Andromedan life

9th July 2020
Antemedi: I was recently asked what life was like for Andromedans on a basis that knowing more about us gives a greater sense of who you are in contact with. There are many types of humanoid under the Andromedan umbrella.
The ‘who we are and how we live’ is not as straightforward as you might think. I have been at pains to point out that the way you think is different to us and will align your interpretation of our lifestyle with your way of being.
Conflict and misunderstandings that you have don’t play out in the same way here. You might think ‘Oh here he goes again about different thought processing and interpretation’ Well yes because it’s so easy to forget that you can only understand from your perspective. I can give the best explanation and representation of feelings that I can but they are constrained within limits. In the early stages of his visits here Robert once said that our world seemed utopian. Though he soon came to accept it was a consequence of the relativity between different outlooks and expectations. In part this was the apparent distance between us in the evolution of consciousness and its creations.
Our Arkarna collective consciousness programs are also formed as a reflection of the way we think and the way we are. So our daily life and way of living is relevant to the way that we think. They are aspects of each other in the same way your world is of you.
Interactions between humans and us are often ‘energetically regulated’. In this way your lower vibrational interpretations don’t get out of kilter. Robert had several ‘intense’ feelings of attraction with a couple of females, which initially caused him embarrassment. They fully understood what was going on and brought in some light humour enlightenment to help the situation.
The hormones and chemicals in your bodies enhance feelings and sometimes they act like feed back loops causing intense desire and love, which might trigger strong sexual arousal. We realise that this is primarily driven by the differences in our light vibration. Evolving souls tend to be attracted to finer vibrating light. You all feel this draw or yearning to be who you are in light form.
We do have close relationships but these tend to be for procreation. We share and enhance energy between us by resonance. The older members of society often take up many aspects of child rearing. Our relationships are more fluid and jealousy isn’t part of our make up. Primarily we desire that others have the best love and experience they need. We do not need the same experiences you, which often involve self worth and the need for approbation or acknowledgement. Our relationships are therefore not the same as yours. It’s not easy for you to see the love and the harmony that we have which is not ego driven or based in needs. We do have emotions but they do not dictate our actions nor what should be our expression.
We have a variety of dwellings. Often the type is determined by what activity we undertake. We don’t use the same words for work or play for in many ways these can be interchangeable. Like you – on small craft or outposts we are a little more constrained. However vegetation and plants are a very big part of our life and the way we interact with them is valuable to us. You may enjoy the flavours of the food you eat. We accept the energy of the plant food and reciprocate our appreciation for the plants. In return they are pleased to supply some of our nutrients. We are more aware of the energy that we accept as sustenance, which is not the same thing as flavour. Because this energy is given to us willingly it also has different qualities.
Plants are intertwined with many of the dwellings we have be they on planets or biospheres. We have vibrational programs for plant growth and planting schemes though sometimes we help with the death and rebirth of particular types. There is large section of society involved in these schemes and our botanists like Telenatey have much awareness when working at prime energetic levels with plants. We walk in nature parks, which are easily accessible, when we do so we feel as if we are the plants and they are us. We can hear the vibrations of the plants as if they are singing tunes. We are harmonious with nature and feel that it is an extension of us and we of it. The same could be said of your earth if you interacted with it in that way. But it doesn’t have to be a sentient planet giving life force because it’s also about what you believe you can create.
You gain much joy when giving to other people but as a form of heightened love for us it is something that’s omnipresent. But the joy of giving is also different because the boundaries and needs for it are not there. We don’t fawn over ourselves to give.
That said the irony or paradox is that we have no needs to be given to and do not seek love because we have it without seeking. We live side by side and on the face of it that may appear we are very similar to you but it isn’t the same. Perhaps I could say its more relaxed, contemplative or contented perhaps easy.
Our bodies do not have a build up of toxins or negative energy. We treat medical conditions by looking at the prime mental cause or need to experience the condition. We then heal the understanding with light and the body often then repairs itself. Of course we have advanced medical equipment for unanticipated body damage.
We don’t have to do exercise to keep fit but we are active and only consume what we need. Because we live so long we can have different phases during our lives and change our emphasis of outlook/interest at different stages. We have community-based projects as well as wider out reach to other parts of the universe. We some times meet at ‘gatherings’ like the multifunction rooms to exchange and enhance energetic essences. We do have a mass mediation but this energy enhancement is a form of open sharing and community expression. I could have said bonding but we are not unbound and don’t need to reinforce our connections to one another.
We have forums of governance though these descriptions do not apply to all types of management. For you the word govern comes with many connotations. Those charged with heading some of these collating systems may seem in charge. But it’s more of a trusted job that they are good at. We look at outcomes and needs in a very different way at times we place ourselves in the best outcome future and follow the threads of what our hearts have created at that knowledgeable level. There are all sorts of different projects but the outcomes can blend with other projects that intertwine.
None of this stops individuality and expression it’s just that our drivers and unconscious programs are mostly tuned to what is most comfortable and conducive for us. There is little unknown in our self-programming.
That may sound somewhat distant or regulated perhaps dumbed down to have a mild society. Not so that is far from the truth because we have passion in what we say and think – it’s how we interact with each other.
This is one of the points I made a few days ago- the end of your current oppression and the uplift should not be the prime focus. Consideration should be given to what you would like to put in its place. Do not base your society upon the way ours is – you are all free to put your ideas to what you want. The only precursor is the use of your existing database – in which case you create a similar thing but in a different form, which isn’t the same thing as change.