Smoke and mirrors

We live in a reality where everything is a mirror of itself. A living holographic program a matrix and a construct. As in all realms  ‘what we believe we create’and it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy or it does until we see the reality of our world ‘that there is nothing other than a reflection of our thoughts and ourselves’ There is no ‘either or’ – ‘there is no good that cannot exist without bad’ – a world of duality. But measurements and judgments can fade away and in this way the mirror can show nothing – literally no-thing. Then we can see all is an illusion of our own making. Yet we live in a reality of majority consensus – so it continues to provide the same experience but for a few the experience is now ‘living in it knowing what it is’.The photo only covers half the painting because there are other worlds through the door in the mirror.  Worlds created by different constructs and vibrations.

Can you feel what its like to view our world from this alternative perspective?