong but only few people have it in perspective.

In the wrong hands it can be used to herd you like cattle to unseen destinations others have planned. There are many in power that have their minds on such things. They often create the trains of change, which people willingly ride. But like most escape routes after a few miles the train will have gone full circle and you are back to where you started.


Freedom to escape is an illusion. You cannot be free from yourself because you are all that you are. You are energy, which you form and weave to create what is you – anything you cut away is still you. Mental health issues are of your own making or by the events that are experienced. The Way that you think and process information hinders your healing. I have already covered that in my free eBook (link below).


However there is coming a time when thoughts will not have to be processed in quite the same way. You know of the intended transition to 5th density however there are many precursor energies, which balance the increasing vibrations. One of these will be on or around the 27th February 2020 depending upon your time zone. It will help release consciousness from the need to hold existing thought programs. The energy will be repeated again but we are asking that you help with the initial acceptance and grounding.


You have knowledge of the big changes to come but the masses in their daily life do not. For them it will be as if a particle of dust has settled in their shoes. With each footstep getting bigger to form grit and then a stone. They have to take their focus off the path and remove their shoes to exclude the irritation. It will be one of their defunct mental programs. When the shoe is back on the head goes up and the focus returns to the path. However they will have little realisation the route has changed because one of the Ways of seeing it will be different. Those that change programs before the uplift do so in their own time.

You can help convert the energies we are sending by using them to create. Because these are mental programs we ask that you use your mind and a few moments of time.


Allow your mind to feel what I feel and see what I describe. Take yourself above the earth to see golden raindrops forming above the stratosphere. These softly migrate downwards through different energetic levels. The drops become a translucent mist, which dissolves specifically targeted thoughts. It will envelop your world in a loving embrace seen only by the eyes that can.

We create these energies during our ‘community intent activities’. Technology is used to enhance the potency of the energetic thought forms. Agreement for this was given at your higher soul consciousness.


This energy will help you see the circular mental traintracks for what they are. More people will realise they have nowhere to go and nothing to escape from. For a few this no escape will be difficult. But new numbers will begin to look at themselves with more gentleness realising they are energy. What was before will dissipate – it is not energised and not remembered. It will be as if it always was. You won’t need to forget it because it will be the pebble left by the wayside – a defunct software programme deleted.


Gurus and spiritual leaders say nothing of you is lost. But you can change the programs and your rate of vibration. When your old needs have been left behind your past will become a reflection of the present now. Orlacka (Arcturian) explained this in the eBook describing how time lines change in the future as well as the past to represent your evolving energy.


Whilst there is still much discord and fighting for power many will see its futility. You can help this energy by dismantling the circular rail lines and energetic loops in your own consciousness. With your mind transform the steel tracks to light. Use it to make a merkabah or shapes with numerical energies. Plant them as sculptures in the garden of your mind. Every shape will make a different vibration and program. Your world is a hologram filled with different vibrations and you are the universe so you can create with vibrations as well.


Your minds are like ours, they are tools that can be used to reprogram themselves. You only need know that you can and to put it into practice. Presently you work from your database, which creates repetition. You use the same vibrational foundations in different ways and they lead to the creation of mental loops and circles.


Find a quiet space on the allotted days. Read when you wish and bring to mind the following events with your eyes closed.


For millennia you have used a circle to represent oneness, God and neverending love. But it is also a restrictive mental picture that can be changed. Create in your mind the shapes and objects I am describing. Imagine a 12inch diameter soft malleable gold ring. It will easily pull apart at one point if you split it with your mind. Form an ancient torc (gold neck ring with one open section) and mentally put it around your neck. Look at the light, which flows between the two open ends. Sense the power and the beauty of the energies. Know you have broken the circle. Feel the energy well up around your throat. Allow it to pass into the front of your neck and out the back. The gold colour will disappear but the energy will exist. This will flow to fill your head and body. See in fullness the repeat programs that you can and know they have no power over you. Know that there is no escape or freedom from the self.


You could use this as a tool during meditation. Perhaps finding a hidden casket and taking from it what your mind presents to you. Whatever form it may take – it is the energy of you. Only your higher self could have provided it for you. Muse upon its structure and absorb and enjoy.


What will happen if you try to accept these energies through non-belief? Certainly doubt will impair because it is also a loop. Use your childlike acceptance of life. It may have been worn away as you became attached to the earth’s collective but much can be achieved because these precursor energies are now ready to be absorbed. You might like to make shapes in your mind or see what forms by itself. This may be child’s play but it is a good way to create and change your own energetic programs. Do not worry about what you are changing because the messages in your mind come from yourself.


By using a powerful mind with intent it is possible to make ‘separation thought forms’ in order they do your bidding. This type of creation is very effective and should only be used by the wise. We have ways to form thoughts that have a greater impact than you might imagine.

Remember all that you create is ultimately ‘you’ even the belief that you can separate energy from yourself. That would be your belief, an illusion and function of your mind. Some entities hold return energy at arms length with specific programs but they deny much of themselves. As for you – your creations will return with the energy of the sponsoring intent. Human spell casters of old believed they could avoid energy return but they only succeeded in not recognising it. They created a non-recognition program. Every moment you create your own environment or illusion. Better that it be your version than the model formulated by regressives.

We create powerful thought forms with intent – one example is the energy of the golden rain we have just spoken about. The energy can become more tangible in your mind if you work with it. The more you reprogram your mind with love imagery and its vibration the more it becomes a reality. You are the program and the programmer.


So be childlike as you go to bed. Knowing that you can enhance your energy is a key to the door. Planting seeds and energetic resonances in your mind is the task of creating. Don’t expect it to be done for you by your higher self. In order for your thoughts to become a reality they require intent and action.  Undertaking an action in the mind is a real mental event. Your ability to do this in your mind has been enhanced. This is part of the upgrading process of your world.  It is the flipside or paradox of the loop – the wishing to escape or be more. Don’t hope or wish for more – its already you – all you need do is ignite it. Bring this creative freedom to your mind, use it and make it your reality.


You have our loving thoughts in a powerful delivery and you may choose what you wish of them. In signing off a letter like this it would be normal in your culture for me to say:

Love from us all.