Arksar – Journey

13th October 2020
Arksar would like to share the following:
Let all journeys begin. But do you really know where you are heading? You might think you do. You have read and heard much of what is to be. But what of the ways you can think and experience yourself differently?
You really don’t know who you will become.
You can become your other selves but you will have little to become unless it is the unknown you. You know peacefulness comes from knowing yourself but you might also think you are never complete. If you are not at peace you may live in your heart. But what if you no longer strive to be something else?
For at some levels you have achieved what you have yet to experience. Allow those vibrations of your soul to be resonant within you and you will have peace.
The energies on your planet have changed so much it’s now possible to feel this fizzing vibration within your aura. If you close your eyes in meditation you might sense your multidimensional selves. Reside also in the peace of them as well. You may see and feel your different body shapes and forms. Study the features and sensations as you move your hands and limbs. Discover the bodies of who you are. Look through those eyes and see what they see. There is much to discover of the selves you do not know.