Prophecies, timelines and non time.

30th July 2020
30th July 2020
A brief explanation from Antemedi (Andromedan)
Time is both complicated and simple. Understanding it will be a reflection of your attachment to your collective perspective and linear life experience. This comes about by living with the constancy of time. Looking at non-time through time often filters the perception of it.
As you know prophecies are the predictions of events to unfold. If these come from non-time entities the efficacy of those predictions is still dependent upon the entity giving the information and the ability of the receiver to understand. Understanding the real intention of the entity is important. Some of these come from groups or councils where individuality isn’t the same as your dimension. A few messages appear to follow similar formats and have generic information about general changes. These are meant to give reassurance and upliftment. Others are repeated or have false information so discernment is necessary. Those with more detailed information require the involvement of your heart to determine true usefulness.
There are other messages like the one I gave on a transmition from us in February this year that can be more time specific. With that I explained our energetic intent and what particular affect it was meant to have upon your thought processes. That was easy to locate in time because it was a planned transmition and not liable to potential variation.
One of the troubles with giving prophecies is that they are subject to the constant re-writing of time lines or as some of you ‘feel’ time loops doing things again and again.
We and other beings can stand aside from time lines and see short and long term probability outcomes. We see this is by the articulation of the viewing point. If you view from the moment of now there will be other things that will happen after this now which will affect dates or variations. Some entities can move conciousness to view time lines by looking back from the future now point to see the past events that formed the future now. Thus the perspective is seen from the ‘most likely out come’.
You all have ‘a knowing’ and see it as intuition. However if you are given predictions and know specific events in advance this often alters your time lines. This is because you will then approach what you do in a different way believing in a particular outcome. Ironically and unbeknown to you that may be part of an altered time line by design. Prophecies can influence the way a time line plays out or how it rewrites itself.
Your time lines are affected by your residual energies. All the energy you create by deed or action (in this and past lives) belongs to you because it is you. When you fully accept your true nature is a that of a creator of energy you begin to see you are what you have created. Many of your current experiences are informed by the energy you have created. Your energies instruct and generate your time lines. You are what you have created. So when we review a time line for an individual we would look at the energy they had created and have yet to transmute.
For example you may notice emotions or subconscious thought processes that seem similar even though they exist within different circumstances or events. This is because you are experiencing the original energy you created. If you treat these energies and emotional reactions in similar ways they will keep returning to you but in different experiences. Your residual/latent energy thought programs create events to contain your energetic creations. I could have said reflect your energies to you but that would appear judgemental as a need to reflect in order to change. You don’t have to change unless you wish.
Such experiences can make life feel as if it’s in a loop. Of course you can take responsibility for your energy and transmute or heal it. Then you could have time lines that are not influenced by energies needing to be transmuted. That might seem like freedom from conciousness loops. However it is also a different way of being and creating time lines – somewhat further away from your present view of what conciousness and life is.
In addition to individual energies that influence time lines there are collective and cosmic ones. These will include past life historical events including interactions with other alien races. Some of these residual energies affect the formation of composite planetary time lines. So there are wider considerations to look at when considering the process of time line construction.
None of this is judgemental and sometimes a soul can take on energy transformation work even though it may not have created it – it will do so out of love. Many of your diseases are ways of physically transmuting some of your collective energies. Your conciousness and its interactions are multifold and interdimensional.
As well as re-encountering your own energy there are other factors at play. To help with this you might like to see our way of describing a few universal building blocks. The first of these we call Arkarna programs a term likely to be unfamiliar to you. Some might think of this as the mind of God. Unfortunately that term is loaded with preconceptions and different understandings to ours. Arkarna programs exist in different forms and vibratory levels. They are forms of creation as well as the information of creation. They are also programs of interpretation and vary to suit different ways of living and alternative ways to perceive life and dimensions. Arkarna programs maintain the different dimensions and their functions. They are self-aware and can change but they are also extensions of you as you are of them. Created free thought programs and their autonomy is a subject of its own.
Alongside Arkarna programs we need to consider ‘pulse energy’, ‘information fields’ and ‘harmonies’. I previously described these in detail but for brevity you could look upon the physical matter of your world as ‘here’ and ‘not here’. To help the understanding of non-time look upon dimensions as vibrations. Not as oscillations but high-speed pulses or incredibly fast bursts at different rates.
Physicality is created in pulses and Arkarna programs stitch these experiences together in order that life seems a continuous and seamless experience. Your world is a hologram of pulsing energy that appears solid and your personal arkarna programs interact with the dimensional program so that you are entwined with it. If you can see this as a ‘fluctuating awareness program’, which contains the past and the future it should make more sense. The program contains the past and future but how you interact with it determines your experience.
When it comes to time travel it’s a matter of when you exit the program and when you reinsert yourself into the program. Non-time is happening and not happening all in the same space and all at the same moment. It’s an incredible fluctuating program that changes the past and the future constantly. ‘When you are’ is totally dependant upon your perception and interaction with your multidimensional conciousness. From this description you will begin to see that many things are possible and time is just one of the constructs to experience pulse fluctuations as linear.
Your conciousness of a particular ‘when’ seems important to you but these programs are constantly being rewritten or changed. Memory isn’t the same thing as a time line or an Arkarna program. If you are transmuting or changing your energies in the now you are also changing your past time lines because you altering your energy everywhere in the program (the past and the future of non-time). When the major shift comes to your dimensional reality there will be a change in past time lines. Memory programs will alter to suit the changed environment. These arkarna self-aware programs are extraordinary. Perhaps you could say that soul is astounding but that is dependant on your ideas of who you are and what you are capable of at higher conciousness levels.
Some of you have an awareness of being taken in sleep or meditation to past or future selves as part of a time line that was designed to create a new one or alter an old one. A very small change in subconscious programs or beliefs can have a huge influence on a life.
When you go further down the rabbit hole you will begin to see that your spirit guides are aspects of your soul and you – your timelines are in constant flux and open to alternative outcomes. But which part is you? Or more to the point when are you? A future you in another humanoid form can influence the energy of itself in this current human form. So – I hope you are beginning to understand that time lines are constantly being rewritten because they are actually in flux. It is complicated but also very simple- it can’t be one without the other. Existence is the counterpart to non-existence. At this point we could delve into the differences between all possibilities, which is the Isness of self and the likely probability or outcomes, which are the experience. But the point I made earlier about prophecies and the probability perspective still stands.
Try to imagine your self as pulsing energy and see how it feels for a few moments. Next enhance your conscious resonance to match the vibration of your world (believe that you are doing it) then you will begin to see you are holographic the same as it. Oddly the experience might seem like you are slowing down but at a faster rate you can interface with individual pulses. It is another way to explore your holographic your world and yourself. You are interfacing with a program that is in constant flux open to change from a multitude of influences. It is an experience – it is not the definition of who you are – that’s just a perception. Most of you use your experience to define who you are. Others feel they are experiencing time loops and that fits the realisation that all is experiential – Your current experience is not your full reality.